How Do You Become a Dog Groomer at Petsmart? (Explained!)

To become a dog groomer at PetSmart, you need to apply at a location in your area and complete their Pet Groomer Trainee apprenticeship. After this, PetSmart will enroll you in their Grooming Academy, where you will receive a 4-week, 160-hour training education to officially become a PetSmart Groomer.

Today we’re going to explore the subject of what it means to work at PetSmart as a professional groomer. We’ll be answering questions which have been trending this week on the subject, so that in the end you’ll know what it takes to become a PetSmart Groomer, what you can expect to make, and more!

Let’s take a look at what you’ll need to know!

How long does it take to become a PetSmart groomer?

PetSmart has a fairly thorough program for would-be groomers, which includes a ‘trainee’ apprenticeship program as well as a 4 week, 160-hour training program.

All in all, it ends up amounting to around 800 hours of hands-on experience with over 200 breeds of dogs to get safety-certified as a professional PetSmart Groomer!

How much does a pet groomer at PetSmart make?

On average, it’s going to be around $14.34 per hour that you will make as a PetSmart Groomer. That said, a study on the salaries of over 200 groomers showed that some were making less, while other were making up to $50 per hour!

A lot will depend on the location, but even more will depend on your expertise and personal sense of style when it comes to grooming dogs at your local PetSmart.

How do I become a PetSmart groomer?

Becoming a PetSmart Groomer will require you to go to your local PetSmart to fill out an application and if approved, you would start off as a PetSmart Grooming trainee, at a rate of around $11 per hour.

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Your job will be to assist a pro groomer in their daily duties so that you can learn the ropes with a little hands-on experience. If you do well and seem to have an affinity for it, PetSmart will foot the bill and place you in their grooming academy free-of-charge.

There you will go through a 4-week, 160-hour course where you will learn the finer points of your new career path and if you pass, then you’ll no longer be an apprentice, but a full-fledged and safety-certified PetSmart Groomer.

How much do groomer trainees make at PetSmart?

Your payment as a groomer trainee is mostly going to be in the form of the best coin for your career – real experience with over 200 breeds of dogs.

During this apprenticeship, you will be making around $11 per hour, and when you become a full-time groomer then this moves to a little over $14 per hour and up – depending on location, expertise, and specific demand for YOUR grooming services.

It’s a great way to being a career at PetSmart or to learn firsthand what your own grooming business is going to need if it’s to be a successful one.

Is being a PetSmart groomer worth it?

Yes, being a PetSmart groomer is definitely worth it. With PetSmart, you get the chance to work for an industry leader, which always looks good on a resume, and you can get valuable hands-on experience and even free training as a dog groomer if your skills are recognized and appreciated.

While you could certainly learn on your own, there’s actually quite a lot more to grooming than you might think, so starting off and sharpening your skills in a real-world environment is a sensible way to get started if you want to someday have a grooming business of your own.

You’ll see what is normally charged, what services sell the most, what equipment you will need… all of the basics that your business will require. So, if you are serious about a career as a pet groomer, PetSmart is a great first step.

How much do PetSmart groomers make a week?

That will depend on a number of things, such as the location, demand for your specific services, and hours worked weekly, so we’ll give you a simple answer as a ‘ballpark figure’.

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Assuming that you are making the estimate average $14.34 per hour and working a 40-hour workweek, then your weekly take-home pay before taxes would be an estimated $573.60 per week. Some groomers make a little more, others make a little less, but this gives you a general idea of what to expect.

How many hours does a PetSmart groomer work?

Part time PetSmart Groomers will likely work 3 to 4 days a week, totaling anywhere from 15 to 25 hours, while full time groomers may work 40 hours or more each week.

It will boil down to how many groomers are currently employed, plus the overall workload of each location, and the hours that you and the manager agree to – so ultimately, it’s most likely to be largely up to you.

Is PetSmart a good place to work?

Most former and current employees seems to think that it’s a great place to work. If you like animals, then you get to work with them every day, and with this type of job then all of your coworkers are quite likely to be animal fans, just like you.

As far as a friendly work environment, that’s a pretty good recipe to start with, just keep in mind that the day is also going to go very fast, as PetSmart is an industry leader and this makes for a busy workplace.

If you don’t mind a little hard work and you love working with animals, it might just be a job that you’ll look forward to each and every day.

What should I wear to an interview at PetSmart?

If you are looking to work at PetSmart and preparing for an interview, then unless it’s a management position you are applying for then ‘business casual’ is going to be the proper way to dress. This basically boils down to a dress shirt and comfortable slacks, with dress shoes as well.

No need for a suit and tie, but definitely don’t come in with jeans and a t-shirt. Make it a little more snappy and you can interview with confidence.

Do you need a resume for PetSmart?

You don’t HAVE to have a resume, but they can definitely help. If you don’t have formal job experience but you’ve done some volunteer work or have other experience that you wish to share, list it on a resume.

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Create a resume, with your name, address, phone number, and email on top, followed by an ‘Employment:’ section, and then ‘Hobbies and Experience’ as a section.

Under ‘Employment:’ you might say ‘none at this time/seeking first employment experience’ if you’ve never had a job, but then you can fill out ‘Hobbies and experience’ to include information about working with animals that you think will represent what you know the best.

For instance, ‘I’ve raised x number of dogs, training them in the following commands…’. Tell them briefly, but clearly what you feel you can contribute. Taking the effort to do this, even if you’ve never had a job before, will definitely be noticed and might well get you hired.