How Much Wet Food Should I Feed My Yorkie? (Solved & Explained!)

Usually, it will be ½ to as high as 2/3 a cup per day of wet food, divided up into 2- 3 meals.  With adults, 2 meals a day is fine, but with puppies 3 per day is a better schedule to keep them fueled-up while they are still developing.

Today we’re going to answer popular questions about Yorkie diets – such as ‘what are their favorite foods?’ and ‘What should Yorkies definitely not eat?’. The answers to these questions and more are waiting for you in the sections below, so read on for the facts you need to make a perfect Yorkie diet!

Should I Feed My Yorkie wet food?

Wet food alone is not the best idea. It’s much better to mix in a little dry food, as this will give your Yorkie’s teeth a little and gums more of a workout. A strict diet of wet food can also result in wet poos, and you definitely don’t want that.

Mix things up a little and you’ll also get extra mileage on the cans of fancier wet food. Put 2 tablespoons of wet food in their dry and that way you can give your dog the best of both worlds.

What can I feed my Yorkie besides dog food?

Yorkies can eat all kinds of things. Crunchy veggies or fruits like carrots and apples can clean your dog’s teeth while they snack and some Yorkies absolutely love them. Just be sure with apples that you safely discard the core, as the seeds are poisonous to your dog in cumulative amounts.

Beyond these, in small amounts cheese and yogurt are good and hard-boiled eggs are a firm favorite of Yorkies everywhere that you can feed them as much as they like (within reason, of course).

What is a Yorkies favorite food?

Usually, it’s going to be raw meat of some kind. Some Yorkies love fish the most, while others want a bit of raw chicken or beef instead. Your Yorkie is an individual, so you’ll have to find out on your own.

It’s half the fun, anyway, and once you find a favorite, you’ll be able to see how much they like it in their body language whenever they smell that favorite food and would like you to share!

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Why are Yorkies always hungry?

Some Yorkies will eat until they get nauseous, but most will regulate themselves to some degree. If your Yorkie normally isn’t a heavy eater, then this could be a sign of a health issue such as a tapeworm or another parasite. Bring your dog in to the vet for a quick checkup.

It’s very easy to confirm if this is the case and if so, you want to identify this early before the parasite can do more permanent damage to your dog!

How much should a Yorkie eat daily?

Typically, with an adult Yorkie, it can be anywhere from 1/3 to 2/3 of a cup of food daily. They require a minimum of 150 to 200 calories, depending on their size and weight, and you should separate it into 3 meals a day so that your dog doesn’t get puckish later on.

It doesn’t seem like a lot, but these little dogs fill up quickly, except where snacks that YOU are eating becoming involved in the equation.

What Yorkies should not eat?

Certain foods are poisonous to Yorkies and other dogs in general. Examples include onions and garlic and ESPECIALLY chocolate. Chocolate has a chemical called ‘theobromine’ in it, that builds up in their systems like arsenic would with humans.

It can affect their nervous systems and even kill them, so chocolate is definitely off the menu and if your dog gets into your chocolates, get them to the vet immediately!

Are eggs good for Yorkies?

Eggs are pretty much just protein, making them excellent food for dogs. Try to stick to poached or hard-boiled eggs when feeding your Yorkie when you can. Scrambled or fried eggs are fine every now and again, but as they are cooked in oil they aren’t technically the best for your Yorkie.

That said, if served in moderation, scrambled and fried eggs are still fine from time to time.

What kind of treats do Yorkies like?

That will vary from dog to dog, but one of the best and most readily available in a human pantry is peanut butter. Yorkies tend to love the stuff.

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You can also get a toy called a ‘Kong’, which is made of a hard rubber and designed so that you can fill it with cottage cheese or some peanut butter, freeze it, and then give it to your dog.

The frozen filling takes a long time to lick completely out, making this toy and treat combination of the most beloved by Yorkies everywhere.

What human food can I give my Yorkie?

In small amounts, all kinds of human foods are fine for Yorkies. Cheese and yogurt are popular and fine in small amounts. Pizza crust is another favorite, often referred to as ‘pizza bone’.

You just want to always check a food online first before you feed it to your dog and consider the calorie – treats should only be about 10% of your dog’s caloric intake, otherwise your Yorkie may become obese and this can come with many health issues that are better avoided.

How do I know if I am feeding my Yorkie enough?

Typically, the quickest way to assess is to look at your dog’s ribs. If you can see them, you might be underfeeding your Yorkie. If you can feel them, but they aren’t readily and visible in detail to the eye, then this is fine.

Puppies need about 200 calories a day, while adults should be at 150 to 200, so you can also use the serving size information on your pet food to pre-measure their recommend amount and supplement with a light daily serving of treats or scraps from your meals.