Do Teacup Yorkies Get Along With Other Dogs? (Solved & Explained!)

These little dogs have a lot of courage, approaching dogs much larger than them quite fearlessly. Their courageous natures mean that they can indeed get along well with dogs or even cats, provided that you socialize them from an early age to be more comfortable around other animals.

Today we’ll answer the most popular questions on the web about Teacup Yorkies. We’ll address questions such as how big they get, whether or not they bark a lot, how much they need to eat, and more. Read on to get the scoop on Teacup Yorkies and what everyone wants to know about these little dogs!

How much does a teacup Yorkie dog cost?

That will depend on the breeder, but expect your Teacup Yorkie to cost anywhere from $1200 up to $2000. As they are expensive, be sure to meet with the breeder to make sure that you aren’t dealing with a puppy mill.

Ideally, they should be raising only a few dogs, so that they can give the pups proper attention, socialization, and care before you take them home. They should also have health papers and a health guarantee from the breeder or you shouldn’t do business with them!

How big do Teacup Yorkies get?

Touted as the ‘smallest dog in the world’, these little guys and gals will only grow to be 5 to 7 inches tall! While this is adorable, you do need to be very careful with these dogs.

They are fragile and their size makes them a poor fit if you have young children who may be tempted to pick up and hug them, as the dog could get hurt and your child could well get bitten in the process!

Is a teacup Yorkie a good pet?

Teacup Yorkies are tiny dogs with enormous hearts, but they can grow quite attached to their owners, so you need to make sure that you’ve got lots of time for them. This breed is quite prone to separation anxiety and may not be a good fit if you need to be away for long periods of time.

If that is the case, you can still get a Teacup, but you’ll need to work out a schedule with a friend, family member, or a pet sitting service to ensure that your Teacup doesn’t spend too much time alone.

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How long do Teacup Yorkies usually live?

While they can and sometimes do live up to 15 years, on average a Teacup Yorkie will live from 7 to 9 years.

Make sure that they have a healthy diet and regular vet checkups so that you can keep your Teacup Yorkie in the best of health and with a little luck and love your friend may be with you for a long time, indeed.

Do Teacup Yorkies bark a lot?

These little guys and gals have big mouths on them! Teacup Yorkies do bark and they have different kinds of barks, such as a high-pitched bark that they use to get your attention, with a lower-toned bark that shows they feel threatened.

You can train them out of this if you like, but most Teacup owners seem to find it charming that this wee little thing is so good at making itself heard!

Can you walk teacup Yorkie?

You can indeed walk a Teacup Yorkie and they have a surprising amount of energy for such little dogs. Approximately 20 to 30 minutes of exercise outdoors is all that they need and they can get the rest on their own, running and bouncing around the house in happy abandon.

It’s one of the perks of such a small breed… your apartment or house is a veritable palace to these dogs.

Are Teacup Yorkies hypoallergenic?

Yes, these tony dogs are considered to be hypoallergenic, so they are a great fit for owners with allergies, seniors, or simply folks who hate cleaning fur off of furniture.

They have low-dander coats and all shedding is at a minimal, though if you have allergies you should handle your puppy for a bit to make sure that they aren’t going to set them off.

What do Teacup Yorkies eat?

Teacup Yorkies eat dry or wet dog food and they don’t need very much of it. On average, your Teacup Yorkie will only consume about ¼ to ½ cup of food a day, divided into 3 meals.

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This comes out to approximately 150 to 200 calories a day and it’s all that they need, so try not to go overboard with the snacks or your Teacup may end up obese and that’s not good for their health!

What’s the difference between a toy Yorkie and a teacup Yorkie?

Yorkies actually fall into the ‘toy’ category and a Teacup is just a Yorkie that has been bred to be a little smaller. When you hear the terms ‘toy’ and ‘teacup’, they may be interchangeable, or ‘toy’ may refer to a regular sized Yorkie.

The American Kennel club does not officially recognize ‘teacup’, ‘mini’, or ‘micro’ Yorkies, so Teacups are not technically an official breed and ‘toy’ simply refers to Yorkies in general.

What is the smallest Yorkie?

Teacup Yorkies are the smallest variety out there and are often referred to as the ‘world’s smallest dogs’. While they may weigh in at up to 7 pounds, most Teacups will top out at 2 to 4 pounds with a height of 5 to 7 inches.

While they are bred to be smaller than normal, they are not officially recognized by the American Kennel club, and care needs to be taken when purchasing one. Make sure the breeder introduces you to the parents of the pup so that you can get a good idea of their expected size when fully grown.

What are the pros and cons of having a teacup Yorkie?

Teacup Yorkies are affectionate, easy to travel with, and hypoallergenic. They need very little food and are also perfectly sized for apartments, which is a definite plus for those who don’t have a lot of living space but would like a dog.

On the downside, their size makes them quite vulnerable, so they may not be a good fit for potential owners with very small children.