The Top 5 Dog Motorcycle Harnesses (Pictures, Pros, Cons)

Are you the owner of a dog who was truly born to be wild? If you want them with you when you hop on your bike for an epic ride, you’ll need to own a dog harness for motorcycle riding.

In this article, we’ll cover the top 5 models available today.

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The 5 Best Dog Harnesses for Motorcycle Riding

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Our Top Pick

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Our top pick for the very best dog harness for motorcycle riders is the new Doggie Design Biker Dawg Motorcycle Harness Jacket with Skull Charm and Button Pin. This is a sweet new ensemble design that really looks and feels absolutely fantastic.

If your dog is a hardcore biker like their Mommy or Daddy, they’re going to go barking mad when they get their new vest. It comes in pink as well as black so that no tail-wagger gets left behind when you head out to the highway.

Things We Like About It

  • stylish design is both safe and incredibly attractive
  • the all-weather design makes this the perfect vest to protect against rain, snow, and cold
  • wide range of sizes from small to large dogs
  • faux leather lining makes this vest very comfortable for your dog to wear

Runner Up

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Our choice for the top runner-up is the Big Dog Harness No Pull Adjustable Pet Reflective Oxford Soft Vest. If you’ve got a big dog that likes to take the highway with you, this is the perfect new vest to outfit them with.

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The only reason we choose this model to be our runner-up rather than our top pick is that it’s clearly sized for larger dogs. That being said, if your pooch is a big breed to match your big bike, this is the perfect vest to outfit them in.

Things We Like About It

  • large size chest girth of 22 to 35 inches to satisfy the needs of your big dog
  • stylish design keeps your dog safe while allowing them to make a truly catchy fashion statement
  • The no-pull design ensures that pressure is evenly and comfortably distributed throughout your dog’s body
  • Controlling your dog is easy with the D-ring leash attachment point and easy-grip handle

Best Female Dog Harness

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If you’ve got a lady dog who loves to ride with you, we’ve got a fantastic new model for you to gift them. It’s the new Doggles Biker Dress Dog Harness.

The Doggles Biker Dress Dog Harness is sized perfectly for extra small to larger female breeds. It’s made of sturdy and extremely comfortable material to ensure a long lifetime of safe and perfect fits.

Things We Like About It

  • comes in a wide variety of sizes from extra small to small to a teacup to average size for female dogs
  • the harness is perfectly fitted to distribute the weight evenly throughout your female dog’s body
  • D-ring attaches to your dog to give you safe control
  • skull and roses design makes a great fashion statement for both you and your pooch

Best Vest Design

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If you’re looking for something a little slimmer but equally effective, we’ve got a winning design for you to check out. It’s the new Doggles Biker Vest Dog Harness.

There is plenty of dog harness for motorcycle riding models on the web for you to choose from. But the new Doggles Biker Vest Dog Harness is a perfectly sized, sturdy, and comfortable vest model that really stands out from the rest of the pack.

Things We Like About It

  • vest distributes weight evenly all over your dog’s body
  • the specially designed harness closes with secure hook and loop tape
  • material is sturdy, warm, and very comfortable
  • fashionable skull and crossbones design makes a real statement

Best Jacket Design for Larger Breeds

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Some of you may be looking for a flat-out biker’s cut leather harness for your cruising pooch. If this is the case, we can highly recommend the new Cuteboom Dog Winter Coat Pu Leather Motorcycle Jacket.

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This model is designed to replicate the classic leather biker vest down to the essentials. It comes with a sweet Harley Davidson logo design and is made to be warm, comfy, and weatherproof.

Things We Like About It

  • It’s by far the most authentic biker dog harness for motorcycle riders we’ve come across. It’s only a runner-up because it’s a bit pricy.
  • Perfect for all sizes and breeds of dog
  • snap fastener makes it easy to put on and take off
  • PU leather is gnarly, crunchy, and very authentic


Are These Harnesses Safe?

The harnesses outlined in this article are for looks only. If you want a safety harness for riding with your dog we recommend using a vest or back pet carrier. We cover those fully in this article on the best dog carrier backpacks. We also have an article on DIY backpacks here.

There are a few saddlebags that can hold dogs like the one shown below but these are far more expensive than the backpacks.

Saddlemen 3515-0131 Pet Voyager, Black

We don’t recommend using a harness with a tether. If your dog falls out or you get in an accident they will be dragged behind the bike and are less protected than if they were in a saddle bag or backpack.

How To Ride a Motorcycle With a Dog (video)

Is a Leather Dog Harness Always Best for Your Dog?

It’s a given that not all dogs are the same. A leather dog harness, while certainly the most authentic and attractive, may not always be right for your dog. It’s a good idea to do some personalized fitting for your dog before you come to your ultimate decision.

How Durable Are the Models on This List?

We have gone out of our way to choose the most comfortable, weatherproof, and long-lasting dog harness models for your benefit. You will find them all here on this list.

Can Some of These Vests Be Used for Cats?

A few of the models on this list, particularly those that are listed as useful for smaller dogs, can also fit your cat. It’s a good idea to use caution before you try one out on your cat. They tend to be a bit more jittery on the back of a bike than most dogs!

dog harness for motorcycle

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