The 5 Best Yorkie Poo Haircuts

While it is always advised to take your Yorkie Poo to the groomer if you want to give them a haircut, it is still important that you have an idea about the sorts of Yorkie Poo haircuts that exist. This way you can get the best style for your dog. Basically, you need to look for the best Yorkie Poo haircut.

On this page, we are going to walk you through five of the most popular Yorkie Poo haircuts. We will give you a brief description of each, as well as give you a quick step-by-step on how you can give your Yorkie Poo one. If you mention any of these haircuts to your groomer, we are positive they will know how to create each and every one of these styles.

Yorkie Poo Teddy Bear Clip

One of our favorite Yorkie Poo haircuts is the Teddy Bear clip. As the name suggests, the idea behind this hairstyle is to give your dog the face of a rather cute bear. This will involve a bit of rounding on the hair around their ears while trimming up their facial hair significantly. 

One of the best things about the Yorkie Poo Teddy Bear haircut is that it is easy to maintain. In fact, it is a hairstyle that you can easily give your dog. You don’t need any electric clippers. You just need a pair of clippers.

There isn’t really a single way to do the Yorkie Poo Teddy Bear style. Most groomers just aim to get an even length of hair across the body of the Yorkie Poo. As long as you can manage that, then you will end up with a Teddy Bear haircut. Aim for a medium length of hair, but any length should be fine.

Yorkie Poo Kennel Cut 

The Yorkie Poo Kennel Cut is the perfect Yorkie Poo haircut for the summer months. It is going to involve cutting their fur incredibly close to their skin for the bulk of their body. Their face and legs will be left with a small amount of fluff.

Because you will be taking off a huge amount of fur with the kennel cut, your Yorkie Poo is going to look incredibly different. However, they will be much less prone to overheating when the hot weather rolls in.

Here is how you do it:

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  • Cut the hair on their face and ears to around 1/2″ in length.
  • Shave the rest of the body as short as you can. Make sure that you avoid the bottom of the legs.
  • Keep their face a quick brush.

This style should be pretty easy to maintain. Just give your dog a shave every so often and they will look perfect.

Schnauzer Cut

Obviously, this is a haircut preferred by those cutting the hair of their schnauzer. However, it is something that works incredibly well for the Yorkie Poo breed too. However, do bear in mind that this can be a complicated cut to get right. While, with a bit of practice, you will be able to get this done in the comfort of your own home, most people are going to take their dog to the groomer for this cut.

The schnauzer cut will give your dog long hair underneath their body, and facial hair that closely resembles the facial hair that you will find on a schnauzer. If you don’t know what a schnauzer mustache looks like, we do encourage you to look it up.

Here is how you do the schnauzer cut:

  • Trim the hair from the back of the dog’s neck all the way down their back. Make sure the cut is as close to the skin as possible. You will need trimmers.
  • Trim the hair on the legs of your Yorkie Poo to the desired length (ideally 2-inches)
  • Trim the bottom of your dog (known as the skirt) to roughly the same hair length as on their legs.
  • Trim the dog’s face to replicate the look of a schnauzer. The hair should be 2-inches or so in length. Use a photo of a schnauzer as a reference.

Yorkie Poo Full Haircut

This is probably the simplest haircut that you can give your Yorkie Poo, and it requires next to no skills. This haircut is all about ensuring that your pet stays cool during the warmer months. All you need is a pair of scissors and a dog grooming tool. It will take around 10-20 minutes to get that perfect cut.

This haircut will involve you shaving every part of your dog’s body. You won’t be shaving the facial hair, though. You will just be giving that a bit of a trim. We suppose that this hairstyle is very similar to the Kennel Cut.

  • Shave off the hair on your dog’s back. Try to shave as close to the skin as you can.
  • Shave off the hair on your dog’s legs, roughly the same length as their back. You may struggle near the bottom of their leg.
  • Shave off the hair underneath the Yorkie Poo. This should be the same length as their back.
  • Remove the hair from their tail.
  • Trim the dog’s facial hair to around 1-2″, depending on your preference.

Yorkie Poo Puppy Cut

The Yorkie Poo puppy cut is one of the most basic of Yorkie Poo hairstyles. It is also one of the most popular.

The Yorkie Poo puppy cut is very similar to the teddy bear cut. So much so that many people confuse the two.

The difference with the Yorkie Poo puppy cut is that you are doing to be keeping the hair a little bit longer than you would do with the teddy bear cut. A good 1-2-inches should be fine.

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With the Yorkie poo puppy cut, you also have to worry less about the style. You aren’t creating a cutesy teddy bear-style haircut here.

  • Cut the hair on the dog’s body to around 1-2″ in length, depending on your preferences.
  • Cut the hair on your dog’s face to around half an inch longer than the rest of their body. You can go up to 1″ longer, depending on your preference.