Should I Cut the Hair Around My Yorkie’s Eyes? (Solved!)

You absolutely should cut the hair around your Yorkie’s Eyes! Your dog can’t see through their hair, much like humans find it difficult to see through their bangs. Cutting the hair around their eyes will allow them to see properly and go about their everyday routine with ease.

The following will be an in-depth analysis of the circumstances, processes, methods, and products that you will need to know in consideration of your Yorkie’s trim.

Is the hair obstructing my Yorkie’s Vision?

To put it simply, if you can’t see their eyes, they can’t see you… It’s perfectly natural for certain dog breeds to have hair that grows past their eyes. Yet, like humans, it’s quite difficult to go about your day when hair is in your face. The only difference here is that, unlike people, dogs don’t have hair clips or hands to trim the hair on their own. This is where you come in!

How come my Yorkie didn’t seem bothered by this?

When an animal’s vision is blocked, they can’t simply call a doctor or demand their owner give them a trim. Instead, they compensate for the lack of vision on their own; opting for touch, taste, smell, and hearing. This is likely why, although it crossed your mind, your Yorkie didn’t exactly have any complaints…

Can I use regular scissors to cut the hair around my Yorkie’s eyes?

It is not wise to cut the hair with regular scissors, craft scissors, or kitchen scissors. It is advised that you purchase/use professional pet grooming scissors. You can get a pair of good-quality scissors for a minimum of thirteen dollars. There are countless grooming products on amazon and other online shopping websites, as well as in-store at your local pet supply store that you should look into.

Do I need to prep my Yorkie before cutting their hair?

If possible, make sure that you cut your Yorkie’s hair when they are visibly calm. An excited and giddy puppy could be too antsy to stay still whilst you attempt to trim their hair. Since you are cutting around their eyes, you also want to make sure your dog is relatively clean. Make sure there isn’t any gook or matting around the eyes. If your dog is especially hairy, be aware of where its ears are for safety purposes.

What do I need to cut my Yorkie’s Hair With?

You should make sure you have all of the basic grooming products before cutting your Yorkie’s hair.

  1. A pair of “professional” grooming scissors
  2. A pair of thinning shears
  3. A fine-tooth comb
  4. A pair of clippers
  5. Treats (Have some treats you can grab readily available in case your pet hates getting their hair cut, so you can bribe them.)

How-to Cut the Hair Around a Yorkie’s Eyes:

  1. Sit your Yorkie down on a sturdy surface, preferably one you know they won’t be likely to slip or lose balance on. Your dog will end up moving here and there, so this will be a precaution.
  2. Set all of your product on a surface away from the dog
  3. Sanitize your products / make sure your products are clean
  4. Evaluate the hair
    • How much hair is there to be trimmed?
    • Is the hair mostly on top of their eyes or on their mussel/face?
    • If the hair is on their head mostly, you will need to start with scissors or thinning shears
    • You should then go in with a pair of clippers and carefully buzz the hair away (You can use thinning shears instead if this makes you nervous)
    • Always be aware of their eyes
    • Be calm and say words of reassurance to your Yorkie
  5. Comb the hair in the directions you need to cut evenly
  6. Now you’re done! Your pup will be the talk of the block!

Why is my dog afraid of/bothered by these grooming products?

This is perfectly natural. It’s not so much the products themselves as it is the noises that they make. Just as dogs might be afraid of vacuum cleaners, sirens and lightning, they can be scared of the high-pitched squeaks and ominous buzzing of your grooming tools. Simply give them words of reassurance and treats here and there so they can feel better and/or associate this experience with positivity. Above all else, remain calm when they aren’t, just as you would a child.

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Doggy Trim After Care

After you’ve finished cutting the hair around their eyes, feel free to trim elsewhere if need be. Be sure to wash your dog’s face and ensure that there are no visible nicks or signs of irritation. Now that the hard part is over, give them a treat so that they have a positive association with this experience, as this will become a periodic routine.

How long should I wait until I trim my Yorkie’s hair again?

Constant upkeep could lead to accidents, so it’s better to wait until there is a significant amount of hair on your Yorkie’s face before you trim it again. This is because it is generally easier to cut a larger amount of hair. This is also for aesthetic purposes. Suppose you made a mistake, there is more hair to work with!

Should I get my Yorkie’s hair trimmed by a professional?

Perhaps you don’t have a steady hand, or you barely trust yourself with your bangs, let alone your dog’s. If you are worried you might hurt your pup, you should consider going to a professional. They are trained and specialized in grooming dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes. They would surely know the best way to handle your pet and trim with ease.

Any safety precautions I should take before cutting my Yorkies hair around the eyes?

You want your dog to already be familiarized with wyatever tool you’re going to be using for the trim – esecially if that tool makes any kind of sounds, like a trimmer would. Make sure your dog is calm before starting.