Should I Feed My Yorkie Wet Or Dry Food? (Solved & Explained!)

Your Yorkie’s dietary needs will change as they grow from puppies to seniors, but their best source of everything they need will come from dry food. If your Yorkie happens to have any health conditions, you’ll have to consider those when choosing their diet. 

All dog owners want to keep their pups happy and healthy, and knowing what to feed them can be very overwhelming when seeing all the options. Rather than panicking and just going with whatever is affordable, it’s good to research what your Yorkie needs at each stage of their life and adjust accordingly. 

Will Yorkies Eat Anything You Put In Front Of Them?

Unlike many other dog breeds, finding a food that your Yorkie will lap up might be tricky. They are known for being picky eaters. Once you find something your Yorkie likes, you should stick with it. 

What Is The Best Type Of Food To Predominantly Feed Your Yorkie?

For the most part, you will want to stick with feeding your Yorkie dry food most of the time, while letting them enjoy a bit of wet food occasionally as a treat. Some pet parents will let their dog have wet food for dinner, for example, so they can get the water content and added nutrients. 

Dry food is ideal for your Yorkie because the crunchy foods assist in cleaning their teeth as they chew. This cleaning is ideal as Yorkies are prone to developing dental issues. 

What Should I Look For In My Yorkie’s Dry Food?

There are three main components that will be the most crucial for you to seek out when picking dry dog food for your Yorkie. 


Dogs are carnivores, so they need meat for its protein. Protein will also help your Yorkie feel filled up, and will help keep their muscles nourished and healthy.  


Their diet should also have some carb content, as this will provide them energy. Be sure the source of carbs in their food is a safe one, such as rice or sweet potatoes. Avoid foods with soy and corn, as these are two things dogs tend to be allergic to. 

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Healthy Fats 

Finally, you want your dog’s food to have some fat content. This is what is going to keep your Yorkie’s gorgeous fur looking gorgeous. This is also going to make their food taste yummier. 

How Much Do I Need To Feed My Yorkie?

Your Yorkie is meant to be a small pup in stature, but you still want to ensure they are eating adequately. They will need less in terms of calories as they get older as well. When they are pups and are still growing, they should be eating about 200 calories a day. 

When they get older, they are okay with about 150 calories, and can sustain a healthy weight eating around 120 calories as they become seniors. You might have to adjust their caloric intake if they are active, as you don’t want to underfeed them. 

Should I Measure Their Food Or Just Let Them Free Feed?

There’s a chance that if you just fill up a bowl of food every time it’s empty, your Yorkie might just eat it. Not only could this lead to weight issues, but it can also upset their stomachs and lead to stomach issues down the line. 

You can let them pick at a full bowl when they are still puppies, as this is when you want them to be gaining weight so they can become strong and healthy. Once they are about three months, you can start feeding them at certain times of the day so you can control their portions better. 

How Can I Be Sure I’m Feeding My Yorkie Enough?

When you take in your Yorkie to the vet every year for their check up, be sure to write down their weight. Then, when you are shopping for their dry food, read the label. 

Most foods will have detailed information regarding calorie content, usually per cup, as well as how much of the food they need to eat per day based on their weight. It also tells you how to feed them if they need to lose or gain weight.

I Started Feeding My Yorkie Wet Food, And Now They Want That More Than Dry Food. What Do I Do?

Most dogs would choose wet food over dry food any day, so don’t feel discouraged. There are ways to transition your Yorkie to dry food without startling their sensitive stomachs, and there are also ways to get them more interested in eating dry food. 

If you have to, you can mix a little bit of wet food into their dry food so they are still getting some of that moisture and delicious flavor with their dry food. Once they get used to the dry food, scale back how much wet food you mix in, eventually eliminating it completely. 

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How Do I Make Dry Food More Enticing For My Yorkie?

If you are able to soften up their dry food a little bit, your Yorkie might be more inclined to eat it. You can do this by adding a little bit of water to their kibble to soften it up. You can drain it, or leave it in the bowl if it doesn’t deter your Yorkie. 

You can also use a little bit of chicken or beef broth with the dry food to add some more depth of flavor. Be sure you get a broth with no salt. 

What Are Some Ingredients To Avoid In My Yorkie’s Food?

Reading dog food labels can be confusing, especially with many ingredients looking like chemicals, when they are actually added vitamins and minerals. You want to avoid any fillers, actual chemical additives (this might take research), and artificial dyes or flavors. Dog food made in China is also considered unsafe. 

You also want to avoid anything labeled as a generic meat or by-products, as you don’t really know what you are getting with these ingredients.