Is Rotisserie Chicken Bad For Dogs? (Solved!)

As many dog owners know, it’s hard to say no to a dog who wants food. This is especially true when you consider that many dogs eat the same boring old dry food every day for their whole lives. To rectify this issue, check your fridge for some healthy foods that will make your dog drool and come back for more every time!

This begs the question of what foods dogs can eat. Is rotisserie chicken bad for dogs? No, rotisserie chicken is a fine meal to feed your dog once in a while. It is high in protein and has several health benefits for dogs. However, be careful, as extra seasonings, sauces, and flavors that might be on your chicken already can really upset your dog’s stomach. 

So how much rotisserie chicken should you feed your dog? How should you prepare it to make sure it’s safe and delicious? Are there any restrictions you should know about before throwing some chicken in your dog’s bowl? Read on to answer these questions for yourself and more!

How to prepare rotisserie chicken for your dog’

Whether bought from the store or cooked yourself, preparing rotisserie chicken for your dog isn’t too difficult. However, there are a few things to watch out for. Firstly, stick with basic flavors, if any. Plain, maybe with some lemon or very light herbs is fine. Heavy flavors like barbeque or salt can be bad for your dog and upset its stomach.

Shred the chicken with two forks, making sure to remove all the bones along the way. Leave the skin in unless you are concerned with weight gain. If it is pre-cooked, you can simply leave it cold. If you cook it yourself, make sure to let it cool, as your dog can burn its mouth being too excited to eat it.

How much rotisserie chicken should you feed your dog?

Although rotisserie chicken is a solid food to feed your dog, it shouldn’t be an everyday staple of your dog’s diet. This is because no food should really be given to your dog every day, save for normal dog food. Variety is important when it comes to a dog’s diet, just like yours. Try to keep it to once a week or so if you can.

Finding other good sources of protein will help as well. Eggs come to mind, as do some beans. Make sure to research what foods your dog (and your specific breed) is okay with consuming before you feed it to them.

Can dogs eat the skin of rotisserie chicken?

Dogs can eat the skin of rotisserie chicken and be fine. Usually, you’d just shred it up with the chicken itself and leave it in. However, the skin is quite high in fat, so if your dog is overweight or you are concerned with weight gain, make sure to take it off before shredding up the chicken.

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Should you remove the bones before you feed rotisserie chicken to your dog?

You should absolutely remove the bones before you feed rotisserie chicken to your dog. Although it might seem fine, as animals in the wild contend with bones all the time, your dog is not used to bones.

They provide no nutritional benefit and are a choking hazard, as well as posing the threat of cutting your dog’s mouth or throat. It might seem annoying, but for your dog’s safety, just take them out.

Are chickens made with seasonings, spices, or sauces off-limits?

Although some very light seasoning is okay, like the lemon and herbs mentioned earlier, try to stay away from anything that’s been pre-seasoned or overseasoned. Things like salt, barbeque sauce, any other type of sauce, spices, pepper, and any other intensely flavorful ingredients may not only be unpleasant for your dog but upset its stomach as well.

How often can you feed a dog rotisserie chicken?

Although rotisserie chicken can be a great source of protein for your pooch, you should avoid making it a staple part of your dog’s diet. The skin of the chicken can be quite fatty, so overfeeding your dog chicken can lead to weight gain. Also, if you overfeed your dog any food, you can miss vital vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are only in other foods!

Are there health benefits for dogs from eating rotisserie chicken?

The major health benefit that comes with eating rotisserie chicken for dogs is protein. Protein is very important for all dogs, but especially dogs that are active. This makes rotisserie chicken a great way to supply a much-needed nutrient to your dog!

Do any health concerns come up for dogs eating rotisserie chicken?

There are some health concerns that come with eating rotisserie chicken. The chicken itself is quite lean, but the skin has some fat, so weight gain can be a problem unless you want to put the extra time into removing the skin.

Also, many pre-prepared chickens can come with spices, sauces, and other seasonings that are bad for your dog. This can include brine, which is very salty and will upset your dog’s stomach. A plain rotisserie chicken is best. New foods can always be tricky with dogs, so monitor your dog’s stools, flatulence, and behavior to make sure everything is passing smoothly.

Is store-bought rotisserie chicken okay?

Store-bought or pre-prepared rotisserie chicken is okay, as long as it is plain and not seasoned. Cooking it at home is usually better, as you have more control over the quality of the chicken, and know that nothing can happen. However, we don’t all have time to cook our dogs full meals every night.

As long as the store-bought chicken is seasoning free, and not past its sell-by date, it should be fine for your dog to consume. Try to cook your own rotisserie chicken if you can, but in a pinch buying from the store is just fine. Remember though, as stated earlier, remove the bones! Also, remove the skin if you wish.

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