How Often Do Yorkies Get Groomed? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkies should be professionally groomed (or at least groomed at home) every 4 to 6 weeks. This should include a brushing, a bath, a haircut, and a trimming of their nails. This will keep them nice and clean, preventing matting and tangling of the fur, as well as ensuring they aren’t getting their claws caught in everything!

Trimming those nails is also good for long-term health, as when they are left unchecked the imbalance of the digits on their paws can contribute to arthritis in the toes. Aside from this maintenance grooming schedule, it is also good to brush your Yorkie’s hair 2 to 3 times per week.

In this article, we’re going to address the most frequently asked questions trending on the web this week about Yorkie grooming and what you need to know! Let’s take a look at the questions that everyone is asking!

When should a Yorkie puppy be groomed for the first time?

You’ve got a good amount of time before your puppy needs their first grooming. By the age of 16 to 20 weeks, your Yorkie pup should have all of their vaccinations and a little hair growth that could use some managing.

At this point, a bath and a haircut, along with a nail trimming by a grooming professional is a good idea. Just keep the session brief – no more than one hour – so that your little one isn’t overwhelmed.

How many times a month should you bathe a Yorkie?

Your Yorkie should have a bath every 2 to 4 weeks so that their coat doesn’t get a lot of dirt buildup, matting, or general tangling.

You can bathe them more frequently if you like, just be sure to use conditioner every time that you do and try to limit it to once or twice a week.

This will help to keep the hair and skin from drying up and if you experiment with different shampoos and conditioners, you can definitely find something that keeps them smelling nice!

Is it OK to shave a Yorkie?

Yes! Some dogs shouldn’t be shaved, as they have an undercoat and shaving can cause problems, but Yorkies are not one of these breeds. Rather, they have hair like we do, instead of fur. As such, if you want to give your Yorkie a nice little buzz-cut in the summer then you can definitely do so.

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Just don’t cut it too short – you don’t want to overly expose their skin to the sun, you just want to shorted their overall hair length a little so that they can enjoy the occasional nice breeze.

What is a Yorkie puppy cut?

A puppy cut is a simple, but super-cute haircut that you can request at the groomers and after you’ve seen it done a couple of times, you might even try carefully doing it yourself for your dog at home!

The ‘puppy cut’ essentially is just a short-length haircut, where the Yorkie’s hair is trimmed down to 1 or 1.5 inches in length. This simple, uniform look is reminiscent of their ‘puppy look’ and also feels quite cool for them in the summer. So, next time you are at the groomers, ask for the ‘puppy cut’.

Both you and your Yorkie will absolutely love it!

Can you use human clippers on a Yorkie?

You can, but you really shouldn’t, and we’ll tell you why. At your local department store, dog clippers are much cheaper than human ones, and they’re actually more durable. This is because they are designed to generate close to 3000 rotations a second and they are less prone to overheating.

While you could certainly use human clippers, they will probably not last as long as dog-specific clippers, so it’s best to simply get yourself a set. They last a good, long time and often cost as little as $20.

How do I calm my Yorkie before Grooming?

If you are grooming at home, you can try burning candles with essential oils such as lavender to naturally calm your dog a little. There are also pheromone diffusers that you can purchase commercially which may also help.

If you are taking your dog to a professional groomer and they are being resistant, try making the ride over a little more fun with a nice snack that will distract them, such as a Kong toy filled with frozen peanut butter, and consider taking them on a long walk before you go.

Your dog will be a little more tired and satiated from the snack and should be a lot nicer to your groomer by the time that you arrive.

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Do Yorkies really have hair instead of fur?

Yes, Yorkies have hair, rather than fur, and this makes them a popular choice for would-be dog owners who suffer from allergies. These dogs have less dander than most breeds and hardly shed at all, so for allergy sufferers or people who hate cleaning up shed fur it’s simply a match made in doggy heaven!

Is conditioner good for my Yorkie?

Yes, conditioner is good for your Yorkie. Since their hair is much like ours, skipping conditioner and only using shampoo can dry those follicles out, just like it would with you or I. As such, try different conditioners so that you can get the best combination of hydration and a nice, pleasant scent.

Your dog will look and smell great if you do!

Which clippers do dog groomers use?

One of the most popular models that you’ll find dog groomers using is the Andis 5-speed cordless clipper. You don’t necessarily need the extra horsepower, however, as Andis also has a 2 speed that’s popular with the pros as well.

If you don’t see Andis, look for Double K and Oster varieties, as these are also quite nice and will definitely work a treat for your dog.

Can I cut Yorkie’s nails with human clippers?

When your Yorkie is a pup, then human nail clippers will work, but you really need to upgrade to dog clippers as soon as you can. Human nails are much thinner than dog nails and eventually those human clippers are going to crack your dog’s nails, rather than clip them!

Dog clippers are much sharper and incorporate specialized shapes so that they can cut a dog’s nails quickly and cleanly. This will help to make sure that you don’t accidentally cut to quick or crack the nail when you just want to trim it down a little.