Can I Give Marie Biscuits to My Dog? (Solved!)

Yes, you can certainly give Marie biscuits to your dog, provided that you haven’t found some odd brand that incorporates chocolate into them – as this is highly toxic for dogs. If we are talking about just a plain Marie Gold type biscuit, however, then you can certainly share them with your furry best friend.

Keep the amounts very small, however, as these are essentially just low-calorie cookies for humans and as such, too many can start pushing your dog towards obesity. For an adult dog, no more than 4 biscuits is recommended, and with a puppy we recommend breaking up a single biscuit into 4 pieces, feeding only 2 pieces per day.

This way you can share your favorite biscuits with your favorite best friend and the small amount will not negatively impact their health.

For today’s article, we’re going to answer some popular questions about the Marie Gold type biscuit. This will tell you a little more about these low-fat, low-calorie biscuits and help you to make a more informed decision when it comes to sharing with your dog.

Let’s take a look at some popular questions bout Marie Gold Biscuits!

What is Marie Gold?

Marie Gold refers to a certain type of biscuit that was first produced in 1874 by the ‘Peek Freans’ bakery of London. These little biscuits are round like a cookie and were originally made to commemorate the marriage of Duchess Maria Alexandrova  to the Duke of Edinburgh.

Fast forward to today, and these biscuits are still around and enjoyed the world over as a popular snack, produced under many different brand names. They are low in fat and also low in calories and really go well with a nice, hot cup of tea!

Can we feed Marie Gold biscuits to puppy?

You can, but as these aren’t really intended for dogs, the amounts should be small. Break one biscuit up into 4 parts and you can give your puppy 2 parts today and 2 parts tomorrow if you like.

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Provided that you keep the servings small, your little one can certainly snack on them, but try to keep it at this amount. Too many biscuits, whether you are a human or a dog, can lead to obesity and you definitely don’t want this for your puppy.

Are Marie gold biscuit good for street dogs?

In small amounts, it is fine to feed Marie Gold biscuits to street dogs, just don’t feed an adult more than 4 biscuits. If you are feeding a puppy, half a biscuit is the preferred amount, although you could probably get away with a single biscuit every other day.

Too many of them, of course, is bad. Remember, these are human treats, so even with the vitamins that they include, they really aren’t ideal for a dog’s diet.

Is Marie biscuit good for Shih Tzu?

Yes, you can give Marie Gold biscuits to a Shih Tzu if you like, but due to their small size you really shouldn’t give an adult Shih Tzu more than 2 biscuits.

While your dog might disagree with this choice, it’s better for their health, as the added sugars, oils, and other ingredients that make a good human biscuit aren’t really intended for animal consumption. That said, a little bit of Marie Gold is fine – just don’t overdo it.

Are Marie Gold biscuits good for health?

For humans, they are considered one of the healthier biscuit options. While they still have sugar, Marie Gold biscuits are made with wheat flour and they are also quite low in calories. Still, keep in mind that they are basically ‘slightly healthy’ cookies – and you can’t simply feed your dog cookies all of the time.

As with most things, use in moderation and you and your dog can certainly share some biscuits. In small amounts, they are safe for your dog, but not good as a ‘regular staple’ snack.

Does Marie biscuits have maida?

Yes, Marie biscuits are made with maida, and if you aren’t familiar with that term it refers to a white flour that is made from wheat. It is a popular Indian flour and it’s made through careful milling with the bran removed, after which the flour is refined and bleached.

So, while it is still a wheat flour, it is not actually considered to be ‘wholewheat’ flour. It is still pretty healthy, but it can be a little confusing if you haven’t heard of maida flour before.

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How many Marie biscuits are in a packet?

That depends, but your average small pack of Marie biscuits will come with 5 biscuits per pack. That’s enough for your dog to have two and you can have three, unless you want to hide that pack from view and simply give them one!

What are Marie biscuits made of?

Marie biscuits are made with a flour called ‘maida’, which is a white flour made from wheat, and it also includes sunflower or palm oil, sugar, and often an additional flavoring such as vanilla.

As they are a bit on the ‘light side’ on purpose, they have a little less fat which makes them better for humans, but not as useful for dogs.

Is Marie Gold biscuit good for weight loss for my dog?

Well, if your dog has been eating high-calorie, fatty biscuits, then you could possibly use Marie Gold as a substitute, but you really want to keep the amounts low. After all, it’s basically just a sweet biscuit, designed for humans, so you’re basically feeding an overweight dog with cookies.

That said, it’s impossible to tell our pets ‘no’ sometimes, so just try breaking up a biscuit into 4 parts and that way you can reduce the impact of the biscuits on their diet and this should help to keep their weight management much more manageable.

Which is the best Marie biscuit to share with my dog?

The best Marie biscuits are hotly debated, but Britannia is certainly one of the best options. They smell and taste yummy and they are high in fiber, but low on calories, but keep in mind that the reduced fat content is better for you than it is for your dog.

That said, your dog is definitely an individual (just a furry one), so they will have their own preferences when it comes to these biscuits. You can feed them any type that you like, provided that they are standard type biscuits with no chocolate – this is very important.

While chocolate doesn’t come standard on Marie biscuits, if you see some then you cannot feed them to your dog, as chocolate is highly toxic for canines.