How Do You Cut A Teddy Bear’s Face On A Yorkie? (Solved!)

Keeping your Yorkie’s face trimmed is ideal for their comfort and cleanliness. The Yorkie’s teddy bear cut is a highly desired cut you can do at home with your Yorkie with a lot of patience, so long as you’ve developed a relationship of trust with your Yorkie. 

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this cut yourself, a groomer would be happy to help your Yorkie look like a cute little teddy bear. 

What Is A Teddy Bear Cut?

The teddy bear cut is a uniform fur style where the entire body has short fur, with the face being cut short as well for a rounded look. The end result is a sweet Yorkie that looks like a teddy bear; hence, the name.

The teddy bear cut is also often referred to as the puppy cut. The fur around the face is usually left a touch longer than the fur on the body. 

What Tools Do I Need For A Teddy Bear Cut?

This cut only requires scissors, though you shouldn’t use your regular kitchen scissors. Kitchen scissors are thick and are much harder to control than pet grooming scissors. If you can find pet grooming scissors with a rounded tip, that is ideal to avoid poking your pup with sharp scissors. 

How Do You Prepare Your Yorkie For A Teddy Bear Cut?

You want to be sure that your Yorkie is feeling calm. It’s recommended to walk them or play with them to tire them out a little bit beforehand. You should have plenty of treats nearby to reward them for their cooperation. 

Place your pup on a surface like a table, and consider having someone else your pup trusts close by to help hold them still. You should have a non-slip mat underneath them as well. 

How Do You Cut A Teddy Bear’s Face On A Yorkie?

You want to comb out their fur to get rid of any knots, as cutting knots can pull on their skin and hurt them. You might have to tie up the fur on the top of their head to keep it out of the way until you are ready to cut it. 

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Start with very slowly and carefully trimming the fur between the eyes and by the nose. Use your comb to gently pull fur forward and cut very small amounts at first away from the face. 

Continue cutting the same length around the face and the head, taking your time and taking small breaks to feed your dog some treats to reward their patience. Take special care when trimming the ears. You can hold up each ear to trim any strands of fur that are longer. 

Once you have slowly made your way around their entire face, give them a gentle brush to see if you missed any spots. If you want to cut the fur around their body, use the same technique with the comb, pulling away from the body and cutting away from the skin, taking it slow and encouraging your pup’s patience. 

Should I Put My Yorkie On A Leash To Cut Their Fur?

Many groomers will put dogs on a leash that is held by some mechanism to help keep the dog in place. You can try this with your Yorkie if they like being on a leash. However, the leash could obstruct your cut. If you do put them on a leash, you should have someone holding the leash. 

Should I Let A Groomer Cut My Yorkie’s Teddy Bear Face?

Whether or not you go to a groomer depends on your personal comfort level when it comes to grooming. Thankfully, the teddy bear cut isn’t complicated. However, it could be helpful to visit a groomer the first time around and watch them perform the cut before you attempt it yourself. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Teddy Bear Cut?

Once your Yorkie has received their teddy bear cut, it is very easy to keep the cut well-maintained. It’ll also help keep them cool, especially in the summer months, since the haircut is shorter than other types of Yorkie cuts. 

Furthermore, a shorter cut like a teddy bear cut makes it easier to keep them brushed, and reduces the frequency of potential knots or matting. It also helps your Yorkie keep their faces cleaned. It’s also an incredibly adorable look. 

Can I Cut My Yorkie’s Face When They’re A Puppy?

You should wait until your Yorkie is around six months old before you try to cut their fur. This should give you ample time to bond with your pup if you’re going to try and cut their fur yourself. 

Why Should I Cut My Yorkie’s Face?

The fur around your Yorkie’s face can get very long. Thus, it can get food and dirt stuck in it quite easily. Long fur can also get matted, which can be very uncomfortable for your pup. 

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A maintained haircut regimen can also help reduce the difficulty you might face brushing your Yorkie, while also helping reduce how often you have to bathe them. 

How Often Do Yorkies Need A Haircut?

Every Yorkie is a little different, but generally speaking, you should give your Yorkie a trim every six weeks to a month. A frequent trim will help you keep their fur length maintained, while it also helps your Yorkie get used to regular grooming. 

How Often Should A Yorkie Be Bathed?

Your Yorkie should be bathed every two to four weeks, depending on how dirty they manage to get on their trots or during outdoor playtime. It’s beneficial to learn how to bathe them at home to reduce your grooming expenses.                       

How Do You Groom A Yorkie?

Keeping your Yorkie’s fur trimmed and brushed is not the only way to maintain your Yorkie’s appearance and hygiene. You also want to brush their teeth at least every week, and keep their ears cleaned by wiping them out with dry cotton occasionally. You also want to keep their nails trimmed to avoid breakage or catching on furniture.