Is Royal Canin Better Than Pedigree? (Solved & Explained!)

Overall Royal Canin gets the better grade when it comes to dog food quality. One scenario where this might not be the case would be dieting. Pedigree uses plant proteins more than actual meat content, resulting in a lower fat kibble that still has 21% protein in most cases.

This would make Pedigree a better choice for a dog that needs to lose weight. Otherwise, Royal Canin is going to be the better food. They use less fillers, such as wheat and rice, and have around 25% of protein that is largely from meat and meat by products, rather than plant proteins.

Dogs seem to prefer the taste and with the higher quality ingredients, they get a better nutritional content, so all in all we have to say that Royal Canin is generally going to be the better choice.

In this article, we’ll compare Royal Canin and Pedigree by answering questions trending highly this week on that very subject! While they are owned by the same company, these are very different foods – so read on to find out just how different they are so you can make an informed dietary choice for your dog!

Is Royal Canin and Pedigree same company?

Yes, actually, both brands are owned by Mars incorporated, who own a number of brands you might know such as Whiskas, VCA, and Wisdom panel along with a number of other pet food brands sold across the world.

Each has their own perks and caveats, of course, so while they are all from one company nutrition value, costs, and other factors are all going to be brand-specific.

Why do vets recommend Royal Canin?

Royal Canin actually gets high marks for producing quality foods, so vets recommend it for this simple reason. While you might think it’s a simple ‘product endorsement’ scenario like you find with big pharma, the lower profit margin on foods means that vets don’t have any compelling need to push food products.

So, when your vet recommends a food like Royal Canin, it’s simply because they feel that it’s an excellent choice for your dog’s diet.

Do vets recommend Pedigree?

Vets sometimes do recommend Pedigree, but generally it’s for diet scenarios where a dog is getting to be a bit obese. Pedigree uses a lot of plant proteins for their protein content, with less meat than some other brands.

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As such, there are less fats in Pedigree and this can help with a dieting dog. Other than this, it’s not often recommended. While it’s certainly nutritious, there are a number of other brands that go the extra mile, while Pedigree is designed to be more cost-effective.

Is Pedigree the worst dog food?

Not at all! Pedigree is perfectly nutritious, but it gets a lot of flack for relying heavily on plant proteins in its content, including lower amounts of meat and meat by-products as a result. Keep in mind that we’re just talking about standard kibble, however.

Like any popular brand, Pedigree also offers specialized foods that will be quite competitive with other brands, so be sure to read the nutrition label before instantly condemning them. They’re designed to be cheaper, but they also offer you more options, too!

Is Royal Canin really the best?

Royal Canin has a good reputation, but it’s a competitive market and you certainly have other choices. While Royal Canin uses qualities meats, some consider the food to have a little more fat than it should, but like with all brands you’ll have a variety of nutritional options based on stages and health conditions specific to your dog.

Overall, they have an excellent reputation, so you can purchase it with confidence but you should still read the label just to be sure that you know what you’re getting!

Which Pedigree is best for a puppy?

Pedigree produces an excellent kibble for pups called ‘Pedigree PRO – Small breed’ that is both inexpensive and highly nutritious for pups. Designed for puppies aged between 2 and 9 months, this kibble has extra attention given to nutrients needed for efficient growth with a focus on digestive health as well to keep those potty breaks regular.

It’s good stuff and one of the best Pedigree choices for feeding your growing puppy.

Which Royal Canin is best for a puppy?

Royal Canin produces an excellent puppy-food product called ‘Royal Canin – Mini Puppy Food’ and this is a dry kibble for puppies aged 2 to 10 months (with a weight of up to 22 pounds). Designed to fuel a healthy growth cycle, this puppy food is also geared towards good digestive health and immune system development.

They even include the serving sizes they recommend by age on the bag, so it’s a nicely made and packaged product for good puppy health.

Does Royal Canin use more meat protein than Pedigree?

Yes, Royal Canin uses more meat proteins when compared to the highly plant-based Pedigree and also scores higher on overall protein for their basic kibble. Royal Canin scores about 25% for protein, compared to Pedigree’s 21%.

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Expert opinion is that your dog needs 18% to 25% protein content in their food, so both score adequately and are perfectly healthy, but Royal Canin has a higher overall protein count and more of those proteins are derived from meat.

Is Royal Canin more expensive than Pedigree?

Yes, Royal Canin is more expensive, as there are more quality ingredients and less ‘filler’ in their products. Just remember that they are both perfectly nutritious and Pedigree is actually marketed to be a more affordable option.

Compare their nutrients online or the next time that you are at the pet store and you can see for yourself. The differences are there, but they’re not as dramatic as you might think!

Can I mix Royal Canin and Pedigree kibble?

Yes, you can certainly mix these foods together, and some people will do this in order to upgrade the overall food quality without spending a bundle.

You can get a small bag of Royal Canin kibble and mix it in with a larger Pedigree bag and this will give the food an upgrade in meat proteins and a newer taste for your dog, at a fraction of the cost of simply purchasing the more expensive kibble.