Why Does My Yorkie Sleep on His Back? (Solved & Explained!)

If it happens to be quite warm inside, then your Yorkie is just cooling down. The hairs on their body are much thinner at the belly, so lying on their back means that cool air gets on their bellies and they feel more comfortable. It’s also a sign of trust, as no animal would bare their vulnerable belly otherwise!

In today’s article we’ve collected questions about establishing dominance with your Yorkie, pee pad training, and more. Read on to see what people are asking the most about Yorkie behaviors this week!

Should you let your Yorkie sleep with you?

As long as you don’t toss and turn in your sleep, letting your Yorkie sleep next to you is a great way to build a deeper bond with your dog and to keep your legs or feet warm in the bargain. Yorkies love sleeping close to their owners, and are instinctual wired for this as it is natural pack behavior.

Just be sure to make your Yorkie sleep on a bed of their own if you are a restless sleeper, as these are fragile dogs and you wouldn’t want to accidentally harm them in your sleep.

Are Yorkies clingy?

Yorkies can be a bit on the clingy side and can easily become codependent on their owners if you aren’t careful. Proper socialization is a good idea to help avoid this. Take your dog to dog parks or let them interact with a neighbors dog if you can. You should also introduce them to other humans to broaden their horizons.

This helps your dog to be more social and less reliant on you for all of their attention, and can help to make a clingy dog a little less needy.

How long can Yorkies hold their pee?

With puppies, expect that your dog can wait for up to one hour for every month of their age. By 6 months, your Yorkie can wait up to 6 hours, and things will be a little easier.

Just keep in mind that until then, you’ll need to take your Yorkie out quite frequently to avoid any potty incidents that might set back your potty training if you aren’t careful!

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Are Yorkies jealous?

While it’s not hard-wired into them, Yorkies can and sometimes do grow up to be a bit on the jealous side. The best way to avoid this is to introduce them to playmates such as other dogs or your housecat and also let them meet your human friends.

Once your dog feels less reliant on your for attention, the jealousy will typically lessen, but there are no guarantees. Like humans, sometimes Yorkies are simply jealous and you’ll have to accept it as part of their unique personalities.

Do Yorkies like hugs?

Hugs are weird for your dog, although Yorkies do seem to like being hugged as long as you are gentle and the bond with your dog is strong. You have to keep in mind, however, that things like hugs and especially kisses are a little scary from a dog’s perspective.

When you pick them up, they don’t have all four feet on the ground and this frightening for them. A kiss to the face is scary too, because their instincts tell them that it’s dangerous to let another animal close to their throat and face. So, be patient and reassuring and your dog will be okay with these things.

Just know that it’s a little weird from their point of view.

Are Yorkies loyal to one person?

Yorkies are quite often loyal to one person and that will be the person spending the most time with them and attending to their needs. This can lead to codependency and separation anxiety, however, if you aren’t careful, so it’s a good idea to have other family members spend time with the dog to help avoid this.

Should I pee on my dog to show dominance?

No, you definitely shouldn’t pee on your dog to show dominance. There are much easier (and much cleaner) ways to establish yourself as the alpha. For instance, always walk through doors before your dog, and wait to feed them until after you have eaten.

These are all alpha traits that your dog will notice and your dog will eventually accept that they are the beta, at best, to your alpha.

How do you train a Yorkie to pee on a pad?

Training your Yorkie to use a pee pad is a simple matter of watching for ‘potty’ behaviors, such as squatting down, circling an area, and sniffing the floor. When you see this, gently carry your dog to the pee pad and put them down there until they ‘do their business’.

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While you can definitely train them to use a pee pad, you should consider simply taking them outside, as pee pads essentially tell your dog that it’s okay to go potty indoors – this might not be a message that you really want to send!

Do Yorkies like being carried?

Unfortunately, no. Yorkies feel vulnerable when they are picked up or carried and these fragile dogs can easily get hurt if you aren’t careful.

That said, with lots of treats and affection, some Yorkies may come around and even look forward to a ride in a ‘doggy bag’, just be prepared for the possibility that your dog might not like it at all!

How do you know if your Yorkie loves you?

Yorkie body language is pretty clear on this. If your dog comes running when you get in, tail a wagging, or even jumping on you, then you can rest assured that they love you. Yorkies are a very animated breed, so the excitement should be clear for you and the world to see when your Yorkie loves you!

Do Yorkies like to swim?

Yorkies are actually very good swimmers, so introducing your Yorkie to water at an early age is highly recommended. Once they get over their initial fear of water, these little guys and gals seem to love it, and swimming is a great way to play and cool down in the summer.

Best of all, if you like swimming too, then it’s another activity that you can share with your furry best friend!