How Many Hours Does a Chug Sleep? (Solved & Explained!)

Chugs sleep an average of 12-14 hours a day. Chugs also love little naps during the day. Chugs sometimes prefer to just lie down and rest, but may appear to be asleep.

Chugs have average energy needs, they should be played with and taken care of during the day and allowed to rest at their leisure when they need it.

Sleeping during the day is usually because they are bored, or may have been awake at night on alert (if they take after their Chihuahua parent).

Like any other dog, the more active they are, the more they will need to rest.

What is Chug?

The origins of Chug dogs date back many years. Chugs are a mix between a Chihuahua and a Pug, they were not crossbred deliberately at first, they increased in popularity over time, which lead to purposeful crossbreeding.

The early Chug population is unknown as no one documented their existence. So really, there is no knowing exactly how far back the Chug family tree runs, but official records begin in the early 2000s and no one has come forward claiming to have created the breed.

Therefore a Chug’s appearance and genetics are considered to be somewhat accidental.

Chugs are very playful and affectionate, they can be very brave when appropriate, and be a little protective of their territory, but the Pug side softens any aggressive instincts somewhat.

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Should I Be Worried if My Chug Sleeps Too Much?

Changes in your Chug’s sleep patterns can be a harbinger of bad news, but often it may be just that they are exhausted from a day of play or a long walk. Chugs are also known to sleep simply out of boredom.

To understand what is going on, you have to observe your Chug’s sleep patterns for a while. In general, different sleep disorders can be observed in Chugs whose sleep patterns are not fully established, like during puppyhood.

Do not worry if your Chug puppy is up during the night, but day and night sleep patterns should start to establish at around 12 weeks of age onwards. By adulthood, your Chug should be doing most of their sleeping during the night.

If you feel that your Chug is sleeping more than the recommended amount, they could be depressed. Speak to your local vet or animal expert to explore further.

How Much Should Chugs Sleep According to Age?

Sleep needs vary according to the dog’s age and breed. While puppy Chugs spend a lot of time sleeping, adults need much less sleep and senior Chugs will sleep only a little less than puppies – but maybe more if they are suffering some kind of illness or frailty.

Chgs are a sleepy breed, both their parents sleep longer than the average dog. Adult Pug sleep 14 hours a day, and chihuahuas sleep 14 -18 hours a day!

Therefore expect adult chugs to sleep anywhere from 14 hours upwards, and older Chugs and puppies may spend 18-20 hours a day sleeping or resting.

This is normal. Pugs and Chihuahuas are more like cats than dogs when it comes to sleep, so expect your Chug to be no different!

My Chug Wants to Sleep With Me Always, What Should I Do?

Your Chug’s constant desire to sleep with you is most likely the result of habit. If you sleep with your Chug in the early years, he will want to sleep with you into adulthood too.

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If this bothers you, you can change this habit, but overall it is not a problem, enjoy co-sleeping with your Chug as much as you wish.

How to Encourage Your Chug to Sleep Alone

If co-sleeping is a habit you would like to break, you must first make a comfortable bed for your Chug and put the toys he likes to play with around the area and make him feel comfortable there. Over time, your Chug will realize that he has a place of his own.

  • First, encourage your Chug to nap in the space during the day so he associates it with sleeping.
  • Some Chugs will just start sleeping there at night too if it is a comfy spot.
  • If Chug does not want to sleep independently at first, you can move their bed into your bedroom and encourage them to stay there until they fall asleep.

Over time slowly move the bed out of your room. However, it is also perfectly fine to keep your chugs bed your room too!

Why Does My Chug Snore?

Your Chug most likely inherited his snoring habit from his flat-nosed ancestor, the Pug. If your Chug is snoring while sleeping, he may be sleeping in the wrong position.

You can solve this problem if you correct the lying position, making sure to keep pressure off of the neck, and their airways free.

Also, Chugs like to sniff and smell. Fragments of leaves and dust that they smell outside during the day may be clogging up their airways.

If your Chug has a persistent snoring problem, the most probable reason is genetics. Pugs are a brachycephalic breed, their short noses can result in breathing difficulties and snoring is a common side effect.

How is Chug’s Temperament?

Chugs are very affectionate and adaptable dogs. Chugs are generally active and playful.

They are also very good with children. They like to play with them and are very gentle with them. If you socialize your Chug early, you shouldn’t have any problems with other dogs. The bond between your Chug and you will be very strong.

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What Are Some Common Health Problems in Chugs?

Hip dysplasia, luxating patellae, and some eye diseases are common in Chugs. Especially in older Chugs.

This is why regular health checks are important, especially as your Chug ages, early diagnosis, and treatment can greatly help ease the symptoms or even save your Chug’s life.

Are Chugs Good Dogs?

Chugs are wonderful dogs. Chugs are very affectionate and very compatible with family life.

They are generally calm, although their deep devotion to their family and owner can sometimes make Chugs become ‘velcro’ dogs.