What Human Foods Do Dogs Like? (Solved & Explained!)

Dogs tend to like any human foods that smell good, regardless of whether or not the food is something they should eat. Chances are, your dog would be more than happy to try anything at least once. 

Any dog parents knows how hard it is to say no to their best friend when their beady eyes look up at you while you’re eating something. It’s fine to let your dog have a taste, so long as you know that the food your dog likes is also one that is safe to eat. 

Do Dogs Like Cooked Meat?

Since dogs eat a diet of predominantly meat, they would probably salivate at the smell of your cooked meat dishes. They would enjoy a bite, but you want to be careful what you allow them to have. 

Dogs can have meat without seasonings or sauce, as those components may have ingredients that aren’t good for dogs. You should also avoid letting them have meat with the bone in, as those can be choking hazards. 

You should not feed your dog raw meat, especially store bought raw meat. 

Do Dogs Like Peanut Butter?

Most dogs absolutely love peanut butter, which is full of some really healthy fats that are good for your pup. They should only have peanut butter that has minimal or no salt, and you want to avoid giving them peanut butter with artificial sweeteners such as xylitol. 

There are even multiple dog toys specifically designed with crevices to spread some peanut butter into, giving your dog something to satisfy them and keep them calm while enjoying a delicious snack. 

Do Dogs Like Dairy Products?

Dogs tend to enjoy dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. It’s fine for them to enjoy little pieces of cheese or little licks of yogurt on occasion. 

Be sure that these items are plain and that they don’t make your dog gassy. Gas is a sign that your dog may not be able to tolerate dairy. 

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Do Dogs Like Any Fruit?

Your dog might not flock to fruit as readily as meat and cheese, but there are some fruits that are actually quite good for them. Your dog can eat blueberries, small pieces of cut up apple, bananas, and seedless watermelon. 

They would enjoy some watermelon on a hot day, and apple slices can help clean their teeth while they chew. 

Do Dogs Like Any Vegetables?

Your dog may or may not enjoy vegetables, but just like fruit, there are some veggies that are very healthy for them. A lot of dog food will have some added vegetables that allow their diet to be nicely well-rounded and full of essential nutrients. 

Some vegetables that dogs will like and enjoy include pumpkin, green beans, broccoli, peas, and carrots. Pumpkin is an especially delicious choice for a dog who might have a sensitive stomach. Dogs tend to enjoy plain pumpkin puree the most. 

Dogs tend to enjoy chewing on baby carrots, which have good water content and very few calories. Carrots will also help them clean their teeth while they gnaw away. 

Do Dogs Like Fast Food?

Your dog would probably enjoy fast food, given that it tends to smell delicious. It also tends to have some type of meat or cheese component. 

However, you should avoid giving your dog a bite of your fast food despite how much they might like it. It is full of grease, salt, and sugar, which your dog does not need at all. 

Do Dogs Like Eggs?

Your dog would probably enjoy a delicious cooked egg, and it is fine to let them have some. Eggs are filled with some fantastic nutrients that are great to have in your dog’s diet. They are also fairly low in calories. 

It would be wise to avoid adding any seasonings to the eggs before giving them to your dog. You might think they would be bland, but they will be just fine for your dog. 

What Other Foods Do Dogs Tend To Like That Are Safe For Them?

Oatmeal is a great source of nutrients for your pup, and they tend to enjoy oatmeal, even if it’s plain. Oatmeal adds fiber to your dog’s diet as well, which is great if your dog is constipated or has any issues going to the bathroom. 

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What Foods Should Not Be Fed To Dogs, Even If They Like It?

Dogs should not eat anything with seasoning, too much salt or sugar, and anything with artificial sweeteners or chemicals. You also want to avoid giving your dog anything with chocolate or caffeine, even if they can see how much you enjoy those foods. 

Other foods that are toxic or unsafe for dogs include:

  • Grapes or raisins
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Avocado
  • Lemon
  • Lime

There are also foods that some dogs might be able to tolerate, while other dogs might either be allergic or sensitive to them. Some of these foods include corn, rice, wheat products or foods containing gluten, and foods with dairy. 

How Often Is It Okay To Let My Dog Have Human Food?

Vets will generally recommend that a dog’s diet is made up of no more than 10% of human food. Dogs don’t need nearly as many calories as we do to sustain energy. Overfeeding them might cause them to gain weight, which can lead to many health issues for your dog later in life. 

Foods that are lower in calories and have nutritional benefits will be your safest bet, such as some plain cooked chicken, or vegetables such as baby carrots or pumpkin. If your dog is one that likes to go after anything you eat, be sure to keep human food out of reach. 

What If I Want To Make My Own Dog Food With Human Foods?

Unless you know exactly what you are doing, it is not usually recommended to make your own dog food. There are essential vitamins and minerals added into dog food that are vital for a happy and healthy dog. 

You should chat with your vet if you’re considering making your own dog food.