Chain Link Dog Fencing: A Guide on How To Use It and Why You Should Consider it

Dog owners know the importance of providing their pets with a safe and secure environment. Chain link dog fencing is a great way to provide that feeling for your pet, without having to spend too much money on it.

This article will talk about what chain link fencing is, how much it costs, and why you should consider installing some in your yard!

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Are chain link fences good for dogs?

Chain link fences are great for dogs and can be a good option if you don’t want to spend too much money. They provide your pet with the feeling of safety that any animal needs!

Chainlink fencing is also versatile so it’s easy enough to offer some protection against trespassers or even children playing on an unsupervised back or front yard.

While this type of fence is classic and one of the most common types of fences it does have some downsides. It can be a bit more expensive than some other types of fencing, it isn’t as aesthetically pleasing, and it’s not great for aggressive or territorial dogs.

Territorial dogs can see straight through the fence so they’ll be triggered more by people walking by, squirrels, or other distractions.

Plus, your dog’s barking could end up scaring these visitors.

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How to know if a chain-link fence is right for my dog?

Is your dog aggressive, territorial, or likes to bark? Yes! Get a wood fence instead of chain link fencing for your home and pet if you’re worried about the visibility factor with dogs barking excessively when someone walks by on their property while they are in this type of enclosure.

Does your HOA allow a chain-link fence? No? You want something that is more aesthetically pleasing then.

Are your neighbors using a chain-link fence? Yes! Then chain link fence would be a great choice for your neighborhood.

How do you secure a chain link fence for dogs?

Chain link fences can be secured by using a padlock or bicycle lock. These are both very affordable!

The chainlink fence will also come with tabs that you’ll need to install for these locks to work properly- it’s as easy an installation process and takes no time at all, so there isn’t any reason not to secure your fence and protect your dog.

How much does chain link fencing cost?

The cost of a chain-link fence is between $5 to $14.00 per linear foot for hinged panels and it’s about the same price as tension wire- but that will depend on your location, so you should check with suppliers to get accurate costs!

Chainlink fencing can be expensive because many different factors go into it.

How do I keep animals from going under my chain link fence?

You can buy a mesh backing for the chainlink fence to keep any small animals from going under it- but you’ll have an even more difficult time with large ones!

The best thing that people do is attach fencing skirts around their yard in order not only to protect against digging, as these actually work pretty well at keeping larger critters out (or keep your digging dogs in.

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How do you stabilize the bottom of a chain-link fence?

The best way to stabilize the bottom of a chain-link fence is with concrete or gravel, but many people just use sand. The most common method if you have a problem with your dog getting under the fence is to use tent stakes along the bottom to secure it to the ground.

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Another trick I’ve personally used when I kept ducks in a pen was to extend 1-2 feet of chicken wire fencing along the ground on the digging side of the fence. I had problems with foxes trying to dig in. This worked perfectly as the foxes would never just start digging a few feet away.

The problem with the chicken wire method is it can be expensive and tedious to install along long linear fences. Works great for small pens or kennels though!

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How do you increase the height of a chain-link fence for jumping dogs?

There are two options here and it will depend on the current height of your fence and how big your dog is.

Option 1 is to buy extension poles and taller chain link fence panels.

You’ll use the extensions to raise the height of your current poles then swap out the old short panels with the taller ones.

That can get costly though as it’ll be similar to buying an entirely new fence.

The only advantage is you won’t have to set the poles in concrete again assuming they already have good foundations.

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Option 2 is to buy and install jumping deterrents.

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There are two main types.

The first type is called a coyote roller and it’s just a metal bar that rolls when a coyote (or your dog) grabs the top of it to jump over the fence.

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That option only works if your fence is already tall enough that your dog can’t jump over it without grabbing the top with its paws.

The second option for jumping deterrents is to install a curved net system as shown in the example below.

Again this requires that your dog couldn’t jump both the fence and this curved net extension unaided.

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How do I stop my dog from jumping chain-link fence?

There are 3 things you can do to stop your dog from jumping the fence.

  1. The first option is to use a deterrent like a coyote roller or net extension described above.
  2. Option two would be for you and your dog’s safety, if that isn’t possible then consider installing an electric fence that will keep them away from chain link fences when they’re on it with some training (and human supervision).
  3. The third thing is to spend time training your dog not to jump the fence.
  4. The fourth thing is to install an invisible fence with an e collar using either a wired invisible fence where you run the boundary wire along the bottom or top of your chain link fence or you use a wireless transmitter to create a spherical boundary around your yard. Use the wire method if you have a rectangular or odd-shaped yard that wouldn’t fit the circular boundary of the transmitter.