How Do You Clean A Yorkie’s Face? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkies have a lot of fur, and while they’re good groomers, they need some help staying clean. Cleaning a Yorkie’s face requires patience and care, but it is crucial to make an effort to learn how to clean their face properly. 

Some Yorkie parents will also occasionally get their Yorkie’s professionally groomed, especially if their facial fur gets really long or difficult to manage. When in doubt, letting the professionals help is always your best bet to ensure you don’t hurt your Yorkie accidentally when cleaning their face.

How Do You Clean A Yorkie’s Face?

The best way to maintain your Yorkie’s face cleanliness without having to groom them is to gently wipe their face with a doggy facial wipe to get any dirt or excess food out of their fur. 

Some Yorkie parents will get their facial fur trimmed, especially if it grows to the point where it impedes their Yorkie’s sight or senses. 

How Dirty Can Yorkies Get?

You might be surprised how such a little face could get so dirty, but your Yorkie has ample opportunity to get themselves dirty throughout the day. They can get food stuck in their fur, water can dry up and cause knots, and their eyes can get gunk stuck in the corners. 

How Do You Clean A Yorkie’s Eyes?

You should examine your Yorkie’s eyes every day, even if you don’t have to clean them each day. Yorkies are prone to getting teary and irritated eyes. If it seems like their eyes are excessively wet, it’s possible they have allergies or something else is bothering them, which might warrant a trip to the vet. 

To quickly clean their eyes, you can use a gentle facial wipe made specifically for dogs to get any dirt out. Avoid using a towel, as it can be too rough. A cotton swab or tissue could end up getting small particles in your Yorkie’s eyes. 

How Do You Safely Clean Gunk Out Of Your Yorkie’s Eyes?

A Yorkie’s eyes can get gunky very easily, and this gunk could bother them if it’s not removed. If it’s not dried, you might be able to easily remove it with a facial wipe or a clean finger. 

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If the gunk is dried, you can soak a sponge with some water and a little bit of saline and hold it to their closed eyes for about half a minute. This can help loosen up the gunk to make it easier to wipe off. 

How Do You Clean A Yorkie’s Ears?

Cleaning your Yorkie’s ears regularly is very important, as Yorkies can get ear infections pretty easily. Their ears can get dirty quickly, and they cannot clean them thoroughly enough on their own. 

Use a wipe to clean their inner and outer ear every week or so, depending on how dirty your Yorkie’s ears get. There are solutions you can purchase to help clean out excess ear wax, but it might be worth letting a trained groomer or vet do this, or at least show you how to do it properly. 

How Often Do You Need To Clean A Yorkie’s Face?

You should try to wipe your Yorkie’s face every day, or every other day at the very least, depending on how dirty they get. It’s possible you might have to clean your Yorkie’s face a couple times a day. 

Can Brushing Help Keep Your Yorkie’s Face Clean?

When you are brushing your Yorkie, you don’t want to forget about their face. Of course, you’ll have to be gentle and careful. Brushing their face can help get some small debris out of their fur and help avoid any knots from forming in their facial fur. 

Can You Trim Your Yorkie’s Fur At Home?

If you happen to have a calm Yorkie, you can attempt to trim your Yorkie’s facial fur with some small, blunt-nosed scissors at home. Because you are using a sharp object in such a sensitive area, you want to be sure you are extremely careful and can keep your Yorkie still. 

If you are able to trim their fur at home, you will want to use a comb to gently guide the fur away from the face, similar to how a hairdresser does with human hair. Check for any knots, and make sure they’re all out before cutting anything. 

Some bigger knots might have to be cut out, but it’s important to attempt to comb them out as knots can pull on your Yorkie’s sensitive skin, which can hurt them a lot. 

You’ll then want to slowly trim the fur around the bridge of the nose, around their cheeks, and at the sides of their eyes. Don’t trim it super short; just enough to keep it out of their eyes. 

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How Can I Help Avoid Letting My Yorkie’s Eyes Get Irritated?

With Yorkies being so prone to irritated eyes, it’s a good idea to consider its environment to help maintain their cleanliness. This includes keeping your blankets and their bedding clean by washing it with gentle, non-scented detergent.

You should also remove lint and fur with a lint brush to ensure small particles can’t get into their eyes when they lay down. 

Are There Products I Can Use To Keep My Yorkie’s Eyes Clean?

There are solutions that are available at pet stores and vet’s offices that can help gently clean any excess tears, dust, or dirt out of your Yorkie’s eyes. However, it’s crucial to avoid using these products on your Yorkie unless your vet says it’s necessary.

It’s also important to have your vet demonstrate how to use these products so that you use them properly. 

Do Yorkies Need Baths Often?

Your Yorkie will probably end up needing a thorough brush and bath every few weeks. They can get stinky, and their fur can get dry and brittle if they aren’t bathed occasionally.

Bathing them will also help get any dust or irritants out of their fur, which could end up getting into their ears or eyes and irritating them.