Why Are Dogs So Tired After Daycare? (Solved & Explained!)

Dogs are tired after daycare because it is a social environment where they can spend a significant amount of time exercising. Going to daycare typically involves lots of playtime and interaction with other dogs, which can be exhausting. If your dog seems happy when you bring them home, being tired after daycare is normal and healthy.

The rest of the article will go into detail about the benefits of your dog being tired after daycare, how to know if your dog is happy or stressed after a day at daycare, and how to find the right doggy daycare for your dog.

Is doggy daycare the right choice for my dog?

Doggy daycare is a great idea for many dogs, but not all pups will enjoy the experience. Dogs who are dog-aggressive or dog-selective may not be a great fit, since they will be around other dogs all day. Dogs who enjoy social interaction and lots of exercise are typically a great fit for doggy daycare.

What does my dog do at daycare?

Each daycare center is unique, but most facilities follow a similar schedule. Typically, your dog will have playtime with other dogs for a set number of hours, followed by relaxation time in their own private room, and then more playtime until their stay at daycare ends. Some doggy daycare facilities also offer classes and other activities for your dog.

Can daycare give my dog the exercise he needs?

Daycare is a great choice for dogs who need considerable exercise. Most facilities offer rotations of playtime and relaxation time, so your dog will be able to play with others for hours while still having breaks to rest, relax and recuperate. This can fulfill exercise needs that can be difficult to meet by leaving your dog home all day or simply taking them for a walk.

Can daycare help with my dog’s separation anxiety?

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), exercise can help treat separation anxiety. As long as your dog enjoys social interaction, being tired from the physical and mental stimulation from a day at doggy daycare can be a great way to help your dog cope with separation anxiety.

Can daycare help with other behavior problems?

A happy, tired dog is much less likely to be destructive than a dog who fails to receive adequate exercise. Providing a dog with plenty of exercise can help stop unwanted behaviors like escaping, constant barking, and scratching at doors or furniture. A tired dog won’t have enough energy to engage in inappropriate behaviors.

Are there downsides to daycare?

If your dog is stressed at daycare, it can negate all the positive qualities of attending a daycare facility. Excess stress can cause dogs to become more reactive, leading to anxiety and destructive behaviors. Also, if they have a negative experience with another dog at the daycare, it can lead to the development of behavior problems.

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Is daycare a good choice for a puppy?

Each dog is different, but if you have a young puppy who is friendly, doggy daycare can be a great environment. Doggy daycare is a great way to help socialize puppies and help them learn how to be polite around other dogs, along with giving them plenty of potty breaks. Plus, they’re likely to be less of a handful at home after a long day of playing with friends!

How do I know if my dog is happy after daycare?

To know if your dog is happy after a day at daycare, pay attention to their body language. A relaxed dog will appear at ease: they will show a gentle tail wag, confident stance, and relaxed ears. If they are excited to see you when you pick them up, they take a nap when you get home, and are happy to take part in their normal routines, they are probably enjoying daycare.

How do I know if my dog is stressed after daycare?

If your dog is unhappy or stressed, they will tell you with their body language and behavior. A stressed dog will often tuck their ears and tail, lick their lips, or yawn to express their concern. Other stress signals include pacing or not wanting to engage in normal activities like eating or playing.

Will I be able to tell if my dog likes daycare?

By listening to your dog’s body language and behavior, you should be able to tell if they like going to daycare. If they act like their normal, happy self, they are probably enjoying their time at the daycare facility. If you must force them to get in the car to go to daycare, or they’re acting unusually stressed, daycare may not be the right choice.

How do I help my dog recuperate after daycare?

Each dog will have a different reaction to spending the day at daycare. Listening to your dog’s body language can help you know how to give them what they need after being at daycare: if they are grouchy or sleepy, they may need rest; if they are playful and engaged, they are ready to enjoy the rest of the day.

How do I find the right daycare for my dog?

It’s important to find a safe, comfortable place for your dog to spend the day. According to the Professional Animal Care Certification Council, a good daycare will have secure fencing and be organized and clean. A good doggy daycare will also have enough staff members to make sure all pups in their care stay safe and happy.

How do daycare facilities make sure my dog is safe?

While each daycare facility is different, dogs are often required to pass temperament tests before being admitted to daycare. This typically consists of introducing your dog to other pups who have passed the temperament test, often one at a time. Your dog will pass the temperament test if they show no signs of aggression, fear or dominance.