How Often Do Yorkie Puppies Sleep? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkie puppies sleep for quite a long time during the day. This period varies between 15-20 hours on average. 

Puppies need to sleep to complete their development. Sleep and nutrition are the two most important elements for healthy growth. For this reason, Yorkie puppies require frequent naps during the day.

How Can I Get a Yorkie Puppy to Sleep Through The Night?

Your puppy will sleep better through the night if they have been active during the day. If you tire your Yorkie pup by entertaining them with playtime and cuddles, it will have an uninterrupted sleep at night. 


Also, your Yorkie pup should not eat or drink anything before going to bed. If he eats before going to bed, he may experience discomfort while lying down, and as a result, he may have trouble sleeping. 

Therefore, your dog should not eat or drink anything 1 hour before bedtime. Your puppy will want to go to the toilet several times during the night as it is as their bladders are small.


Turn down the lights in the house when your dog is close to sleep and prepare a suitable environment for sleep so that your puppy is safe and comfortable.

Calm dogs will always sleep more peacefully. Make sure that the bed your Yorkie puppy sleeps in is comfortable, so your puppy will not want to get up when he goes to bed. 

Do not take your puppy to your bed, let your puppy get used to a place of his own at first. This way he will learn where he should sleep and will go there when he feels it’s time for a nap or bedtime.

How Long Do Adult Yorkies Sleep?

In general, dogs sleep much longer than us humans. Yorkies sleep between 13-18 hours a day. 

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This sleep time includes either a 10-minute nap on your lap or a 1-hour deep sleep. Your puppies’ health, age, and activity level play an important role in how long they will sleep and their sleep habits.

Puppies start to sleep through the night after an average of 6 months. Even though they wake up sometimes due to their need for a toilet, they tend to have uninterrupted nightly sleep.

What Are A Yorkie’s Sleep Habits?

Unlike us humans, dogs wake up after sleeping for a certain period of time at night and then take a nap at regular intervals throughout the day. 

Dogs do not want to be disturbed unless it is for something important. However, they are easily woken by the smell of delicious food or noise from the next room. 

Yorkie Nap Habits

Yorkies love to take naps and even these naps can sometimes be replaced by a deep sleep. While Yorkies’ sleep in the afternoon is generally light, their sleep in the evening and after nightfall is deeper than in other time periods. 

They can also adjust their sleep depths according to the comfort in accordance with the environment where they are sleeping. Yorkies that sleep in unfamiliar environments will sleep lighter than in environments they know well, this is a survival instinct.

Also, Yorkies sleeping in a very comfortable environment will usually sleep deeper than when sleeping in a noisy environment with their eyes half-open. 

Yorkies, like all dogs, have sleeping positions according to the depth of their sleep. A belly up sleeping position shows that they are very relaxed and trust the environment that they are in.

Why Have My Yorkies’ Sleeping Habits Changed?

The sleep habits of Yorkies can vary according to many factors. Here are some of the most common factors that can change the sleep habits of Yorkies:

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Health problems

Health problems can disrupt the sleep patterns of Yorkies. If a Yorkie is suffering from health problems for various reasons, a visible change will be seen in their sleeping habits and overall mood.

Yorkies who are not comfortable during sleep will sleep irregularly and will constantly wake up between naps. 

For example, a Yorkie with respiratory problems may experience sudden awakenings while having difficulty in breathing. 

Digestive issues

Or a Yorkie with a digestive system problem may wake up due to various abdominal pains

Yorkshire terriers have very sensitive stomachs. If they eat any food that is not good for their stomach, they can easily get sick. You should consult your veterinarian to learn about proper diets for Yorkies.


Age is one of the most important factors in the regulation of sleep habits. Early puppies sleep more than adult dogs and senior dogs sleep more than adults.

While puppies fall asleep at every opportunity, adult dogs sometimes sleep with their eyes half-open. 

Older dogs, on the other hand, need more sleep than adult dogs. Older dogs, whose bodies can get tired easily, slow down as they age and tend to sleep more.


If your dog lies in a comfortable environment, he can sleep for hours. However, if the place where he sleeps is not comfortable, they will wake up frequently to adjust their position.

Since some dogs have orthopedic disorders, they can only sleep comfortably in orthopedic beds. 

Do Yorkies Sleep a Lot?

Yorkies are pretty good at sleeping. Young Yorkies sleep much more in the early stages than a healthy adult. However, adult Yorkies also sleep briefly during the day.

Although Yorkies are quite energetic, they can crash just as fast as they energize.

In addition, older Yorkies prefer to sleep for a long time as they get older. But if there is something in the house that will distract them or excite them, they will still wake to investigate.

Where Should My Yorkie Sleep?

According to some experts, Yorkies should sleep in their own beds and have a place of their own, just like any other dog breed. 

However, it is not unhealthy for your Yorkie to sleep in bed with you, so long as your Yorkie and your bed are clean.

The bottom line is that whether it is your or their own, a comfortable warm bed is enough for a good night’s sleep.