Can Yorkies Swim? (Solved & Explained!)

Yes, Yorkies are good swimmers. Yorkies swim very well regardless of their small size and especially love to swim in the sea. 

You can have a great time with your Yorkie in the sea or pool. Some Yorkies may be afraid of water at first but they have a natural instinct to ‘doggie paddle’ and keep their head above the water.

After a while, they will get used to the water. Yorkies are genetically good swimmers and love the water.

Can Yorkies Go In The Sea?

Yorkies can swim in the sea, especially will want to when they see you swimming. They will want to jump into the water and come to you.

But salty seawater can be harmful to Yorkies. If Yorkies ingest salty seawater, they may face problems such as dehydration and diarrhea. Therefore, you should be very careful when swimming your Yorkie in the sea.

Can I Take My Yorkie To Swimming Pool?

You can take your Yorkie to the swimming pool so long as they allow dogs. Yorkies will have a great time in the pool since they are extremely playful, and especially enjoy games of fetch in the water.

Some pools allow dogs in, while others do not. Before taking your Yorkie to the pool, it is courtesy to call the facility and ask. If you have a private pool then go ahead!

Be careful not to tire your Yorkie too much in the water. It is best for them to have a break from swimming every 10 minutes or so.

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Is Swimming Good For Yorkies?

Swimming will help Yorkie to work out his whole body, it also contributes positively to muscle development.

It also increases the bone density of your Yorkie and expands the lung capacity. In addition, swimming is an activity that has very positive effects on the cardiovascular system.

At the same time, swimming will lift your Yorkies mood, he will be happier and more cheerful playing and interacting with you in the water.

Are Yorkies Natural Swimmers?

Yorkies, like other dogs, are natural swimmers. They inherit the ability to swim from the moment they are born, just like human babies.

However, humans forget how to swim if they are not exposed to the water for years after birth, whereas Yorkies and other dogs retain the ability to ‘doggie paddle’. This is a natural survival instinct that has been passed along the generations.

With practice, they can swim faster and better than their base instinct. In general, all dogs, including Yorkies, have their own unique swimming technique.

They float in the water by pulling their front and back paws from front to back, just like the oars of a boat. This is commonly known as a ‘doggie paddle’ and they can stay on the water for a good while without getting too tired.

My Yorkie is Afraid of Water What Should I Do?

It’s natural for your Yorkie puppy to be a little afraid of water. Fear of the water is common in puppy Yorkies, but this varies from dog to dog.

Do not force your Yorkie into the water in such situations. Doing this can make your Yorkie more afraid of the water and develop a negative association.

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If you need to bathe your Yorkie and they are afraid, our a little water gently over their paws and then slowly circulate the water around the chest and abdomen. Repeat until they are comfortable and gradually expose the water to the rest for thier body over time.

If you suddenly plunge your Yorkie in the water, he will want to get out immediately because he is not used to it and it may make him panic. After a few tries with the slow rinsing method, your Yorkie will likely get used to the water.

Can My Yorkie Swim Alone?

Because Yorkies are natural swimmers, they can swim on their own. However, it is never safe to leave them alone to swim as accidents can happen and they may need your help at any time.

Avoid letting your Yorkie swim in choppy seas. They are very small and can be easily overpowered by the waves or dragged under by strong currents. No matter how calm the water is, it’s best to be with your Yorkie while swimming.

If your Yorkie is swimming in shallow waters, you can follow him from the shoreline. If he goes further out call him out and be prepared to jump in and intervene if necessary.

In this way, you can both enjoy swimming freely and be under your control. Yorkies love games like catch and fetch in the water.

Do Yorkies Like Playing Fetch in the Water?

You can easily play such games in the sea or swimming pool with your Yorkie. You can ask him to fetch a favorite toy by throwing it into the water. Yorkies love this kind of game and jumping into the water is fun for them.

Is Sea Water Cold for Yorkies?

The coldness of seawater changes according to the season. If you’ve decided to swim with your Yorkie in the fall, the water may be a little cooler than in the summer.

But the most suitable water temperature for Yorkies is the summer months. The seawater will be warm but cooler than the hot summer sun. In the summer, swimming is an ideal way to exercise your Yorkie without the risk of them overheating.

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Yorkies should not swim in the winter. they may acclimatize a little in the water but the real risk is when they get out.

A wet dog is extremely uncomfortable in cold weather. If they accidentally fall into the water in the winter months, make sure to wrap them in towels immediately and get them somewhere warm as soon as possible.

Do Yorkies Like to Take a Bath?

Compared to some dog breeds, Yorkies are a little more willing to take a bath. But when they encounter the bath for the first time, they may show a little resistance.

You shouldn’t push your Yorkie too hard at this point. Let your Yorkie acclimatize to the water gradually over time. After a few successful attempts, they will happily agree to take a bath.

Should I Use Human or Dog Shampoo When Bathing My Yorkie?

You should definitely choose dog shampoos when bathing your Yorkie. Dog shampoos contain all the necessary protective and supportive ingredients that nourish and protect your Yorkie’s fur.