The Top 5 Wireless Dog Fence Reviews for Small Dogs

Does your small dog keep running out of the yard to chase cars and other animals? Then you might be in need of one of the top five wireless dog fences for small dogs featured below.

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The Top 5 Wireless Dog Fences for Small Dogs

Top Pick

The PetSafe Stay & Play Dog and Cat Wireless Fence make the top of the list because of its ease of use and its effectiveness. It features an adjustable range that should allow your small dog to walk and play around within a reasonable distance from the transmitter.

The play area is circular and ranges from 210 feet in diameter and 105 feet for the radius at its maximum. For its minimum, you can expect 44 feet for its diameter and 22 feet for its radius.

This wide range of coverage makes the device an excellent choice for sizable yards but also for smaller areas such as camping lots.


* No Wire to Bury

* Doesn’t Shock the Dog Upon Re-entry Into an Area

* Flags Give the Dog a Visual Cue as to Their Borders

* Wide Range of Coverage

* Waterproof Collar

* Long Battery Life


* Hills and Slopes Can Interfere with Signal

* Battery lasts 6 Months Before it Must be Replaced

Runner Up

The PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System takes the runner up place. Also made from the same company as the top pick, this version of the wireless fence lost to the top pick because it offers less coverage.

However, you can also appreciate a lot of the same features as the top pick. It still has a waterproof collar and five levels of static charge.

Yet it only covers 1/2 acre instead of 3/4ths of an acre. You can also add more than one pet on this system.


* Decent Yard Coverage

* Additional Training Methods Besides Shock

* Flags for Visual Cues for Dogs

* Easy to Set Up


* Only 1/2 Acre Coverage

* Not Recommended for Pets Under 8 Pounds

* Hills May Interfere with Signal

Best for Indoor Use

The PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barriers wireless fence is a great choice for pet owners who want to keep their small dog away from a certain area. Let’s say your dog is notorious for getting into the trash.

This wireless system works to create an invisible barrier around the trash. As the dog approaches it, the collar continues to intensify its stimulation until the dog is warded away.

This is a handy tool for owners who want to keep their small dog out of a certain room or area both while they’re home and while they’re away.


* Small Distance of 2-12 Feet in Diameter

* Progressive Static Discharge

* Adjustable Collar

* Safety Shut-Off


* Not Compatible with Systems Meant for Outdoors

* Not Effective for Small Dogs with Long Hair

Best for Long-Haired Small Dogs

The WIEZ Dog Fence Wireless & Training Collar Outdoor 2-in-1, Electric Wireless Fence for Dogs is a great choice for smaller dogs with a lot of hair. This is because the collar comes with two different length choices for its conductive posts.

Collars that feature too short of posts don’t effectively shock dogs when they’re past the boundary zone. They’ll keep on running out of the yard until you find a collar that can actually reach their skin.

This wireless fence aids that problem. It also features an adjustable collar that can be used to ensure the collar rests just right around your dog’s neck.


* Large Area of Coverage with 1968 Feet

* Can Choose Various Modes to Boundary Train Your Dog

* Waterproof Collar

* Two Different Conductible Posts


* No Flags

* Signal Might Become Interfered with

Best for Stubborn Dogs

The PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence can be an excellent choice for those with small dogs who are stubborn. Perhaps your small dog can easily shrug off most of the stimulation that they receive.

You need something stronger like what this wireless fence from PetSafe can provide. It features four levels of static correction that can reach high intensity. Yet it also offers a tone and vibration warning system to give them a few more chances before being shocked.

While this system does feature some form of wiring, it’s necessary to help deliver a more intense stimulation for stubborn dogs. It can also increase the amount of coverage that the transmitter provides for those who have large yards.


* 4 Levels of Intense Stimulation

* 1/3 Acre Coverage Plus More with Additional Wiring

* Flags for Visual Training

* Adjustable Collar


* Short Lifespan


Do wireless dog fences really work?

In terms of keeping a dog in the yard, wireless fences are effective. They use a transmitter that provides a signal.

When the collar moves past the established boundary of that signal, the collar gives the dog a shock. This teaches them to remain within the boundary that they’ll eventually come to recognize.

Wireless fences can work provided that you keep the collar charged and use the right kind of fence for your specific dog. Some might require more intense levels of stimulation while others may need prongs that can reach their skin past their long hair.

Are electric fences safe for dogs?

Understandably, many people worry that an electric fence may physically and emotionally damage their dog. Your dog may be quite startled when they’re first shocked.

They may even grow to hate wearing their collar. However, provided that the collar works as it is supposed to, it shouldn’t harm your dog past the brief stimulation they receive if they pass over their boundary.

Abuse can occur, but that is up to the owner to ensure that the collar is working properly and that their dog isn’t testing the collar by continuously running through their boundary line.

Are dog shock collars cruel?

When abused, dog shock collars can be cruel. There are other methods of training your dog that utilize positive reinforcement instead of negative reinforcement.

However, if used responsibly, shock collars are not necessarily cruel.

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