Should You Put a Bed or Cushion in a Puppy Crate? (Solved & Explained!)

As long as the bedding you select is chew-proof and waterproof, then this will be okay, but you need to choose carefully. Anything that your puppy can chew is dangerous, as they might ingest something that could result in intestinal blockage. Commercial bedding from your  local pet store is a good idea to help avoid this.

For the remainder of today’s article we’ll address some of the common questions about crating your puppy. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need to know!

What should I put in my puppy’s crate at night?

You will want to put some comfortable, chew-proof bedding inside for your puppy to sleep on, and toys are also a good idea. Puppies often wake up in the middle of the night and this will help to keep them occupied if they are waking from boredom, rather than the need to go outside.

Should you put bedding in dog crate?

Yes, bedding should be present, in order to help keep your puppy warm and comfortable. This bedding needs to be both waterproof and chew-proof, as well. Puppies have small bladders, so accidents WILL happen with the bedding and you want to make sure that they don’t chew it apart and ingest anything toxic.

Should I put a pillow in my dog’s crate?

Pillows and blankets seem perfect but they are actually not a great fit. Puppies like to chew and they can easily ingest bits of blanket or pillow and this might lead to intestinal blockage. There are some specialized bedding options, however, such as Vetbed, which are specifically designed to be a better fit for teething puppies.

Should I put my 8 week old puppy in a crate at night?

Yes, you can put your 8 week old puppy in a crate, but you need to be mindful of it’s potty schedule. At 8 weeks, your puppy can stay for 2 to 3 hours in the crate before they will need a potty break.

Their bladders are small and they simply cannot wait longer than this, so you will need to set alarms to ensure that your puppy gets to go out when they need it. If they cry out to go outside ‘off-schedule’, you should take them outside as well to avoid any ‘accidents’.

Should I cover my puppy’s crate at night?

A partial covering of the crate with the blanket can comfort a puppy, as it recreates the type of natural den that their mother would normally find for her pups. Do not fully cover the crate, just put the blanket over it halfway and have their bedding underneath the covered area.

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This will help to make your puppy feel more comfortable.

How long do puppies whine in crate?

This is going to vary from dog to dog, but your pup should become more tolerant of the crate within a few days, but only for a small amount of time in the crate. After about 4 to 5 months, however, they will be much more tolerant of crate time for periods of up to 4 to 5 hours.

It’s a slow process, but you can speed things up by moving the crate into your bedroom so that your dog knows that you are close.

How long do you let a puppy cry in a crate?

If your puppy has gone on a potty break, then it is best to simply let them ‘cry it out’ and to ignore them. If you always come running then your pup will know that they can get their way by being loud.

That said, be aware that they can only control their bladders for 1 hour per year of life, so the cries might mean that they need to go outside. It is best to set yourself some alarms to make a ‘potty schedule’ to ensure your puppy doesn’t have any ‘accidents’.

What is the fastest way to crate train a puppy?

The fastest way to encourage your pup to be comfortable with the crate is to use treats and positive reinforcement. Give your pup a treat before they go in the crate and one when they come out, and start off crate time in small intervals – only a few minutes at a time.

Put the crate in your bedroom as well, as this can work wonders. Between the treats and the closeness your puppy will become receptive to the crate much faster than if you’d simply put them in there.

How long can you leave a 10 week old puppy in a crate?

For a 10 week old puppy, 1 – 2 hours is best. At this time, they will need to go out for a potty break, and if left in the crate any longer than this you can definitely expect accidents.

Puppies cannot control their bladders effectively for longer periods at this age and so you need to ensure that they get to go outside on a regular basis.

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How do I stop my puppy from crying in the crate at night?

There are a few things that you can do to help calm your puppy. For instance, you can try placing the crate close to where you are at all times, so that your puppy is reassured by your presence.  

Special toys are available that mimic heartbeats, and these are quite useful as well, as they remind the pup of their mother. Just be sure to keep a regular potty schedule, because sometimes those cries simply mean that your puppy needs to go outside NOW.

Where should a puppy sleep the first night?

It is best to prepare a crate for your puppy which you can put in the bedroom so that your dog knows that you are close.

Inside you should put some waterproof and chew-proof bedding, which you can find at most commercial pet stores, and get a toy or two to keep your little one occupied if they get bored in the night.