How Often Should I Send My Dog to Daycare? (Solved!)

It really depends but as a general rule you don’t want to leave them there more than 3 times a week. A possible exception to this might me small blocks of time daily, such as 2 – 3 hours, if they are part of a training program, but otherwise too much daycare time can be very bad for your dog.

Dogs are very social animals and they need a lot of interaction with you. If you need to be away for more than 3 days in a week, it’s really best to get the help of a family member or to pay a petsitter who can watch your dog in your home.

While it’s not the ideal scenario, this will at least ensure that your dog is getting lots of attention, so that they will be less likely to act out or to become depressed.

For the remainder of this article, we’re going to answer some popular questions trending on the web this week regarding doggy daycare.  How long does it take for your dog to get used to it? How many dogs is TOO many at a daycare? Find out the answers to these and other important questions by reading on!

Is it OK to take dog to daycare everyday?

It is best if you limit doggy daycare to no more than 3 times per week. Dogs need a lot of attention and too much time away from you can cause them to become depressed and even to suffer from separation anxiety.

If you need them watched for more time than 3 days, it may be best to enlist the assistance of a family member whom the dog knows that you can drop them off with. This will help to ensure that they are getting lots of social interaction instead of simply spending most of the week in daycare.

How long does it take for a dog to get used to daycare?

Provided that your dog has been well-socialized so that it is comfortable around people and other animals, they should adjust fairly quickly to daycare. Usually by the second or third visit they will know what to expect and they’ll be confident that you are coming to get them as soon as you can.

Some studies have shown that well-socialized dogs may even view daycare much the way that we view a vacation, so it’s not necessarily as bad as you think. Provided that daycare is only used as-needed, it can provide a little additional stimulation in the form of getting to play with the handlers and with other friendly dogs.

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How many dogs is too many at daycare?

Usually there should be no more than 15 dogs in one space, although if the area is large enough then this might be okay. If you see 20 or more dogs in one space, however, then it’s recommended that you check around for another daycare.

20 or more is definitely too many and aside from the crowding, you need to keep in mind that there are also communicable diseases that can be spread between dogs. Find a daycare that’s a little less crowded and it will be better for your dog’s health and they’ll also get more attention.

Remember, it’s about quality, not quantity, so take your time and find a daycare that doesn’t immediately look like it’s been seriously overbooked.

Do dogs really like daycare?

Dogs can have fun at daycare and studies have shown that it’s much like a vacation, when only used in small amounts. While your dog certainly misses you, they will get some stimulation with the new sights and scents, and they might even make some new friends at the daycare.

While it might make you feel guilty, rest assured – it’s not as bad as you think. Pick your daycare carefully and meet the handlers before you book a spot for your dog.

That way, you’ll know that when you can’t be there, your dog is still in excellent hands and probably even having a good time while they wait for you to return!

Is Doggy daycare good for puppies?

Yes, doggy daycare can be great for puppies, as it teaches them socialization skills if they haven’t already developed them, but keep in mind that your pup will need to have all of their shots before they will be accepted. Most daycares will require this, in fact, and it’s for good reason.

An unvaccinated pup could easily get ill and other dogs could get sick as well. Once your pup has finished their shots (typically around 16 weeks of age), then just bring along your paperwork and you should be able to check them into daycare.

What do I do with my puppy when I go to work?

If doggy daycare is not an option, then you will want to hire a petsitter that can watch them at their home or yours, or enlist the assistance of a family member to help.

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Pups cannot be left alone for long periods of time!

Aside from the depression aspects, their little bladders simply can’t take it. Puppies can hold their urine for approximately 1 hour for every month of age, so someone is going to need to walk them on a schedule that meshes with this. A family member is best, but barring that, you’re going to need to hire a sitter.

Should I walk my dog after daycare?

Yes, you should walk your dog after daycare. While they can have a little fun and exercise playing with the other dogs, a lot of time is also spent simply waiting while at daycare and the exercise of a walk afterwards is much-needed.

This also helps to reassure your dog after a stay at the kennel. They will get to spend time with you and if you always take them for a walk afterwards, they’ll know that this is coming when they get out of daycare and look forward to it!

This is invaluable for making sure that they don’t give you trouble trying to get them to daycare in the first place, so don’t skip the ‘after kennel’ walk – it’s good for everyone involved!

Why is my dog so tired after daycare?

While your dog is in doggy daycare, there are a lot of new sights, smells, and sounds, and this can be a little draining for them. It’s a lot of stimulation, really, and so it’s actually quite common for a dog to seem a bit tired out once they leave a doggy daycare.

As long as that lethargy is gone once they’ve had a nap, then everything is fine, but if your dog still seems lethargic after they’ve had a nap then it might be a good time for a little play with your dog to raise their spirits.

If this doesn’t help, then consider a vet visit to rule out any potential health issues. Dogs have a number of diseases which they can get and spread to other dogs, so if your dog’s behavior is sluggish for a long period of time after the doggy daycare then it’s best to bring them in for a checkup!

Do dogs make friends at daycare?

Yes, dogs can and definitely do make friends at the daycare. Most dogs will get to know their human handlers and, of course, the other dogs that are often staying in daycare.

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Provided that your dog is well-socialized, then the occasional daycare trip might even be something that they look forward to – just use it sparingly for best results.

Why does my dog have diarrhea after daycare?

A little bit of diarrhea for the first 48 hours of returning home from doggy daycare is actually quite normal. Known as ‘stress collitis’, it’s a fairly common reaction to overstimulation.

Other stimuli can cause this, such as an influx of new and unexpected people in the home, fireworks in the backyard, or even a visiting child chasing the dog a bit too much. Keep your dog hydrated and if the diarrhea doesn’t go away within 48 hours, then bring them in to the vet to ensure that everything is okay.