How Much Does a Petsmart Groomer Trainee Make? (Solved!)

While you are an apprentice groomer, expect that you’ll be making around $11 per hour. While that doesn’t seem like much, keep in mind that you are getting hands-on experience and that PetSmart is also going to pay for your training at their grooming academy – a 4 week, 160-hour course in professional grooming. Not a bad deal, at all!

Today we’re going to answer questions that people like you have been asking the most this week. Is PetSmart a good place to work? Are their groomers certified and what do they make in a week? Get the answers to these and other popular questions in the sections that follow below!

How much do groomers get paid at PetSmart?

One average, groomers at Petsmart are making about 11% less than the average groomer salary, amounting to around $14.74 per hour.

That said, if you are considering starting a grooming business, you can get hands-on experience at PetSmart through their groomer trainee program and log a lot of hours of practical experience there before setting off on your own – so it’s certainly something to consider.

Do PetSmart groomers make good money?

While the average is typically around $14 per hour, some groomers do indeed make more. A study of around 212 employee salary reports indicated that some groomers were making up to $50 per hour grooming at their local PetSmart.

Location, experience, and a touch of artistry can apparently take you a long way!

How much do PetSmart groomers make a week?

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to weekly take-home pay as a PetSmart Groomer. Breaking it down a bit, the top earning groomers are making around 45k annually, while the 75th employee percentile are at around 32k every year.

The average rate, however, is about 27k and the lowest 25 percent earners are earning around 20.5k each year. This makes the weekly breakdown, assuming a 40 hour workweek, look something like this:

  • Top earners – $900 per week
  • 75th percentile – $640 per week
  • Average – $540 per week
  • 25th percentile – $410 per week

How long is PetSmart grooming training?

PetSmart Grooming training is essentially twofold. First off, you get realtime experience by assisting professional PetSmart groomers but also PetSmart places you in their free grooming academy for a 4-week, 160-hour education on the finer points of dog grooming.

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So, Grooming apprenticeship time may vary, but the training program itself lasts for 4 weeks.

Do PetSmart groomers get tips?

Yes, PetSmart policy in regards to tips is that they are perfectly fine as a reward for a job well-done. This is important, actually, as they only give you a 40% commission on each grooming job that you perform.

On the bright side, people will generally tip if they like the work, so this is a great way to gauge your performance and progress as a professional groomer!

What is a pet groomer trainee at PetSmart?

A pet groomer trainee at PetSmart is just fancy terminology from an apprenticeship. A would-be groomer at PetSmart will work with a seasoned groomer, assisting them in the work so that they can get valuable, hands-on experience with over 200 breeds of dog!

It’s a great way to get your feet wet to see if being a pet groomer is going to be a good fit for you and if you do well, PetSmart offers free grooming training in the form of a 4 week, 160-hour course on the finer points of the job.

Is being a PetSmart groomer worth it?

It’s busy work, but many former and current PetSmart groomers report that it’s not only excellent experience for them, but that they also love the job. If you like working with animals and don’t mind a job where you’ll be on your feet a lot, then it might just be a perfect fit for you.

If you want an independent grooming business, then it’s also a great stepping-stone for this particular career path.

Are PetSmart groomers certified?

Yes. PetsSmart stylists will go through an average of 800 hours of hands-on experience, working with 200 different breeds of dogs, before they earn their safety certification. After this, that safety certification needs to be renewed annually in order to continue working as a PetSmart stylist.

This ensures that every stylist is certified and up to date on the latest grooming and grooming-related practices.

Does PetSmart pay its groomers weekly?

Yes. PetSmart pays its groomers and other employees on a weekly basis, so if you want a job that ensures that you never have to wait very long for your cash, then PetSmart may well be a great place for you to sharpen up your grooming skills.

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Is PetSmart a good place for a groomer to work?

That’s really going to depend on the location. Some will have a more laid-back atmosphere, while others are going to be quite busy all of the time. That said, there are definitely perks, such as weekly pay, free grooming training, and hands-on experience as a grooming apprentice.

If you love working with dogs every day and don’t mind a little hard work, then PetSmart can be an excellent place for you to work and to sharpen your skills.

Also, if you are considering opening up your own business someday, then this is a great way to learn the mechanics from the inside, instead of setting out on your own based on guesses and ‘hoping for the best’.

How many hours does a PetSmart groomer work?

There are part time and full-time groomers at PetSmart, so your hourly schedule might be anywhere from 15 to 25 hours a week or even 40 or more hours. A lot will depend on how busy that particular location is when it comes to grooming, your personal expertise, and how much time you volunteer for.

Ultimately, your hours will likely boil down to whatever your manager needs and what you agree to, but consider working as many hours as you can in the beginning. The experience that you can quickly accrue this way is invaluable and this is a great way to become an expert as quickly as possible.