The 5 Best Cat Doors to Keep Out Racoons

Tired of worrying about a raccoon breaking into your home spreading germs all over the place and possibly hurting your cat? Then you need to find the best cat door to keep out raccoons.

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Electronic cat doors are probably the most effective solution to your dilemma. Granted they don’t come cheap, but they can get the job done.

Today, we’re reviewing the top 5 electronic cat doors to keep out raccoons, as well as answering some of the frequently asked questions on this topic.

The Top 5 Best Cat Door to Keep Out Racoons

Best Overall – PetSafe Interior and Exterior Cat Door

Kicking off our list with a widely popular option, the PetSafe Interior and Exterior Cat Door is a reliable solution to grant your cat access indoors without unwanted visits from other critters.

This door recognizes your cat’s unique 15-digit microchip ID then allows entry only for the programmed pet. Don’t worry if you own more than 1 cat, you can program up to 39 pets and give them exclusive freedom to come and go while keeping out intruding raccoons.

You can also use the manual 4-way lock to control your cat’s access into the 5.91″ × 5.51″ flap, which means you won’t have to worry about your kitty getting out at night. The settings include ‘Locked’, ‘Unlocked’, ‘Enter Only’, ‘Exit Only’.

Not only does the PetSafe Interior and Exterior Cat Door provide your cat with freedom and independence while you’re busy, but it also serves you by protecting your investment. It’s equipped with energy-efficient weather stripping and 2 magnetic locking points for added protection against the elements.

The PetSafe cat door fits most types of doors including wood, PVC, and uPVC. You can even install it in metal, brick, glass, and wall surfaces, but you’ll need extra accessories that are sold separately.

PetSafe Microchip Cat Door, Exterior or Interior Pet Door - Multi-User RFID Access Up To 40 Pets, 4-Way Locking, Weatherproof, DIY Easy Install, Hardware Kit; Privacy for Cat Litter Box or Pet Feeder
  • YOUR CAT IS THE KEY: This door reads your cat’s unique 15-digit microchip ID and only allows access to programmed pets; programmable collar keys are sold separately for cats without a microchip
  • KEEP OUT UNWANTED GUESTS: Give exclusive access to your cat (and up to 39 other programmed pets) while keeping unwanted animals (like the neighborhood squirrel) from wandering inside
  • FREEDOM AND INDEPENDENCE: When you’re stuck late at work (or just sleeping in on a Saturday), your cat will still have the freedom to let herself in and out of the house
  • 4 LOCKING OPTIONS: The manual 4-way lock lets you keep your kitty safe and secure; set the door to ‘Locked’, ‘Unlocked’, ‘Enter Only’ or Exit Only
  • KEEP WEATHER OUT: Energy-efficient weather stripping and 2 magnetic locking points increase insulation and stop drafts from creeping indoors

What We Like

    • Great value for money
    • Controls entry and exit
    • Easy to lock
    • Programs up to 39 microchips

What We Don’t Like

    • A bit tricky to install

Best for Budget – Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap

Designed to offer cat owners the ultimate solution for selective entry control, the Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap from Pet Mate is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an effective way to keep out raccoons but don’t want to break the bank to have it.

This cat flap is operated via your cat’s unique implanted identification microchip, eliminating the frustration and stress caused by the unwanted intrusion of stray pets and wildlife. If you own a particularly wary cat, this door will help provide a safe and secure environment to thrive.

Additionally, this cat door is super simple to program with a registration capacity of up to 30 cats. If your cat doesn’t have an implanted microchip, you can buy one of the brand’s unique I.D. discs and attach it to their collar.

You can also use the rotary 4-way manual override lock to have total control over your pet’s access to and from the house.

As far as installation goes, the Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap can be fitted in just about any door (including metal), wall, and window, featuring a decently sized 5.7″ × 5.7″ flap. This cat door requires 4×AA batteries to work (you need to buy these separately), giving you about 12 months of consistent operation.

Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap, Cat Flap Microchip activated for up to 30 Cats - White
  • KEEP STRAYS OUT: The PetMate Elite Microchip Cat Flap works by reading your cat’s unique microchip or Cat Mate ID Disc (available separately) when entering your home. Let your pets come and go as YOU please, with the convenient 2-way lock that allows you to control access
  • EASY TO PROGRAMME: You can have your Cat Flap programmed with just a push of a button. The LED indicator flashes to indicate that your cat’s unique microchip or Cat Mate ID Disc is registered
  • LONG LASTING: Our flaps are made out of super tough polymer and have a magnetic closure which makes it draft resistant, weatherproof and energy efficient.
  • PERFECT FIT: Suitable for all doors including metal up to 35mm thick and can be easily fitted to walls, glass panels or thicker metal doors with the correct adapter kit (available separately)
  • CUT OUT SIZE: 173mm Wide x 198mm Height; OVERALL SIZE: 197mm Wide x 246mm Height

What We Like

    • Budget-friendly
    • Easy to program
    • Two-way access control
    • Long battery life

What We Don’t Like

    • Unclear instructions
    • A bit tight for larger cats

Best for Small Cats – SureFlap DualScan Microchip Cat Door

The SureFlap DualScan Microchip Cat Door is another highly rated product that can help keep out intruding critters including raccoons and stray neighborhood cats.

This cat door is compatible with all common microchips worldwide, which means you don’t have to purchase special identification tags since your cat’s existing microchip will work just fine. It can store up to 32 pets.

Not only will the cat flap remain locked for wildlife and open just when your cat approaches, but you can even set entry and exit permissions independently for each cat.

This is a very handy feature for multi-cat homes because you get to easily control which cat can leave and which stays inside thanks to the DualScan Technology. With a door opening size of 4.7″ × 5.6″, this is a suitable choice for smaller cats.

The SureFlap DualScan Microchip Cat Door requires 4 AA batteries to operate and can be installed into doors, glass, and walls.

SureFlap DualScan Microchip Cat Door - Door Opening is 4 3/4" H x 5 5/8" W
  • Compatible with all common microchips - works with your cat's existing microchip to keep out intruder cats and wildlife
  • Set exit permissions for each pet to keep specific pets indoors using dualscan technology - Store up to 32 pets
  • Can be installed in doors, windows or walls - accessories available
  • Door opening is 4 3/4" H x 5 5/8" W
  • Requires 4 AA batteries which last up to a year with normal use (not included)

What We Like

    • Control which cat can leave and which stays
    • Suitable for multi-cat homes
    • Durable construction
    • Perfect for smaller cats

What We Don’t Like

    • Not for bigger cats

Best for Big Cats – High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door

If your cat is on the bigger side of the spectrum and you’re in the market for something to keep those annoying critters out, then the High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door can be your perfect match. This pet door was actually featured on HGTV and became a huge hit among pet owners ever since.

Unlike other candidates on our list, this is a motor-driven door that slides vertically when activated by an MS-4 ultrasonic collar. This means that your cat won’t have to push the door open (something that many cat owners struggle to get their pets to do).

Additionally, the door panel is translucent and made of strong bulletproof resin, so you shouldn’t worry about its durability. It also features directional sensing and 4-way access control.

The High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door is completely weather and wind-proof with an air-tight sealing system for extra protection. It operates on an AC adapter, but it also has an optional battery backup in case of a power outage or if you just prefer using batteries alone.

Offering outstanding security, this pet door is available in medium and large sizes, both of which are more than enough for big cats.

High Tech Pet Power Pet Medium Electronic Pet Door PX-1
  • Motor driven vertically-sliding door is activated by MS-4 ultrasonic collar
  • Directional sensing system opens the door only when your pet is on a direct approach, not when he is just wandering by or sleeping next to the door
  • 4-way access control lets you select from In Only, Out Only, Full Access or Closed & Locked
  • Wind and weatherproof with airtight seal; automatic deadbolt locking adds a level of security higher than any other pet door
  • Panel size: 8-1/4 by 10-inch for cats and dogs up to 30-pound

What We Like

    • Motorized sliding door
    • Directional sensing technology
    • Completely weatherproof
    • Available in two sizes

What We Don’t Like

    • Expensive

Best for Monitoring – SureFlap Microchip Cat Door Connect

Last but not least, the SureFlap Microchip Cat Door Connect is a fantastic option for cat owners who are often out and about because it allows them to monitor their pets from anywhere.

Combined with the SureFlap Hub and Sure Petcare app, this cat door enables you to stay updated on your cat’s whereabouts so you can see what they’re really up to when you’re not home. This helps you better understand their behavior and patterns.

Using RFID technology, this cat door reads your pet’s implanted microchip and grants them exclusive access, learning up to 32 identities. If you own multiple cats, the integrated DualScan technology allows you to set exit permissions independently for each cat.

You can also lock and unlock this cat door remotely via the Sure Petcare app, which is extremely helpful if you’ve forgotten to lock the door before a vet visit or if there’s a storm on the way and you need to keep your cat safe inside.

Moreover, you can set a curfew time or create a schedule for when your cat is allowed outdoors.

The SureFlap Microchip Cat Door Connect is powered by 4 AA batteries and equipped with a low battery indicator that flashes red when a replacement is due.

SureFlap Microchip Cat Door Connect with Hub Bundle - Door Opening: The Microchip Cat Door Flap Opening is 5 5/8" (w) by 4 3/4" (h
  • MICROCHIP CAT DOOR CONNECT lets you stay connected to your pets from anywhere. Combined with the SureFlap Hub and Sure Petcare app, it enables you to keep updated on your cats’ comings and goings, to see what they really are up to when you’re away from home! Helps you understand their behavior and patterns better.
  • SCAN AND CONTROLS ON ENTRY AND EXIT: Dualscan Technology lets you set exit permissions for each cat. SCAN AND CONTROLS ON ENTRY AND EXIT. Using RFID technology to read your pet’s implanted ID microchip, allowing your pet access without letting in stray animals—learns up to 32 identities; Programmable RFID collar tags are sold separately for pets without microchips. SIMPLE ONE BUTTON Programming. LOCK AND UNLOCK CAT DOOR REMOTELY via the Sure Petcare App.
  • DOOR OPENING: The Microchip Cat Door Flap opening is 5 5/8" (w) by 4 3/4" (h) and can be installed in doors, windows or walls – accessories are available from SureFlap. MICROCHIP COMPATIBILITY: Works with 9 (Avid Secure), 10 (FDXA) and 15 (FDXB) digit microchip numbers; if unsure of your pet’s microchip number, you can check with your veterinarian, pet shelter or animal rescue.
  • BATTERY POWERED: Uses 4 AA non-rechargeable alkaline batteries (not included); estimated battery life up to 12 months depending on use. LOW BATTERY INDICATOR: Light flashes red when batteries are low and indicates batteries will need to be replaced soon.
  • The SureFlap Microchip Cat Door is a great gift for small dog breeds and cat lover’s – making safe spaces and homes for their pets. THREE YEAR WARRANTY.

What We Like

    • Allow remote monitoring
    • Great for forgetful cat owners
    • Very easy to install and program
    • High energy efficiency

What We Don’t Like

    • The opening is small
    • A bit pricey

How to Keep Raccoons Out of Cat Doors?

No cat owner wants to experience a raccoon roaming around their home. Luckily, there are a bunch of solutions that you can implement to keep out the masked critters.

Electronic Doors

As mentioned above, installing an electronic door is your best option when it comes to keeping unwanted critters from going through your cat door.

Traditional cat doors are basically flaps that your pet pushes against to get inside. For an intelligent animal like a raccoon, this is an easy core to crack.

With an electronic cat door, however, the door won’t open unless it’s for your cat.

Your cat will wear a collar with a microchip that gets recognized by the door. Once the door identifies your pet, it’ll unlock.

Night Locking

Raccoons become active at night, so locking the cat door every night will prevent them from coming in through it. Make sure that all your cats are inside the house before shutting the door for the night.

Light and Noise

You can try setting up motion detectors above the cat door. This will trigger a light to go on when a raccoon, or any other critter, comes near.

You can also leave a radio turned on low close by your car door at night. Switch it to a talk station so it sounds like you’re awake.

Removing Food from Outside

The main reason why a raccoon would enter your home via the cat door is because of food. If you tend to keep food outdoors for your pet, you’re just tempting raccoons to come and steal it, but you’re also intriguing them to explore the dining opportunities indoors.

Stop raccoons from becoming interested in what lies behind the cat entrance by removing any sort of food from either side of the pet door. Don’t leave cat food outside, don’t leave human food out in the open, and feed your cat as far away as possible from the pet door.

Electric Fencing

You can keep raccoons out of your cat door by preventing them from getting into your yard in the first place.

Raccoons are good climbers, which means a regular fence won’t be very effective. However, an electric fence running after dark will handle them just fine.

Can Raccoons Attack Cats?

While it does depend on the situation, it’s pretty common for a raccoon to attack a cat. Both animals are meat-loving, intelligent, and territorial, so it makes sense that they won’t become best buddies when they meet.

Unfortunately, raccoons usually have the upper hand in terms of speed, size, and attacking skills, making them difficult for most domestic cats to beat.

However, it’s also possible for a cat and a raccoon to become friends. They can even be seen eating side-by-side when cats are fed outdoors.

Will Raccoons Hurt Cats?

In addition to attacking and getting into scraps, a raccoon can hurt your cat in a few other ways including:

  • Transmitting dangerous diseases such as rabies
  • Transmitting external and internal parasites
  • Disturbing the otherwise peaceful environment causing stress and anxiety
  • Stealing your cat’s food

It doesn’t stop there. In some cases, a raccoon can actually eat your cat, especially if they’re small.

This is why kittens are in fatal danger if a raccoon is lingering nearby. The wild critter will most definitely try to attack and eat the kittens.

Does a Radio Deter Raccoons?

Yes, a radio can drive away raccoons because the sound of human voices implies that people are awake and deems your house “unsafe”. So if it doesn’t affect your sleep, leave a radio turned on and tuned to a talk station near your cat door at night.

Wrap Up

Choosing the best cat door to keep out raccoons can be pretty challenging if you don’t know what features to look for. Traditional cat doors aren’t exactly reliable since raccoons can easily figure out how to push it open, which is why your focus should be on electronic doors.

As you can see above, we’ve included 5 of the top-performing cat doors on the market, so you’ll be in safe hands no matter what you pick.

That being said, we recommend the PetSafe Interior and Exterior Cat Door as the overall winner thanks to its locking reliability, ease of use, and affordable price.