Top 3 Raccoon Proof Dog Doors (Solved!)

Raccoons are no strangers to using dog doors. In fact, a lot of dog owners have ended up with a raccoon or two in their homes. They are destructive beasts too, which doesn’t really bode well should one of them carry out a little light trespassing. If you live in an area with a lot of raccoons and have a dog or cat, then it may be worth investing in a raccoon-proof dog door.

On this page, we are going to look at the top raccoon-proof dog doors. We are also going to give a bit of advice on ensuring that raccoons don’t get through a currently existing dog door. Although, of course, the preferred option is to always buy a dedicated door for the job. 

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Best Racoon Proof Dog Doors

As we said; the best thing that you can do to keep raccoons out of your home is to purchase a raccoon-proof dog door. They aren’t that expensive, and you can be sure that with one of these installed, only your dog will be looking to get into your home.

PetSafe Electronic Smart Door

The PetSafe Electronic Smart Door has been long regarded as one of the best electric smart doors on the market. It has been designed for small to large pets, which means you can even use this door with your cat or the largest of dogs.

The only way this door opens is if your pet has the open key on its collar. When it approaches the door, the door will detect that the key fob is there, temporarily unlocking the door, allowing your pet to pass right on through. You can have up to 5 keys tied to the same dog door, which means that it can be an ideal choice for families with multiple pets.

Installation is dead simple, and since PetSafe is one of the largest pet accessories companies in the United States, you know that you are going to be in safe hands when you buy one of these.

PetSafe Electronic Pet Door - Automatic Dog and Cat Door - For Large Pets - Pets up to 100 lb
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR PET’S ACCESS: The Electronic Pet Door features programmable selective entry, exit and auto-locking options
  • PEACE OF MIND: The Electronic Pet Door works with the waterproof SmartKey worn on your pet's collar; only the pets wearing the SmartKey can go in and out
  • MULTIPLE PETS: Great for households with multiple pets; programmable for up to 5 SmartKeys
  • BATTERY OPERATED: The Electronic Pet Door is battery operated (4 D-Cell Batteries, not included)
  • DOOR INSTALLATION: Designed for installation in interior/exterior doors; wall installation option available with purchase of Wall Install Kit


  • Suitable for all sizes of pets
  • Can work with up to five animals
  • Only opens when your pet is close by


  • Doesn’t work on metal doors
  • Doesn’t work when close to metal appliances.


The OWNPETS dog door is a lockable dog door. It doesn’t rely on electronics, so you don’t have to worry about having keys attached to your pet’s collar or anything like that. 

These dog doors automatically shut themselves when your dog leaves through magnets. They provide a nice fit, which means that raccoons are unlikely to be able to sniff the foods in your home. This is important if you want to keep raccoons out of your property.

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While it does not have an electric lock, you will be able to lock the door manually. This can be ideal for when you do not want your dog going outside. However, it works wonders at keeping raccoons out at night (when they will be much more active).

Ownpets Dog Screen Door, Inside Door Flap 12x14x0.4 Inch, Lockable Pet Screen Door, Magnetic Self-Closing Screen Door with Locking Function, Sturdy Screen Door for Dogs Cats
  • Convenient Pet Screen Door: Inside size 14x12x0.5inch, outside size: 16x14x0.5 inch.This pet screen door is designed for screen windows or doors to allow your pets to get in/out. It's so convenient that they can get indoor or outdoor on their own.
  • Self-Closing & Lockable: Our dog screen door with built-in magnetic can keep the door automatically closed when your dog leaves. You can even lock the door to prevent your pets go out at night or when you are not at home.
  • Sturdy & Durable: Made of high quality ABS material. Screws reinforcement makes our pet screen door sturdy enough and never easily fell apart. It can last for long time.
  • Easy to Install & Use: Our dog screen door is easy to install. You can install it by your own. It's also easy for your beloved pets to push or close.
  • Versatile: The pet screen door allows you to install your pet screen door into a screen door, window and any other screen areas. It is suitable for all pets up to small/medium size dogs.


  • Easy installation
  • Works with most dog sizes
  • Affordable due to no complicated electrics. 


  • Raccoons can still get in during the day.

Power Pet Fully Automated Pet Door

The final option is this fully-automated pet door. It works in a very similar way to the PetSafe electronic dog door. This means that your dog approaches it with the opening key on its collar. However, this door is fully automatic. Your dog doesn’t have to push to open the door. Instead, they just need to wait for the door to slide upward.

This can actually be a bit better at keeping raccoons out. If you have a traditional flap, then a determined raccoon could claw away at it and eventually get in. It would take hours, but it is possible. That is going to be completely impossible with this automated pet door.  A raccoon would never be able to slide it upward.

You also have a degree of control over the door, including leaving it open or locking it.


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  • Door slides up, which makes it harder for raccoons to get in.
  • Can connect up to multiple pet collars.


  • Not the best brand in the world.

How To Keep Racoons Out Of Existing Dog Doors

If you already have a dog door, then we suggest that you replace it with something raccoon-proof. There isn’t a whole lot that you can do with an existing dog door to discourage raccoons from getting into your home. We have some tips, but they are not guaranteed to work. Skip ahead to the next section to find a door guaranteed to keep those raccoons out. 

Seal The Dog Door 

This does somewhat defeat the purpose of owning a dog door. However, if your dog is indoors, you can try and look for ways to seal the door up. It won’t be the most aesthetically pleasing thing in the world, but we have seen people install locks or bars across the door. It won’t prevent all raccoons from getting in, but if you make it difficult for them, the chances of them getting into your home will be seriously reduced.

Blank Out The Dog Door

This applies if you have a clear dog door. 

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The raccoons are going to be attracted to the light from your home. If you can blank it out with some black card, then this may make them more reluctant to get into your home. 

Keep Food Away From The Dog Door 

Raccoons have a very sensitive nose. The whole reason why they are getting into your home is that they are in search of food.

If you leave food by the dog door, then there is a chance that they will be able to smell it. Take it away and they have one less reason to get into your property.

Final Word

If you want to keep raccoons out of your home, you need to invest in a raccoon-proof dog door. It is the only way to guarantee that only your dogs will be using their dog door.