Is Pork Liver Ok for Dogs? (Solved & Explained!)

Yes, pork liver is okay for dogs to eat – it is encouraged as part of their normal diet in a small dose. The liver has many vitamins and nutrients that are important for your dog’s health. The liver should be about 5-10% of your dog’s diet. 

The rest of this article will go into detail about different kinds of the liver that your dog can eat, and what is best for them. If you want to learn more, just keep reading!

Are other types of liver good for dogs?

Yes! The liver from other animals is okay for dogs to eat. They can eat:

There could be even more animal livers that your dog can eat, but we recommend asking your veterinarian first. Some large game animals could be fine but it would be best to ask for your specific area for environmental reasons.

What is the best type of liver for dogs?

You normally see dogs eating beef or chicken liver. Beef and chicken liver are easy to get – you can usually get them at your local grocery store if you ask the butcher.

Beef and chicken liver are usually included in wet foods that you can buy dogs, as well as freeze-dried treats. 

Check out the link here for some awesome liver treats!

What makes the liver so good for dogs?

The liver is good for dogs because of how many vitamins and nutrients are in it. The liver is packed full of vitamin A, Vitamin B2, B9 and B12, and iron. 

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The liver is also less fatty than traditional muscle meat. The liver also has more protein than other cuts of meat. 

What is the best kind of liver for dogs?

This depends on what your dog needs. Beef and chicken liver are the most common, however, they are slightly different in their makeup.

Beef liver is higher in important minerals that your dog needs while chicken liver has more of their daily vitamin needs. Both are okay to feed your dog, especially if they are getting most of their nutritional value from traditional food already. 

Chicken liver is also fattier than beef liver, which can be a concern if your dog is already overweight or if your veterinarian has suggested a lower-fat diet for health reasons. 

Should I feed my dog raw liver?

It is up to you how you should feed liver to your dog. Some people argue that raw liver is the best way to give it to your dog. The raw liver has the most nutrients, and unfortunately, when you cook it is can lose anywhere from 25%-40% of its nutritional value.

How can I give my dog raw liver?

If your dog won’t eat raw liver, there are a couple of options you have. You can mix raw liver with other meats or foods, or you can try to dehydrate it. Dehydrating the liver will still make it lose some of its nutritional value, but not as much as cooking it.

You can also buy raw liver already prepared. Talk to your veterinarian about where to get raw liver and which company provides the best products. 

Are there cooked liver options?

Yes! There are plenty of dog food options that already have liver in them. You can also buy liver training treats for your dog, or you can make them yourself. 

Liver training treats are great for dogs, but you shouldn’t feed them too many. The liver can easily be overfed to dogs and this can become a problem

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What happens if I feed my dog too much liver?

Yes, you can feed your dogs too much liver. The liver shouldn’t make up more than about 5% of your dog’s overall diet. If you feed your dog too much liver, one of the most common things that can happen is vitamin A poisoning.

VCA Canada says signs to look for with vitamin A poisoning are poor hair coat, rough or dry skin, weakness, weight loss, constipation, excessive bone development, and painful or limited movement. 

You can read more about vitamin A poisoning in dogs and how to treat it here.

How much liver can my dog eat?

The liver is nutrient-dense so you will want to start slowly adding it into your dog’s diet. Depending on your dog’s weight, you can start with feeding your dog about half of a tablespoon into their bowl a couple of times a week.

You will want to monitor your dog after feeding them liver. Too much liver can result in stomach pains and diarrhea. 

If you have any questions about feeding your dog liver and how much your dog should have, you should ask your veterinarian. They will be able to tell you exactly how much you should feed your dog.

What’s The Best Way To Feed My Dog Liver?

There is no right or wrong way to feed your dog’s liver. The liver is a great food to give your dog, so it is just dependent on how picky your dog is.

There is also the convenience of it – if you want to make your dog’s treats then you will need to put in more work. On the other hand, many store-bought options are great as well.

Whatever you choose, it will be benefitting your dog’s health!

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What if my dog doesn’t like liver?

Just like humans, dogs can be picky with their liver as well. Many people find it unappetizing so it is no surprise that our pets might not like it either!

Luckily, there are liver supplements on the market that you can give your dog instead of buying raw liver.

Usually, a liver supplement comes in a thick powder that you can then sprinkle onto your dog’s wet or dry food. Your dog gets all of the nutrients without any of the messy clean-up from preparing liver treats. 

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