How Do You Talk to a Chihuahua? (Solved & Explained!)

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When you first bring your Chihuahua home, the general rule is to speak in a soft and friendly tone as you get to know them. Later, once your dog has been around you long enough, then they are less likely to be startled when you talk normally to them.

Chihuahuas, like other dogs, are going to respond mostly to tone, so if you sound mad then they might move away, while a friendly, excited tone might make them come a little closer. Over time, however, they’ll start to learn words.

The average dog can actually learn up to 165 words, though they won’t really understand sentences beyond very simple ones like ‘get your bowl’.

That said, between the words that they have learned, their understanding of your own body language, and what they can tell from by your scents – well, let’s just say that your dog probably understands quite a bit of what you are saying to them!

How do I tell my Chihuahua I love him?

Notice how your little dog loves to lean into you? This is something that you can do to them and it’s a definite sign of affection. There are lots of other ways to show that you care, of course, such as treats, the occasional scratch behind the ears or under the chin, or snuggling together to watch a favorite show.

Any time that you spend with your Chihuahua is quality time in their eyes, so just be present and watch for things that your Chihuahua likes. As your bond grows, you’ll learn all kinds of tricks that you can do to make your special little one happy!

How do Chihuahuas communicate?

Chihuahuas communicate in a number of ways, you just need to watch for it. Aside from various sounds that they make, your Chihuahua will have certain facial expressions that you will notice come up only in specific contexts – such as ‘bath face’ or the ‘hey, can I have some of that’ look that they like to give you.

Even their coats are expressive, puffing up when your little dog loses their temper and hackles a-raising when something gives them a fright. Spend a day just watching your dog’s body language – you’ll see quite a lot of expression that you might not have even noticed was there!

Do Chihuahuas talk a lot?

Yes, Chihuahuas do talk a lot, and are generally quite vocal about it. Sometimes they’ll whine a little before barking, to express frustration, or whimper a little in mock sadness when it doesn’t look like you’re going to share your breakfast sausage.

These little dogs are extremely expressive and it’s sometimes just fun to watch this, as these little dogs will make faces, wag their tails, and generally speak volume in their vocal and body language. You just need to learn how to look and listen for it, but your Chihuahua definitely talks all the time!

Can you actually talk to Chihuahuas?

Yes, you can definitely talk to your Chihuahua and it’s definitely encouraged. While they won’t exactly be debating philosophy with you, your dog loves the sound of your voice and studies suggest that they even understand more words than you might think!

So, if you feel like talking to your furry best friend, then go for it! By their barks and body language, they’re definitely talking to you, so it’s only rude not to return the favor!

Do Chihuahuas like to be talked to?

Yes, Chihuahuas definitely like hearing your voice when you speak to them. It makes them feel safe for one thing, and in combination with your scents and body language you are probably communicating much more than you know when you do speak with your dog!

Do Chihuahuas understand when you talk to them?

Your dog will understand quite a bit, though it’s certainly different from talking to a human.

For instance, you might try adopting an excited voice to tell your Chihuahua that you are about to take them to the vet and yet the way you smell, your body language, and other cues might well betray what you mean – resulting in your Chihuahua turning-tail and hiding under the bed!

It would probably be most accurate to say they understand some of what you are saying, but they rely very little on the words that you are using to say it.

How many actual words can Chihuahuas learn?

The average dog can learn up to 165 words, so your Chihuahua can certainly learn quite a few and may be aware of more words than you might think.

Remember, these little guys and gals spend all of their free time with you, so they are going to hear certain words a lot and they will have numerous examples of what you do when you say them. As such, they will definitely build a limited vocabulary of words over time.

Can Chihuahuas understand sentences?

Not the same way that we do, with the exception of very simple sentences like ‘get your teddy’ or ‘get on the couch’. In most cases, they’ll recognize some words but beyond this, they can’t really understand complete sentences.

That said, they can ‘smell out’ things like bad moods and health conditions, so ultimately when you say a sentence to them, they might well understand the ‘gist’ of it – just don’t expect to argue politics or philosophy with your Chi anytime soon!

Do Chihuahuas know their names?

This is one that people argue over, though the common belief is that they don’t really think of themselves by their name, but have instead been conditioned to respond whenever they hear you use that word.

Do Chihuahuas understand when you point at something?

One of the neat things about dogs is that they are have been with us since the dawn of time and as such, they’ve been domesticated enough that they know they should look somewhere when you point and when they do, they have a good idea of what you are pointing at.

This is likely the result of hunting together for so long throughout time, but whatever the case, dogs get it when you point at something – even if some like to give you a doggy grin and ignore what you’re pointing at anyways!

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