How Can I Make My Yorkie Happy? (Easy Steps & Complete Guide)

Ten ways to make your yorkie happy are:

  1. Toys
  2. Training
  3. Doggy daycare
  4. Dog parks
  5. A good diet
  6. Walks
  7. Snuggling
  8. Swimming
  9. Friends and family
  10. A good veterinarian

Do you want to make your yorkie the happiest dog on Earth? Follow these tips to keep your yorkie happy and healthy!

How can I make my yorkie happy with toys?

Toys are one of the most obvious ways to keep dogs happy. But there are some rules to follow if you want to get the most out of your toys.

A toy every yorkie owner should have is a kong. This is a device that stores food, usually peanut butter, and it will occupy your dog for hours trying to get it out.

Another important tip is to rotate your toys. Your yorkie will get bored if you have the same three toys out all the time.

How can I make my yorkie happy with training?

According to Pet Insurance, yorkies were bred to hunt mice. This means they have unbound energy and are ready to be put to work.

Training is a great way to keep your dog occupied, as well as to give him purpose. Every dog likes having a purpose because it scratches at their primal itch to do what they are bred to do.

You can either work with a professional trainer or train your yorkie yourself, as long as you are well-informed.

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How can I make my yorkie happy with doggy daycare?

Doggy daycares are set up specifically to make your dog happy. They have loving staff who know a lot about dogs, and there are other dogs for your yorkie to play with all day!

A lot of doggy daycares have live cameras or will report back to you on how your dog is behaving. It feels good as a pet owner to know that the daycare cares enough to keep you informed.

How can I make my yorkie happy by going to the dog park?

Dogs are meant to play with other dogs. 

Dog parks are almost always split up into big dogs and little dogs, so your yorkie will have to go to the little dog section. He will make friends his size and run around, burning energy so he will be calmer in the house.

You have to be a good pet owner while at the dog park. Keep an eye on your yorkie and be ready to step in if any conflicts arise. Even if your dog is amicable, not all dogs get along (just like not all humans get along!)

How can I make my yorkie happy with a good diet?

The International Boarding & Pet Services Association explains that a good diet can boost the immune system and improve health in the long term, creating less stress on your pet’s organs over time.

The less energy your dog’s body is using to break down unhealthy food, the more energy your dog will have for things like play and snuggles.

Yorkies are like all animals in that they are happier when they are healthy.

How can I make my yorkie happy by going on walks?

Walks are incredibly stimulating for yorkies. There are new sights and smells each walk and your yorkie will have so much fun exploring your neighborhood, or, even better, the woods.

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Try switching up your walking route each time or every other time. This will keep your yorkie curious. 

Going on walks keeps your yorkie busy, provides exercise, burns excess energy, and gets your dog outside. 

It is also a good opportunity for training to teach your dog to heel and walk at your pace instead of in front of you.

How can I make my yorkie happy by snuggling?

Hopkins Medicine explains that oxytocin, the feel-good hormone, is increased in both the dog and the human when the human pets their dog.

Dogs like to be snuggled. If you’ve done your job correctly, your dog will be worn out by the end of the day and want to just relax with you. 

Pet and brush your yorkie while you snuggle. Yorkies are small enough to put in your lap.

How can I make my yorkie happy by taking him swimming?

Yorkies love swimming, as do most dogs. If you live near the beach, there are often specific beaches where dogs are allowed. Most lakes allow dogs.

However, yorkies are small. A better idea might be a kiddy pool in the backyard.

This is an activity for the whole family and your yorkie will love jumping in and out of the pool and running around the yard.

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How can I make my yorkie happy with friends and family?

Yorkies are very social dogs. They love new people as well as people they already know. When they see a familiar face it cheers them up without fail.

It is always a good idea to have friends and family over, both for you and your yorkie. Your yorkie will likely get a lot of attention when people come to visit your house.

You can also go to the park with everybody. That way your yorkie is also getting outside and will have things to smell and look at. Or you can play fetch in the backyard, or with toys inside.

How can I make my yorkie happy by having a good veterinarian?

A good veterinarian is vital for any dog to be happy and healthy. If your yorkie has ailments, they will restrict your dog from having a happy life because he will be in pain.

Even worse, some ailments can reduce the lifespan of your yorkie if not treated promptly.

Go for regular checkups and always see your vet if there is a sudden change in behavior in your yorkie.

Your veterinarian can recommend the right amount of food, good toy brands, and more, as well as keeping your dog healthy physically.

Look at reviews online or ask around to find a good veterinarian in your area. Once you find one that you trust, he will get to know your yorkie and you can create a good rapport.