Achieving a Flawless Yorkie Grooming at Home

Need help grooming your Yorkie from home? This article covers everything you need with simple text steps and full tutorial videos. Does your Yorkie have matted hair? We cover that too.

How To Groom A Yorkie

First, decide the goal – what hairstyle are you looking for? The following steps will cover a full groom where you cut all your Yorkie’s hair including the face.

  1. Get the tools needed
    1. Sharp Scissors – nothing is worse than cutting hair with dull scissors. It’s actually painful for your dog (or for you!). Also, scissors are where you can make your dog look great or horrible. They take practice. You’ll need them for the face but if you’re just starting with grooming use clippers for the body and legs to keep those even. Later use scissors on the leg hair to give your Yorkie a new look.
    2. Hair grooming clippers with guards – for humans or dogs, whatever you have available. You’ll need at least a 1/2″ guard for the body since we’re not trying to shave them down to the skin.
    3. Dog Brush and combs – Use this to brush the hair as you cut with the clippers for a more even cut.
  2. Start with cutting the back down the sides – Put the 1/2″ (or size of your choice) guard on the clippers. Go with the flow of the hair as if you are combing it. See the demo in the video below. Start at the base of the neck and move down the sides and towards the rear.
  3. Don’t do the legs yet
  4. Brush as you go – brush often to smooth out the hair and get a smoother cut. Without brushing you’ll get a choppy look.
  5. Do one side first then the other
  6. Cut the feet hair – Take off the guard and groom the hair on the bottom of the feet with the clippers. Followup up with the scissors to give it a clean look.
  7. Cut the leg hair – Use the comb and comb leg hair up then down. You can either use the clippers with a guard or scissors. Clippers are easier but scissors give you more control for different styles.
    1. Style tip 1 – leave the leg hair a bit longer on the front legs to give your Yorkie a power look (or a 70s bell-bottom look depending on how your view it). See minute 7 in the video below for an example of this look.
    2. Style tip 2 – There’s a lot of things you can do with leg hair. This is a big area where you can really style the look of your dog. Cut the back and belly hair short in the summer to keep them cool. Play with the leg hair to keep them stylish!
  8. Cut the belly hair – Use clippers at first then scissors to make everything even.
  9. Trim the chest hair – Use clippers to trim as before. Comb and trim, comb and trim. Keep combing!
  10. Trim the tail – Use a comb to brush from the base of the tail out. Trim with clippers or scissors.
    1. Style tip! Again, this is an area where you can get creative if desired.
  11. Cut the ear hair – take off the clipper guard and carefully trim the ear hair on the inside. Start at the base of the ear and move to the top. See minute 11 in the video below. Use scissors or clippers to trim the edge of the ear hair.
  12. Cut the bangs – Use a comb and comb the bangs down over the eyes. Use scissors to trim the bangs.
  13. Trim the beard – Use your comb to comb down the hair on the cheeks and under the chin. Comb it so it flows down. Use scissors to cut an even line on the bottom of the chin.
  14. Trim the top of the nose – Optional depending on your Yorkie mix. Comb the hair on top of the nose forward starting in front of the eyes and combing out in front of the nose. Use scissors to trim the top as desired.
  15. Treat your freshly groomed pup. They’d probably really like a walk or dinner right now. If you time the grooming to right before dinner they may even come to like grooming time.

How To Cut and Trim A Yorkies Face and Ears With Scissors

Cutting a Yorkie’s face and ears is one of the harder things to do. In short, you’ll do the following:

  1. Be patient – It takes some practice to get this right.
  2. Get tools
    1. Scissors
    2. Comb
  3. Start simple  – if you’re new just trim the bangs to keep them out of your Yorkie’s eyes. Later you can learn to cut the ears.
  4. Ears – Comb ear hair from the base of the ear out to the tip. Use scissors to trim the edge. Use clippers or scissors to cut the hair inside the ear. Just cut the ear hair to the edge of the ears – don’t go inside.
  5. Cheeks – comb cheek hair down from the top of the nose. Trim the bottom with scissors
  6. Chin – comb chin hair from the front of the chin down the neck. Use scissors to give a sharp line look or clippers to take off more hair.
  7. Nose – comb nose hair on the top of the nose from in front of the eyes out to the front of the nose. Trim with scissors.
  8. Treat your dog – Haircuts are stressful for a dog. Teach them to be calm and love it by feeding them their dinner directly after a trim or taking them for a walk. Time the trim to match the normal times your pup expects these things.


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In conclusion, the hypoallergenic hair of Yorkies may take some grooming but it can be tons of fun and we think it’s worth it.

Plus, grooming a yorkie is a great learning tool for teaching children responsibility and caring for others. Read more – Are Yorkies Good With kids?