Do Yorkies Like to Play Fetch? (Solved & Explained!)

Many Yorkie owners know them as intelligent, loyal, and playful dogs. That being said, they must love tricks and games. So do they like to play fetch? Yes! Fetch is a fun game for your Yorkie and a great way to get some much-needed exercise. They are very playful, so they’ll cherish the opportunity to get some playtime in. 

What other games do Yorkies like? What’s the best way to teach your Yorkie tricks and games? There are a lot of questions when it comes to Yorkies and how to play with them, so make sure to read on! You’ll find out the answers to any questions you might have including: Do Yorkies like to play fetch?

Do Yorkies like to play fetch?

As mentioned above, Yorkies love to play fetch. After all, they’re intelligent, active, playful dogs, meaning not only do they love the physical activity of running after the ball and bringing it back to you but they’ll also cherish the mental stimulation that fetch gives them as well. 

The only drawback to playing fetch with your Yorkie is making sure you have a ball, stick, or frisbee small enough for them, as they have quite small mouths (especially as puppies). Beyond this, there’s nothing about a Yorkie that makes them bad at fetch, so it’s a great game to play with your pup!

How to teach fetch to your Yorkie

First, show the item you want your Yorkie to chase with some enthusiasm, and make it seem like something they want. Then, throw it! When your Yorkie gets the item, reward it with its favorite motivator. In most cases, this will be a treat.

Then, have them drop the object to take the treat. If they won’t drop it, they probably don’t understand the object of the game, so you can take it out of their mouths (provided you’re confident they don’t bite). 

Repeat this process a few times, and your Yorkie should get the hang of it pretty quick. Yorkies are picky eaters, so make sure to find a treat your dog likes before you get to training. Also, remember to be patient. Yorkies are smart, but all dog training takes time and repetition.

Do Yorkies like to play with toys?

Yes, Yorkies like to play with dogs. Having been bred to hunt vermin like rats and mice, Yorkies have what’s known as a strong prey drive. This means, basically, that they like to hunt. 

Small toys are perfect for capitalizing on this aspect of your Yorkie and having them exercise and burn some much-needed energy. They love to seek out, chase or play with toys, especially if they look like small creatures such as mice or rats. However, any type of toy will usually work pretty well. 

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How to train a Yorkie to play

Training your dog to play with toys is not as complicated of a process due to the Yorkie’s natural prey drive. It will most likely want to chase around the toys you buy naturally without you having to train it at all. 

That being said, if you want to train your dog to do tricks with toys, follow the same steps as above. First, have it do what you want it to do. You should assist it the first few times because it will not understand. Next, reward with a treat. Repeat this process vigorously until the dog understands!

At what age will a puppy play fetch?

You should wait until your Yorkie puppy is around two or three months old to begin to fetch training. This is because before this it might have a hard time making the relationship in its mind between the fetch activity and the reward you’re giving it in training. Because of this, the training will not take. 

It will be easier for older puppies and grown dogs to learn, so until then, stick to toys. 

How long should a puppy play fetch?

You should try to play fetch with your Yorkie for 30 minutes or more on a daily basis. This exercise will allow them to burn off all of the energy (and fat, if necessary) that they’ve stored up over the last day or so. Exercise is extremely important for all dogs, not just the most athletic breeds, so make sure your Yorkie is as active as can be. 

Why won’t your dog bring the ball back during fetch?

Your dog might not want to bring the ball back during fetch because it is possessive. Some dogs like to guard things and could be exercising this with the ball, stick, or toy you want to play fetch with. Try offering food or treats and continuing training if this is the case.

You can also try to use fetch as a way to help your Yorkie unlearn this unhealthy behavior!

Is fetch mentally stimulating?

Fetch isn’t just physically healthy, but it stimulates your Yorkie’s mind as well. This is especially true during training, when your Yorkie has to figure out the connection between getting the ball, returning the ball, and receiving the treats. This mental stimulation is great for your Yorkie’s intelligence and mental health. 

Can you play fetch with two dogs?

Playing fetch with two dogs is not only fun but it’s a great way to teach them how to share and take turns! Before doing this, you must make sure both dogs have mastered the “stay” command. 

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Tell one dog to stay and have the other one fetch. Then, switch roles and have the one who stayed fetch next! 

Likewise, you can have them race. This is less helpful for training purposes, but it’s a whole lot of fun. 

What other games do Yorkies like?

Since Yorkies have a natural prey drive, they love any game that involves chasing. Some chase toys, others chase family members, and others chase other pets (a behavior that should probably be trained out of them unless it’s only with another playful dog in the house).