Why Do Yorkies Not Like Other Dogs? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkies might be small in size, but they are not as innocent as they seem. This dog can show unpredictable temperaments like aggression when they feel threatened. The Yorkshire terrier was bred to hunt down rodents, so their fearless behavior is natural. Yorkies are usually affectionate towards their owner but can be aggressive towards strangers or other dogs.

Are Yorkies Aggressive with all dogs?

Generally, Yorkies get along with other dogs. However, they have a tendency to show aggressive behavior if they experience a traumatic experience with another dog. They will most probably bark or get aggressive– simply out of fear.

If one of the dogs is larger than the Yorkie, it might lead to them fighting each other for the Alpha position. This is another reason for trouble and aggression between Yorkies and other dogs.

What Are The Reasons For Yorkies Aggressiveness?

Normally when dogs bark or growl, it is regarded as aggressiveness. However, in the case of Yorkies, aggressiveness can also be a sign of a particular issue. This dog breed usually exhibits this behavior due to:

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Health problems
  • Traumas
  • Loneliness

What Are The Signs of Yorkies Aggressiveness?

Yorkies are usually friendly with other dogs but sometimes meeting new dogs at the park can come with quite a few obstacles.

This behavior can easily be recognized in other dogs when they raise their hackles. However, as Yorkies have long hair, aggressiveness can become difficult to identify.

Don’t worry. You can still understand when your doggo is getting upset. Yorkies have their way of showing their rising anxiety levels. Some signs include:

  • Exposing its teeth
  • Prickled ears
  • Posturing
  • Lunging
  • Growling
  • Looking directly into the eyes of the other dog
  • Barking

What Kinds Of Dogs Do Yorkies Dislike?

Since Yorkies are small, they act ferociously towards bigger dogs to avoid getting dominated by them.

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Dog breeds like the Labrador and Golden retriever don’t make the best companions for Yorkies in their younger years. This is because Labradors and Golden Retrievers, like puppies, are super energetic, not respectful of space, and can be rough during playtime.

Similarly, a breed that is more dependent on using its paws is the Boxer. Playing with this dog breed can be dangerous for Yorkies as there is a risk of accidentally getting stomped on or hurt.

What Breed Of Dogs Do Yorkies Get Along With?

Since Yorkies have a dominating nature, they get along with relatively tame and passive dogs.

Dog breeds like Labradors and Golden Retrievers when fully grown, as well as Mastiffs and Great Danes, are great choices for your Yorkie to socialize with. As they have a docile personality, Yorkies tend to be more comfortable with them.

Why Does My Yorkie Not Let Me Pet Other Dogs?

Yorkies are active, protective, and curious by nature. Plus, they crave their owner’s attention. This means your pet can get overly protective and jealous when you show love to other dogs.

Essentially, the Yorkie’s protective personality triggers their possessiveness. They may feel threatened if they see their owner’s attention is taken away, especially by another dog.

Are Yorkies Aggressive Towards Humans?

Yorkies are known as dogs with “a big personality in a small body”. They typically tend to have a ferocious and courageous temperament.

Due to their small size, Yorkshire Terriers don’t have a lot of physical strength and can’t cause much harm to humans. But their aggressive behavior can still be harmful and disruptive.

What Makes Yorkies Aggressive Towards Humans?

Sometimes Yorkies can exhibit this behavior if you go near their toys, food or something they love. They can show signs of possessiveness and might bark or growl when you do anything they dislike.

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They can also get aggressive if you physically punished them in the past. In this case, growling or biting can be a Yorkie’s defense mechanism.

How To Train Yorkies To Not Be Aggressive?

It is advised to seek the help of a professional ethologist or a specialist in animal behavior who will be able to give an accurate diagnosis for your pet doggo.

As an alternative, you can also start doing the basic training yourself. But remember, self-training will only be effective if started at a young age. 

Basic training should be done for at least 15 minutes everyday and can include a number of different strategies.

Can Walking Help In Controlling Yorkies Aggression?

Walking is a not only a healthy exercise for your Yorkie but is also useful in channeling their energy in a positive way.

Excess energy in your dog can sometimes lead to a redirect attack, however, it can be burned off by walking regularly. 

Redirect attack is an occurrence when a dog displays signs of aggression towards another dog or person until someone interferes. Then, the aggression is redirected from the initial source to the one who interfered. 

Socialization And Its Link With Yorkie Aggression:

Socialization is very important and has a major role in preventing aggression in your pet dog.

Yorkies need to be accustomed to an environment in which they meet and interact with new people and animals. This can only be successful when practiced in their early years.

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You can take your Yorkie puppy to parks and public places to help them socialize. If your pet Yorkie gets stressed out in the beginning, don’t force it. Instead, take baby steps until your doggo becomes comfortable in the new environment.

Does A Stress-free Environment Reduce Aggression?

Remember, dogs learn what they see. It is very important to keep a balanced and positive environment at home.

This can greatly reduce the chances of your pet Yorkie becoming aggressive by nature. The more you expose Yorkies to aggression, the more likely they are to adopt this trait. 

Keep your pet Yorkie focused on games and play time. This will help your pet dog in relieving any pent-up stress. You can play chase, hide and seek, frisbee or catch with your pet Yorkie.