Why Use A Double Door Dog Crate?

Why Do Dogs Have Double Door Crates?

There are several reasons why you might prefer a dog crate that has double doors over a single door. Here are a few uses for a double-door dog crate.

1. Improves Crate Training

When you have a puppy that you’re trying to crate train, having two doors can be a great benefit. One door can be used to let the puppy in and out of the crate while the other can be used to put their food bowl into the crate. You don’t have to worry about a puppy rushing the door whenever you open it.

Some dogs may also have a preference for a door. They might not like one particular door because it’s too large or too small for them. Having two doors makes them feel as though they have a choice. This can also make them more comfortable in the crate and make training them all the easier.

2. Easier to Clean

Another reason pet owners have a crate with two doors is that it’s easier to clean. With a single door, you only have one angle to clean the inside of the crate at. Two doors give you better access to all of the corners. Scrubbing down the crate no longer requires you to contort yourself into odd positions.

3. Better Positioning in the House

Sometimes single-door crates won’t fit into a particular area because of the way that the door sits. It can only be used in a certain position. That position may not go along with how you have your furniture arranged or where you want to ideally place the crate.

Double doors give you more positions from which to choose. If one angle is taking up too much room, then you can switch it around. Your dog still has access to the crate with the second door and you save on space.

4. Coaxing Scared Dogs

Dogs can become frightened in their crates. When that happens, they back into a corner in order to feel safer. That can make reaching them difficult with a single door. A second door enables you to reach corners easier. As a result, you have an easier time petting and coaxing the dog out of the crate.

5. Tending to Sick Dogs

When your dog is sick, they’ll likely seek out their crate if they feel comfortable inside of it. That can make taking care of them difficult with just a single door. If your dog pushes himself in a corner, then you may have to put yourself half-way inside of it with him.

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Double doors grant you easier access to the dog. You can also keep sick dogs secured in their crate and use the second door to feed them medicine or food without them being able to escape through the primary door.

6. Better for Obese Dogs

If your dog is obese or overweight, then they may have a difficult time getting out of a standard single door. Double doors are wide enough that most dogs should have an easy time passing through them. It also requires less effort on their part to step into it. This may be ideal for older dogs with joint problems as well.

7. Ideal for 2 Dogs

Keeping two dogs in a crate can be a hassle. Having a double door crate is ideal for crates that hold two dogs in them. This is because each dog can have its own door. When you open a single door, the two dogs may injure each other in a rush to get outside.

Opening two doors at almost the same time enable them both to walk easily out of the crate without disturbing one another. You’ll have fewer injuries to deal with and two happier dogs.

8. Feeding Your Dog is Easier

Finally, it can be easier to feed your dog with double doors. Some secondary doors are smaller than the primary ones. This door can be used to fit food bowls and water bowls into the crate. Because the dog can’t get out through the secondary door, you can safely transfer the bowls inside of the crate without them trying to push past you.

Which Dog Ages Work Best With Double Door Crates?

Any kind of age works well for double door crates. However, you may find that they are especially ideal for puppies and older dogs. Puppies will enjoy double doors because they’re less intimidated by the crate. It makes training them in the crate a lot easier.

Older dogs will enjoy a double door crate because it requires little effort to enter and exit the crate. If they require aid, then you can also easily help them.

Which Breeds Work Best With Double Door Crates?

Double door crates work with any kind of breed. However, you may find that certain breeds that perform better in regards to training will enjoy the double door crates more. Poodles, German Shepherds, Australian Shepherds, Huskies, and other working dogs with intelligence can be trained to use both doors or to avoid one door in particular.

That being said, any breed can benefit from using double door crates.

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Should I Get A Single Or Double Door Dog Crate?

Double door dog crates offer a lot of benefits over a single door dog crate. You can get away with a single-door dog crate if you know that the crate is going to be placed in a corner. Those with smaller breeds may also prefer a single door crate because they don’t have to reach that far to get access to their dog, anyway.

Larger dogs or those with older dogs may prefer a double-door dog crate. Pet owners that want versatility in the positioning of their dog crate may also appreciate a double-door dog crate.

Ultimately, it comes down to your budget and needs for a dog crate. You’ll likely find that a double-door dog crate is easier to manage, easier to clean, and can afford other benefits.