How Much Does a Dog Grooming Trailer Weigh? (Solved!)

Weight will vary from trailer to trailer, but we’ll use an example of a ‘fully loaded’ commercial trailer to give you a good idea. Expect a trailer to weight in the neighborhood of just over 5000 pounds. This will include your equipment, such as 3 water tanks, a bathtub, hydraulic grooming station, water pump, and wiring.

Depending on the features that you select, it could be a bit more spartan and thus lighter, or even heavier if you are going with some high-end commercial upgrades, but overall you should expect a base weight around 5000 pounds.

In today’s article, we’re going to answer questions that have been trending highly on the web in regards to mobile grooming trailers. They are an excellent option from a financial perspective and you might even be able to get a loan to help you get started.

Find out your options and important considerations by reading on through the sections below!

What do dog grooming trailers cost?

Pricing will vary quite a bit depending on whether you are building your own or purchasing a pre-made or used model, but with that said you can expect a good mobile dog grooming trailer to run you in the neighborhood of 20k brand new.

Features vary based on the manufacturer, but typically you’ll have things like hot, cold, and wastewater tanks, generator mounting and power supply, electrical outlets, a hydraulic grooming station, a tub, rubber floor, insulation, and more!

Numerous vendors are available, based on your location, and many have credit applications to help you purchase your grooming trailer or you might even consider an SBA loan to help get your business started with modern technology on your side.

What kind of features do dog grooming trailers have?

There are a lot of standard and high-end features that you can find in grooming trailers. Let’s take a at some options just to give you an idea of what is out there:

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  • High velocity dryers
  • Tub with an internal elevation station that raises and lowers a dog from the water
  • Waste disposal compartments
  • Drainage systems
  • Hydraulic grooming platforms
  • Independent generators
  • Insulation and heating and cooling tech

High velocity dryers, for instance, increase your drying time and thus the amount of dogs that you can groom, built-in drainage helps for cleanup, hydraulic platforms help to reduce back stress… you get the idea!

So, choose your default features wisely and ask about potential upgrades, just to make sure that your trailer can grow right along with your business.

Can I get a loan to get a dog grooming trailer?

Yes, you can apply for a loan with the Small Business Administration to help you in starting your business with a solid base of reliable, modern equipment.

Depending on your credit you might even be able to simply get a loan through your bank, but it’s best to check both options to compare the terms and see what will be best for starting your mobile grooming business.

How many dogs can you groom a day in a grooming trailer?

Some of the fastest groomers can groom up to 8 dogs in a day, although if you are a solo groomer then a maximum of 6 is generally the best to target.

After all, it’s about quality, not quantity, and you want to make sure that you have plenty of time to calm your canine customer and send them away looking their best!

Is mobile grooming more profitable than a grooming salon?

That all depends on your business model. What makes or breaks a grooming salon or a mobile grooming business, aside from the experience and creative skill of the groomer, is the additional offerings which your business can provide.

Your own dog treats, products that you endorse for your customers, even toys you give your canine clients to play with the stimulate a sale before the customer leaves – all these little things add up. So, be sure to diversify your business and if you build a good model, you can definitely compete with those ‘stationary’ salons.

What is the hardest part of grooming with a dog trailer?

If you are considering mobile grooming then you should know ahead of time that some of the best upgrades that you can get are going to be related to cleaning. Convenient, built-in storage bins, drainage, and a solid cleanup strategy are a good idea, as this is going to be taking up a large chunk of your time.

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Stations need to be spotless when you arrive to a new client, after all, so be sure to be prepared well in advance. A well-kept, clean grooming trailer will be remembered and contribute to referral business, so working up a strategy in advance is an excellent idea.

Do I need to refill water often with a dog grooming trailer?

You want to have at least 2 water tanks in your grooming trailer. This will help to ensure that you’ve got enough water and if you have a water heater then the 3 tanks should be something like this:

  • 20 gallon tank for hot water
  • 50 gallon cold water tank
  • 50 gallon wastewater tank

This will help to ensure that you only have to fill the hot and cold water tanks in the morning, as well as empty out the wastewater tank, and you should be thus prepared for a good day’s business without running out of water or wastewater storage.

Do I need insurance to groom with a dog grooming trailer?

Yes, you are going to need to have insurance with your trailer. Liability insurance will be required at the very least and you will want insurance on your employees as well. That way if a dog harms themselves because they are nervous or even bites an employee, then in both cases you will have some protection against legal action.

Who sells dog grooming trailers?

You’ve got a lot of vendors to choose from, but some examples include ‘’, “Wag’n Tails’, “My Dirty Dog”, and “U Groom’, just to name a few. Check around and be sure to make yourself a list of desirable features for your mobile grooming trailer.

We recommend finding a model that you like, writing down the features, and using this as a base for comparison. You can print it up and put the competitors names next to it and check off the features that match and also note the pricing.

Once you finish, take the 2 best and most affordable options, and consider starting a bidding war. Inform both companies that you are interested in a grooming trailer and see who pitches the lowest cost. Get this low bid in writing and present it to the competitor.

This is a slow process, but it can save you quite a lot of money if you are patient and let these companies fight for your business.

How do I calm dogs down for grooming in a mobile grooming trailer?

Calming a dog before a grooming session can be done in a number of non-medical ways (which you need to avoid – only vets should be sedating dogs and even over the counter meds such as Benadryl should not be administered).

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Burning lavender candles is one was to calm dogs, as they seem to find the scent relaxing much like humans do. A pheromone diffuser is also a great investment, as this calms a dog by producing calming pheromones in the air. You can give the dog a toy and speak soothingly and let the pheromones so their work!