Do Dogs Feel Sad in a Kennel? (Solved & Explained!)

Not necessarily. One study showed that dogs may view boarding in a kennel in much the same way as we might view a vacation. The new sights and sounds are stimulating for them and the new environment, while different, is not necessarily as awful for them as you think. Simply put, in small doses, some dogs LIKE kennels.

For the remainder of this article, we’ll answer questions about kennels, both home and boarding varieties, so that you can get the facts that you need in case you are considering kenneling your own dog. Read on and find out what you need to know!

Are kennels cruel?

Kennels aren’t cruel unless they are overused or if your dog has separation anxiety and is still relegated to the kennel. When used in moderation, a kennel can be useful, and with the door left open a kennel can be a place where your dog can relax and get away from sources of stress in the house.

In cases where a dog has separation anxiety, however, the isolation of a kennel is bad for their mental health. Dogs are pack animals and as such, too much isolation is definitely bad for them.  

Do dogs enjoy kennels?

Some studies have shown that being boarded in a kennel may be viewed by dogs much the same way that we would view a vacation. In small doses, the change of environment is stimulating and while they miss you, they certainly find it interesting to be in this new place.

So, if you are feeling guilty about having to board your dog for a few days in the kennel, this is something worth considering. They may not find it as awful as you think!

Do dogs think you are leaving forever?

Dogs will definitely miss you and it’s not uncommon for them to look around for you at the kennel, but they are more resilient than you think. In small does, some find the kennel stimulating, so it’s not all bad.

While we can’t say for sure whether or not they think that you are leaving forever, we can say with certainty that dogs have excellent long-term memories and that when you arrive to pick them up, they’ll not only remember you but you will get a greeting that will definitely warm the heart.

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Do dogs miss you in kennels?

Yes, dogs definitely miss their owners when they are away from them, and if you are worried that your dog may forget you then you shouldn’t be. Dogs have excellent long-term memories, so when you return to pick them up your dog will energetically greet you and rest assured that all will be forgiven.

They’ll be very happy to see you!

Will my dog forget me after a week?

No, your dog will definitely not forget you after a week, a month, or even years. Studies have shown that the long-term memory of dogs is a formidable thing. Dogs that have been adopted, for instance, will always remember their original owners. While many animals forget, you can definitely count on the memory of man’s best friend.

Do dogs think they are abandoned?

 In cases where dogs have been isolated for too long and too often, they can become depressed and develop a condition called ‘separation anxiety’. In cases such as this, the dog feels like they are being abandoned every time the owner leaves. If you believe that your dog is suffering from this, check with your vet.

Your veterinarian can help you to locate a behavioral specialist in order to help your dog with this and to help them to adjust.

What is kennel stress?

Kennel stress is a term that describes when a dog has been isolated in a kennel and is severely stressed from the experience. The new location, food, and new animals is too much for them, to the point that it affects their mental and physical health.

Kennel stressed dogs may shake or pace, eat little or not at all, and react in other ways detrimental to their health, requiring the assistance of a training regimen or a behavioral specialist to help them to adjust back to the norm.

Will my dog hate me if I leave him for a week?

No, your dog isn’t going to hate you if you leave them for a week. Dogs don’t really have the same grasp of time that we do but what they do have is excellent long-term memories. When you return, your dog is going to greet you with enormous enthusiasm and love.

They won’t forget you, hate you, or hold a grudge. They’ll just be happy to be back with you again!

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Can dogs get depressed when owner is away?

Dogs can indeed get depressed when you are away. They are pack animals and you are basically their ‘alpha’, but beyond this your dog loves you very much and doesn’t want to be away from you. Don’t worry, however, as they are not going to forget you or hold a grudge.

Your dog will just be extra-affectionate when you return and everything will be okay.

Can a dog be left alone for 8 hours?

8 hours is the absolute most that you want to leave your dog alone in a crate or in the backyard, provided that it is an adult dog. With puppies, it’s very different, as they require a lot of socialization and don’t do well in isolation. Crating, for instance, is not recommended for more than 1 hour with a puppy.

With an adult dog, however, 8 hours should be okay, provided that it’s not a normal, everyday thing.

Will my dog remember me after 6 months?

Yes, your dog will remember you after 6 months or even 6 years. Dogs remember their owners for their lifetimes and it’s part of the charm of owning a dog. These animals give their affection and they don’t give it lightly.

Even adopted dogs who love their new owners very much will always remember their previous owners, so don’t worry – your dog will indeed remember you after 6 months.