The Allure of the Blue Chihuahua: Why They’re So Special

Blue chihuahuas are one of the rarest breeds of chihuahua, with a coat color that requires cross-breeding to achieve. They are an energetic and friendly breed that is one of the most sought-after chihuahua breeds. According to the American Kennel Club, the blue chihuahua dogs can sell for upward of $10,000 because of their colorful coats and affectionate personalities.

The following article will discuss the blue chihuahua, one of the rarest chihuahua in the world. It discusses the price of the chihuahua and how these affectionate canines behave.

What Is A Blue Chihuahua? 

Blue chihuahuas are one of the rarest chihuahua breeds alongside the white and teacup chihuahua. Many people desire this unique breed because of its colorful coat and affectionate personality. They are an expensive breed that can come in various colors, including multi-colored and blue-eyed.

What Does A Blue Chihuahua Look Like?

The blue chihuahua is a small chihuahua species that has blue-tinted fur. Because of its tinted fur, this canine is highly sought-after. In addition to the blue-grey color from the blue gene, there are several color variations of this unique breed, including colors like white, brown, and black. In addition to blue-tinted fur, some blue chihuahuas with a special variation of the blue gene have blue eyes.

How Big Are Blue Chihuahuas? 

The average blue chihuahua is roughly three to six pounds full-grown. The adult chihuahua grows no larger than eight inches tall from feet to ear. The average length of the adult blue chihuahua from nose to tail is between nine and fifteen inches, depending on gender and age. Because of its small size, it is considered the perfect purse dog.

How Much Does A Blue Chihuahua Cost?

The average price for a blue chihuahua is around $2,000. However, the price can rise depending on their appearance. Blue chihuahuas can cost up to ten thousand dollars because of their rarity. Typically, sellers base the price of their blue chihuahuas on gender, age, pedigree, and appearance.

Depending on whether the blue chihuahua is a regular chihuahua or a teacup is also a major factor in the price of the dog.

Are Blue Chihuahuas Rare Dogs?

The blue chihuahua is one of the rarest breeds of chihuahua. The blue gene does not frequently occur in chihuahuas, and therefore they cost a lot and are very desired. The blue coat gene is extremely rare. However, it is not the rarest coat color for chihuahuas. White coats are the rarest type of chihuahua coat color.

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Do All Blue Chihuahuas Have Blue Eyes?

Not all blue chihuahuas have blue eyes. However, it is common for blue chihuahuas to develop blue eyes when they have the true blue gene. A blue chihuahua with blue eyes is more expensive than chihuahuas with brown eyes mainly because of their rare and preferred appearance. 

What Is The Lifespan of a Blue Chihuahua?

According to the American Kennel Club, the average lifespan of the blue chihuahua is around fifteen years. To reach this lifespan or exceed it, you must care for your blue chihuahua and adopt them from a reliable, humane breeder. Overbred chihuahuas adopted at low prices from untrustworthy breeders are more likely to have medical problems. Always plan to care for your pets if you intend on bringing one home.

Are Blue Chihuahuas Friendly?

Blue chihuahuas are friendly dogs with energetic personalities. They love to play, go on spontaneous adventures, and spend time with their humans. Generally, they are friendly, but sometimes the chihuahua can become moody, defensive, and aggressive. To avoid this, do not provoke your chihuahua.

Where Can You Buy A Blue Chihuahua?

You can purchase blue chihuahuas from professional breeders, or you can adopt them from a local shelter. If you choose to purchase from a breeder, you must choose a humane breeder experienced in breeding blue chihuahuas. Otherwise, you risk adopting an unhealthy dog. By purchasing from an inhumane breeder, you also support their horrible habits.

Are Blue Chihuahuas Affectionate?

Blue Chihuahuas are affectionate breeds. They love their owners and want to spend as much time with them as possible. Blue chihuahuas are likely to choose one person and form a tight relationship with them. They will greet them, cuddle with them, and may suffer emotional withdraw when they leave.

Do Blue Chihuahuas Like People?

Whether a blue chihuahua likes people depends on their personality and overall preferences. If you get your chihuahua as a puppy and socialize them avidly, they are more likely to enjoy the company of strangers. However, most chihuahuas prefer forming deep connections with one person rather than bonding with multiple people.

Still, they make great family dogs. However, they may get territorial over their human companion when strangers appear in the household.

Do Blue Chihuahuas Listen?

Blue chihuahuas generally listen. However, sassy behavior is a normal part of the chihuahua’s temperament, meaning they might demonstrate disobedience now and then. It is important that you enlist your blue chihuahua in obedience training as early as possible so you can command them properly.

Are Blue Chihuahuas Mean?

Chihuahuas are not mean animals, despite their reputation for being aggressive. According to American Kennel Club, blue chihuahuas can sometimes have an attitude, but having an attitude does not translate to being a mean animal. Blue chihuahuas can become moody if they feel neglected or encounter someone they dislike.

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They still show unconditional love to their human companions at all times.

Do Blue Chihuahuas Have Health Problems?

Since blue chihuahuas result from cross-breeding, they are more likely to have health problems than other dogs. People whose blue chihuahuas were excessively cross-bred without pedigree are likely to have the most health problems. Teacup chihuahuas are especially prone to health problems.

How Is The Blue Chihuahua Bred?

People believe cross-breeding black and red chihuahuas made the blue chihuahua. Because black is a dominant gene and red is recessive, achieving a blue coat is a recessive gene. It is uncommon and extremely rare, one of the reasons that this canine is so expensive