Can I Mix Chicken and Rice With Dog Food? (Solved!)

Yes, you can mix rice and chicken mix into dog food for a nutritious meal, especially if your dog seems to enjoy it. However, there are some mixed opinions on serving rice and chicken with dog food and you need to be very careful with the proportions used. 

Is Chicken, Rice, and Dog Food a good combination?

There is nothing wrong with mixing chicken and rice into dog food. But we would advise you to only do this occasionally or when your dog is super hungry. Whether this food combo works also depends on your dog’s preferences. Some people say that rice added into dog food would be too dry for dogs.

Another key point here is that you don’t need to mix the two, solely because dog food on its own is a complete and filling meal.

Are there any risks of mixing rice and chicken with dog food?

One main risk associated with this meal combination is that rice is rich in carbohydrates. The dog food already contains a high amount of carbs, so by adding rice, you may risk overloading the dog with the same nutrient. This is not a healthy dietary option. Instead, you should focus on giving your dog a balanced meal.

How to serve rice to your dog?

You must remember that rice is not a staple food for dogs. On its own, it is not very nutritious, so it should not be given as a standalone meal. And you cannot use rice to substitute the dog food. 

Using unrefined, cooked brown rice is the most ideal option. In order to add taste and nutrition to rice, you should always add veggies or chicken to it. Remember, there should be no bones and no added salt in it.   

This meal combination should also not be given all the time. Serving solely meat and rice can result in serious health issues like secondary hyperparathyroidism or heart disease, as well as weakening of bones.   

Can white rice upset a dog’s stomach?  

No, as long as the white rice is plain, unsalted, and properly cooked, it should not upset your dog’s stomach. In fact, it is great comfort food for dogs with digestive issues as it is high in starch. Plus, it is easily digestible and low in fiber. 

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If your dog is diabetic, you should be very careful while serving him white rice, so you should keep it minimal. As white rice has a high glycemic index, it can result in raised blood sugar levels. 

Is it OK to mix chicken with dog food?

Chicken can be served on its own or mixed with rice or dog food. While it is okay to mix chicken into dog food, you should be wary of the proportions. Dog food mostly has pre-added chicken in it, and you shouldn’t be adding too much protein or fat into the mix.

You can serve chicken mixed into the dog food as an occasional treat and there should be no worries.

How to prepare and serve the chicken to my dog?

Chicken is an excellent source of protein, is low in fat, and is readily available. You can feed chicken to your dog, as long as it is cooked properly and is unsalted. Cooked chicken breast is the healthiest option for your dog as it contains 80% protein and 20% fat.

For your dog’s sensitive digestive system, you should just prepare the chicken as simply as possible. All you need to do is boil it in water until it is cooked. 

Can I Add Raw Chicken To Rice?

Many people believe that raw food contains the highest level of nutrients. However, consuming it can have serious consequences. You should never serve raw chicken to your dog, in any form. 

This is extremely dangerous for animals as raw meat can carry a host of bacteria. There is a huge risk of your pet contracting a salmonella infection. Hence, you must always properly cook the chicken before feeding it to your dog.   

Does Chicken and Rice Work For Sick Dogs?

Homemade chicken and rice work for dogs like soup works for humans. But we aren’t talking about mixing it with dog food. A simple, bland diet that is easy on the dog’s stomach is the key here. 

Whether your dog is down with diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, or is plain gassy- this meal helps settle down their tummy problems. Plus, it also feels good and lowers the stress levels of your dog. 

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How Does Chicken ; Rice Help a Sick Dog?

The simple combination of protein and starch also helps restore your dog’s lost appetite. Chicken, which is loaded with protein delivers a boost of energy to sick dogs and provides essential nutrients and amino acids for a healthy coat and bones.

The rice contains carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins that help in cardiac health and also supplies calcium, riboflavin, vitamin D, and G. Plus, it helps good bacteria grow in the system, which ultimately regulates bowel movements.

Mixing Chicken and Rice with Dog Food For A Sick Dog

You can give your sick dog this chicken and rice diet until they start feeling better. Always take guidance from your vet about how long your dog should stick to this diet. Once they are feeling better, you should slowly reintroduce the dog food again. Rather than doing it all at once, the change should be gradual.

You can simply transition by incorporating this diet into your dog’s usual food in small amounts. Initially, about 25% of dog food should be mixed with rice and chicken. Over a course of days, keep decreasing the amount you add every day while increasing the portion of dog food until it goes back to 100%. 

When going back to your dog’s normal routine, you may notice there is some leftover broth. If your dog enjoyed the flavor of the chicken, you can always drizzle some broth on the dog food to make it yummier.