What Snacks Are Good for Dogs? (7 Tasty Treats!)

Dogs are furry, loveable creatures that deserve a treat every now and then. However, just like people, not all snacks are created equal. Some contain harmful ingredients such as sugar or artificial flavors while others can be bad for their teeth. This blog will teach you everything about the best types of dog treats to keep your pup happy and healthy!

What Snacks Are Good for Dogs?

There are a number of healthy snacks that you can feed to your dog. These include, but are certainly not limited to, the following:

Chicken Feet

If you are looking for a great new chew snack to feed your dog, you certainly can’t do better than genuine chicken feet. The idea here will be to dehydrate and clean them before you give them to your dog. Make sure to also clip off the nails. Once you have done so, it makes a delicious treat for your pup to chew.


Does your dog have a bit of a sweet tooth? A few blueberries here and there will fit the bill. They are healthy, nutritious, and packed with flavor. Some dogs seem to love them just as much as humans. They are full of vitamin C and other nutrients that will keep your dog active and enjoying a high quality of life.


Strawberries are another member of the fruit family that some dogs seem to have a sweet tooth for. Like blueberries, they are packed with flavor and lots of healthy nutrients. They contain enough vitamin C to make them a sweet and very healthy snack. Your dog can enjoy a few of these fruits on a day to day basis.

Cooked Squash

As natural carnivores, dogs are perhaps not the biggest aficionados of the vegetable kingdom. But many dogs do seem to get a kick of chewing on squash. There are many different kinds of squash to choose from and they are available all year round. If your dog doesn’t care for one, let them try a different one.


A few bits of sliced apple here and there may make for a yummy treat for a dog with a sweet tooth. The idea here will be to keep the core and seeds away from them. But once you slice up a few bits, you can give a few to your dog. They will enjoy the sweet taste along with plenty of healthy vitamins and minerals.

Green Beans

Believe it or not, there are a few dogs out there who really do seem to enjoy a side dish of healthy green beans. While they won’t ever be mistaken for strict vegetarians, some dogs do get a kick out of a few green beans. You can serve them up as a side dish along with plenty of other healthy items on their menu.

Sweet Potatoes

If you really want to bestow an unexpected treat on your pup, why not surprise them with some fresh cooked sweet potatoes? Many dogs love the sweetness of these yams. They are also packed with plenty of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and lots of protein. It’s a surprise your dog will thank you for.


Bananas are another fruit that many dogs do seem to have a taste for. This is one that you can feed to your dog in moderation. Don’t overdo it because they are high in sugar. A few here and there are okay but keep them to a minimum. Don’t feed them this fruit so often that they start to develop digestive issues.

Green Peas

Green peas are a treat that many dogs have come to love. They are a bit high in sugar content so don’t overdo it. But here and there, you can scrape a few off of your leftover plate and into your dog’s dish. They do love the sweet taste. You should also note that green peas have plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Sliced Carrots

Some dogs really do go for a few sliced up carrots. It’s a good idea to slice them up because some dogs do swallow them without chewing first. But if you slice them thin enough, your dog will still enjoy a good crunch out of them.

What Human Snacks Can Dogs Eat?

Dogs can eat a great many of the same snacks that humans eat. These include all kinds of meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and a few bread products. The key will be to make sure that you don’t give a dog anything that they may be allergic to. You also need to make sure anything you give them is fully cooked.


What Snacks Are Bad for Dogs?

You should never give your dog raw chicken or any kind of raw food. Dough is very bad for dogs because it contains bacteria such as E coli and listeria. You want to avoid giving raw chicken to a dog because the bones are very brittle. They could break off and cause damage to your dog’s mouth, gums, and internals.

Do Dogs Need Snacks?

It’s always a good idea to give your dog a snack here and there. It shows that you care for them. A good snack is one that will help tide them over between major meals. It can also give their teeth and gums good exercise to keep them strong and healthy. You just need to be very careful about the snacks you give.

What Are the Healthiest Dog Treats?

The healthiest dog treats are the ones that are properly cooked and not full of extra fat, sodium, or sugar. You want to keep raw food, especially dough, away from dogs because of the bacteria it can too easily contain. You also want to keep raw chicken away because the bones are very brittle and can cause damage.

What Should I Look for When Buying Dog Treats?

The idea should always be to find dog treats that are fully cooked, healthy, and not filled with artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. They should be snacks that help to keep your dog’s bones and teeth as strong as possible. Look for snacks that are high in nutrition but low in carbs, fats, salt, and sugar.