Can I Do a Dog Grooming Course Online? (Solved & Explained!)

Yes, you can definitely do online grooming courses, and some of them are quite excellent! Examples include places like Paragon, JKL Grooming, and Penn Foster.

Online schools can teach you valuable information and you’ll get the documents to prove when you have completed their courses, which will definitely help generate more business as your customers are going to notice them.

Many also offer virtual simulations and some, like the Animal Behavior College are partnered with businesses around North America so you can even get hands-on experience as part of your education once you’re ready.

Today we’re going to talk about professional dog grooming, covering subjects such as whether or not you can make a good living, if it’s stressful, how long course typically take and more. Read on to learn what it takes to make a career out of doing something that you love – you’ll find the details below!

What qualifications do I need for dog grooming?

In most places there are not a lot of specific requirements for becoming a dog groomer. That said, you should take grooming and styling courses as much as you can. The more training that you can prove that you have, the more likely potential customers are going to trust you.

Beyond this, you need to like animals, and you need to be ready to put in a lot of long hours on your feet.

While it’s a rewarding job, dog grooming is also hard work, and it takes time to build up a good customer base for your business – if you are serious about it, however, there’s good money to be made doing a job that you love coming to each and every day.

How long does it take to complete a dog grooming course?

The average grooming course, done in-person, is going to take approximately one year and is generally followed by internship-style hands-on training to earn some actual experience and how long this will take depends on where you are taking the course.

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By this time, you should have a good amount of knowledge and the experience to back it and you’ll be ready to ‘fly’ on your own!

Can I teach myself dog grooming?

You can certainly teach yourself, by means of practicing on your own dog or dogs or with local animals and their owner’s approval. Online videos can teach you some basics too, but in general taking a course is going to be the quickest way to learn.

Most courses will teach you the basics and also give you some hands-on experience, so that after approximately 1 year of instruction you should have an excellent idea of what you are doing and will be ready to start your business in earnest.

What are the disadvantages of being a dog groomer?

Dog grooming is hard work and you do have to be on your feet all day. For instance, just for a hair trim, you are going to be washing the dog in a tub, then taking them to a drying station, and then you’ll get to styling their fur.

This is on a good day, however, and sometimes you’ll be working with animals that don’t know you yet and have strong opinions against letting you get them wet or styling their hair at all! If this doesn’t scare you away, however, the job can also be quite rewarding – just keep in mind it’s not all ‘chocolate cake and rainbows’!

Is dog grooming hard to learn?

It is not hard to learn if you apply yourself and it doesn’t hurt to have a little artistic inclination either. That said, most people don’t realize how difficult it can be. Some long-haired breeds, for instance, may take up to 4 hours to groom and a lot of fancy-haired breeds will require specific trimming techniques.

If you go into it with the understanding that there is a lot to learn, you’ll do well, just understand that it’s not as easy as the pros make it look!

Is a dog groomer a good job?

For some people, dog grooming is a dream job. If you love dogs, getting to work with them all day, every day, can be a treat – even with the occasional grump-dog. There’s also a certain satisfaction in making those dogs look their best. Aside from this, the pay can be quite good once you’ve built a good customer base.

Some groomers in places like Austin Texas are making around $21 an hour while in some spots in North Carolina, it’s $28 per hour – with the average median income for groomers being around $29,00 per year overall. Not shabby at all for a job that you actually want to get up in the morning for.

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How many dogs can you groom in a day?

Starting off, probably 4 to 5 a day, but with a bit of experience and expertise a pro groomer can usually groom 6 to 8 dogs per day. This won’t be all of your income, however, as groomers typically also sell grooming products and offer services such as training, boarding, and dog walking.

Just make sure you invest in the tools that you need – that expertise won’t help as much if you don’t have what you need to go about the job efficiently!

Do dog groomers make good money?

Yes, dog groomers can make a good living if they are good at their jobs. Think about it. When you go to get your hair cut and styled, most likely you have a specific person that you go to and usually you’ll pay a little extra because you know that you’ll always look good when you leave.

People love their pets like children and they want the best for them. If you can provide it, people will pay you good money for it.

Is dog grooming a stressful job?

Dog grooming can be stressful. You have to work on a schedule, so that your customers can drop their dogs off and pick them up exactly when you promised. Sometimes they might even be early or late and worse, sometimes their dogs are occasionally shy or even mean!

Add to this that you need to move each dog from station to station to wash, dry, groom, and then the possible extras like nail trimming and you’re definitely going to be a busy-bee.

It’s a rewarding job, but don’t think it’s easy. Dog grooming is hard work and largely a labor of love, at least until you build a roster of faithful customers.

How much can dog groomers make in a year?

It depends, but successful dog groomers can often make as much as $75,000 to $100,000 per year! It’s a business that is in high demand and if you don’t believe this, perform a quick mental count of how many of your friends have dogs and think about how they pamper them.

Many use groomers, of course, on a regular basis – so there’s a lot of money to be had if you are hard working and good at the job!

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