Do Yorkies Need Another Dog? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkies do not necessarily need another dog if you are able to provide for their socialization needs. However, if you have a busy schedule and are out of the house frequently, your Yorkie may appreciate another dog for companionship.

Yorkies love to socialize and do not like being alone for too long. They get on well with other pets, even cats.

Do Yorkies Get On Well With Puppies?

If you have an adult Yorkie and are thinking of adding another puppy to the mix, then your Yorkie should be fine.

Adult Yorkies have more patience and understanding than Yorkies that are still puppies themselves or very young. Yorkies are officially adults after 18 months, so getting another dog after they are this age is best.

Caring for two puppies at once can be challenging for any dog owner. So it is also best for your health and peace of mind to get a puppy when the established Yorkie is already a trained adult.

How Do I Introduce My Yorkie To Another Dog?

One thing to be most mindful of when introducing any dog to a new dog is that the established dog does not feel that their territory or position in the family is being challenged.

If your Yorkie feels that their space is invaded, or that their role in the family is threatened, then there may be some issues. However, this is easily overcome if you take the following steps:

1. Introduce both dogs outside of the home.

Select a public place, such as a park, for the dogs to meet for the first time. This will ease the tension as the meeting is taking place on neutral ground, and there is plenty of space for either dog to retreat if they wish.

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2. Allow your Yorkie to walk side-by-side with the new dog.

Side by side walking may not mean much to us, but to your Yorkie and the new dog, it is an important bonding exercise. Walk them a little and let them play and explore together.

3. When you head home, allow your Yorkie to walk into the home first

This is very important. This way your Yorkie will feel like they are inviting a new friend to come and stay, rather than having an unwanted visitor charging into their house.

4. Keep the dogs separate at night

In the early weeks, it is best that both dogs sleep separately and only interact under supervision until they are accustomed to each other.

How Can I Make My Yorkie Befriend A New Dog?

Friendship cannot be forced, it can only be given time.

Just like human interactions, you cannot force two people to be best friends and you cannot do the same with dogs. However the more time your dogs spend together the more likely a bond will form and friendship will follow.

Engage your Yorkie and the new dog in games that they can play together, or you can all play together as a family.

Frequent walking and exploring together is also a great way to strengthen the bond between your new pup and your Yorkie.

During downtime, if they choose to lazy around together do not disturb them. Grooming is also a good sign that your Yorkie and the new dog are getting used to each other and developing a firm friendship.

Do Yorkies Like Other Dogs?

Generally speaking, Yorkies love other dogs. The more playmates they have to interact with, the happier they are.

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Yorkies are highly social and adapt well to many situations and family environments. However they are terriers, so they have a tendency to become hyperactive and snappy.

So long as your Yorkie has been socialized from a young age then they should not have a problem with other dogs.

Do Yorkies Get Along with Cats?

If you have a cat and are thinking of getting a dog then a Yorkie is perhaps one of the best choices.

Because of their small size, your cat will not panic at the sight of the new family member, and there is less of a risk of injury if the two decide to play together.

However, Yorkies are terriers and they have a very strong chase instinct. This may startle your cat and the cat may become apprehensive about being around your Yorkie. 

Make sure that you have space for time-out if their playtime is getting a little rough for your cat or it may turn into a fight.

Do Yorkies Need Other Yorkies?

Yorkies get on very well with other Yorkies. They have a matched temperament, energy levels and general interest in each other, and the same love of playtime.

They love to laze around and have a nice cuddle together. If you have two Yorkies in the house it is likely that they will prefer to sleep together rather than alone.

If one Yorkie is younger than the other, the older Yorkie will have no problem picking up some of the parental roles and showing the Yorkie pup how the ropes work. Both of them will also get along with other dogs while out on walks.

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Do Male and Female Yorkies Get Along?

There is very little difference in how a male and female Yorkie will interact with each other. They will get along, will enjoy spending time together, and should not have any fights or arguments providing that both are trained and socialized.

The only thing you should consider is breeding. During her heat cycle, your male Yorkie will likely try to mount the female. If you do not want any Yorkie puppies then it is best to get one or both of them sterilized.

Another option is to separate them during this time, but if a strong bond has formed this could be distressing for your Yorkies.

Do Yorkies Fight with Other Dogs?

Yorkies are little dogs with big attitudes, they are known for being snappy and aggressive if they are untrained and their needs are not being met.

Females with puppies also have aggressive tendencies as they are protecting their young, and two males may fight over a female in heat, but this is a rare and specific situation that would end in a fight with most dog breeds, not just Yorkies.