Is it Easy to Learn Dog Grooming? (Solved!)

Yes, dog grooming is easy to learn but it will take time to master. To understand whether it will be easy to learn dog grooming or not will largely rely on several factors. The most important of these is if you want to learn it as a profession or only to be able to groom your own dog. In this latter instance, it will be fairly easy. But, if you want to do this as a career, then it will be difficult.

Even if you want to do it as a means of earning money, the level of difficulty in learning the art of grooming will depend on your education. However, there are many other aspects to being a dog groomer that newcomers should know. Unfortunately most of this is very difficult.

Learning To Groom Your Own Dog

Learning how to groom your own dog should be fairly easy. But, of course, this will depend on how antsy your dog is and how well it behaves to stay still. Because your dog interacts with you often, it may be difficult at first. However, you can always train your dog for when it’s time to groom and have them obey.

Then there’s the actual learning of the techniques. It’s advisable to take an official course, even if it’s at a commercial pet store. They will help give you an overview of what you should do and what the best hygienic practices will be. Plus, you’ll learn how to cut, style, wash and dry the dog with as little struggle as possible.

But, if you want to get yourself started, watch some videos from social media sites online. Also, there are several websites that have a free starter course for dog owners. There are so many resources, it’s easy to get started.

How To Train Your Dog So You Can Groom It

Training your dog for grooming will take a little time, patience and treats. You’ll want to start by having your dog sit and stay while you brush it. Ensure the dog allows you access to all areas of its body. If your dog nips and bites while you brush, just firmly say “no.”

Then, stop brushing and stroke the dog while speaking in a kind but assertive voice. Slowly start brushing again and if the dog goes to bite again, gently hold the muzzle, make eye contact and repeat, “no.” Start the process over again. After every successful brushing session, give the dog a special treat.

Treats Are Key

When the dog does well with basic brushing, move on to nail clipping then bathing, trimming, styling and so on. Each time you make it through the grooming event, be sure to reward the dog. Make the rewards bigger as you move onto more difficult services.

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Additional Training

If you have problems with your dog sitting still, obeying or listening to your commands, enlist the help of a qualified and experienced dog trainer. Also, if it’s an issue that goes beyond training, you may want to contact a canine behavioral specialist.

Never Punish a Dog During Grooming

Never yell, scold, beat, hit or be violent or aggressive with the dog if it’s not behaving during grooming. This will not get the dog to behave, it will only make the pooch fear and loathe grooming. Dogs respond best to positive reinforcement. If a dog isn’t obeying, it’s because of you, not the dog.

Learning Dog Grooming as a Career

As a career, dog grooming can be very difficult to learn. Of course this depends on how much experience you have grooming dogs and where you choose to get your education. Another reason why it’s difficult to learn dog grooming is the fact that you will have to deal with a variety of dogs.

It’s not like learning how to groom your own dog where you can train the dog, which will become easier over time. As a professional, the breed turnaround will occur all day. For example, you may have a Toy Poodle refusing to sit still no matter what. Then the appointment after might be a St. Bernard that’s so well-behaved you’ll wish all dogs were like it.

Then there’s the matter of dealing with the dog’s owners. People are protective of their precious fur babies and one misstep can cause a hugely dramatic scene. So, you not only have to know how to manage the dogs but also, possibly more importantly, people.

Easiest Way to Learn Dog Grooming as a Career

The easiest way to learn professional dog grooming is to get a certification or diploma from a trusted, qualified dog grooming school. At the same time, get a job or internship as an assistant to a professional dog grooming service. This way you’ll get simultaneous hands-on experience while also getting a fair amount of formal learning.


Does It Take Very Long to Become a Professional Dog Groomer?

Certifications can take as little as six weeks to as much as two and a half months. Diplomas will take much longer and be more difficult. You can complete such programs in a couple years on average. Some are less than a year while others are the same as going to a regular four-year college.

What’s the Easiest Thing about Having a Career as a Dog Groomer?

There really isn’t anything terribly easy about having a career as a dog groomer. In fact, it’s quite challenging and it isn’t for everyone. It takes more than just loving animals, although it’s a good supporting factor. There are many skills you should have and they don’t come easy.

Anything that is “easy” would be a stroke of situational luck. For instance, you have a well-behaved dog, a kind dog owner or other such thing. You should be a stickler for organization, punctuality and assertiveness mixed with compassion. A love of learning, understanding various breeds and welcoming challenges are absolute musts.

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