What Dog Goes Well With a Yorkie? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkie owners know that their pets are intelligent, stubborn, excited, playful, and loyal dogs. That being said, what dogs go well with Yorkies? Pairing your Yorkie with a more docile dog will make a good match. Dogs like Mastiffs, Labradors, and Great Danes can be a great match with your feisty little Yorkie. 

There are plenty of breeds that make a great match with Yorkies. Giving your dog a companion can be a great way to help it get physical and mental stimulation as well as having someone to keep it company! So read on to find out: What dog goes well with a Yorkie?

What dogs go well with Yorkies?

There are plenty of dog breeds that go well with Yorkies, so it would be quite difficult to just put them all on a list. However, there are some traits that you should look for in a dog that will make an excellent companion to your Yorkie. 

Yorkies are extremely active and playful, so a dog with this similar energy can make things pretty chaotic. Instead, try to find a breed that is more calm and docile. Playful is fine, but you don’t want two dogs who are trying to dominate the space. 

This makes herding breeds, who are calm, intelligent, and loyal great companions to your Yorkie, and a fantastic place to start when looking for a best friend for man’s best friend. 

Do Yorkies do well with other dogs?

It might be surprising due to the perception people have of them as annoying, yappy dogs, but Yorkies actually get along very well with other dogs. They are playful and curious, so having another dog around can be very physically and mentally stimulating for a Yorkie

That being said, there are difficulties to overcome whenever you’re bringing a dog into a house that already has a dog in it. If you get both dogs together, things should be easy. However, if you already have your Yorkie, it might be protective of the territory, so be careful of this when bringing new dogs into the home. 

What small dogs do Yorkies get along with?

Yorkies and Maltese seem to get along well together. They’re both playful and high energy, so they can occupy one another’s time with play quite easily. In fact, this is a very common pair of breeds, as they work so well together that it’s well known among owners that they work well together.

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Not only do they have similar temperaments, but they also have similar lifespans and are on similar grooming schedules, making them easy to care for over time. 

Pomeranians are also good Yorkie companions, as they too are energetic, playful, and loyal. Poms are also quite social and are able to form great relationships with other dogs, making them a fantastic match for Yorkies. 

What big dogs do Yorkies get along with?

There are plenty of big dogs that Yorkies do very well with. As mentioned above, any breed that was bred for herding such as Mastiffs, Labradors, and Great Danes are fantastic matches due to their intelligence, loyalty, and calm demeanor. 

Be careful with Labs and Golden Retrievers though, as they are quite rambunctious as puppies which can be offputting or competitive with the energetic Yorkie. That being said, they’re fantastic companions as adults, so it may not matter with time. 

Do Yorkies do better with small dogs or big dogs?

It doesn’t much matter if the companion you buy is a small dog or a big dog, as long as they have a personality that is a good mix with the Yorkie. Yorkies aren’t particularly hard to socialize with either, so there is wiggle room as far as what breeds go well with them in the home. 

For big dogs, just make sure they’re docile, calm, loyal, and not too territorial or dominant and you should be fine. 

On the other hand, with small dogs, make sure they’re good playmates and aren’t too territorial or jealous. 

Are Yorkies jealous?

Yorkies get extremely attached to their owners quite quickly, as they are very loyal and stubborn dogs. Because of this, some Yorkies develop the tendency to be jealous, especially when it comes to other dogs getting attention and affection from their owner. 

If you have another dog, or more importantly if you get another dog when you already own a Yorkie, make absolutely certain that your Yorkie knows it is still loved and important! 

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Is having two Yorkies a good idea?

Having two Yorkies is a great idea! Yorkie’s personalities mesh well with one another, and you don’t have to learn how to raise another dog! You can also put your two Yorkies on similar diets, feeding schedules, exercise schedules, and grooming schedules, which makes your life a lot easier. 

However, if possible, try to avoid having two males in the house. Either go with two female Yorkies or Yorkies of the opposite sex. Two males may get competitive over territory and people which can result in fighting and hostility in the home. 

Labradors with Yorkies

Labs are a great pair with Yorkies. They are docile and calm enough to not antagonize a Yorkie, but playful enough to not be boring! They are also bred for herding so they may be able to help you control the smaller and more energetic Yorkie a bit. 

They are a bit overly active as puppies though, so if possible wait until the lab is a bit older to match it up with a Yorkie. 

Golden Retrievers with Yorkies

Golden Retrievers are pretty much exactly the same as labs when it comes to their relationship with Yorkies, so refer to the above!

Pomeranians with Yorkies

Pomeranians are perhaps the best match you can have with a Yorkie just because they are such as sociable breed. Pomeranians seem to get the best out of any dog they live with, and they are energetic, playful, and curious enough to be a good match with your Yorkie without getting competitive or territorial.