What Is a Dog Grooming Diploma? (Solved & Explained!)

A dog grooming diploma is a document to indicate someone’s qualifications in being able to wash, cut, style and trim nails on canine companions. While it’s not necessary to have one in every state across the US, it’s good to have one in any case. It lends a groomer more credibility and gives dog owners additional peace of mind.

It’s not difficult to become a dog groomer but there are some things you have to do and keep in mind. Depending on where you want to go and what kind of things you want to learn, getting a dog grooming diploma can be expensive. Regardless, it can be a rewarding career while providing a decent source of income.

Should You Get a Dog Grooming Diploma if Your State Doesn’t Require It?

While most states don’t set specific qualifications or regulations to become a dog groomer, taking a course will fortify a person’s position as something of an expert. Taking the time to undergo professional training tells potential clients you care about their fur babies.

What Does a Dog Grooming Diploma Entail?

Professional training teaches people hygiene, health and safety procedures. It also shows how to bath, wash and dry dogs along with the finer points of styling, cutting, clipping and nail trimming. This comes with a behavioral overview in helping groomers deal with dogs of varying temperaments.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Dog Grooming Diploma?

Different schools and educational organizations have a varied curriculum when it comes to getting a dog grooming diploma. Some schools offer one within as little as 23 days while others can take almost two years. The longer learning times will usually involve apprenticeships and/or internships before you can receive your diploma.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Dog Grooming Diploma?

Depending on where you go and how long their program is, a dog grooming school can cost as little as $100 but it can also be as much as $6,000 or more. Grooming tools and text book inclusions with the tuition fee will also weigh heavily into the total cost.

Is it Worth the Time and Money to Get a Dog Grooming Diploma?

If you’re a person who loves working with dogs and has a natural way of handling them, then becoming a dog groomer will be worth the time and money. Don’t become a dog groomer because you need to find something to do. Truly, you should have a penchant and profound love for canines to do this job.

Is There a High Demand and Job Security for Dog Groomers?

There will always be a demand for qualified and trustworthy dog groomers. Many owners find it challenging, if not impossible, to groom their dog themselves. They may also not have the time, skill, desire or patience to do it. So, a professional who has these virtues will always have a job and be in demand.

How Much of an Annual Salary Can the Average Dog Groomer Expect to Make?

The average annual salary of a dog groomer is nothing to bark at. Newcomers to the industry can expect to make around $20,000 per year. But diploma holders have the potential to start at around $35,000 and seasoned vets can make around $45,000.

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What’s the Biggest Downside about Being a Dog Groomer?

One of the biggest bummers about being a dog groomer is that most dogs are difficult to groom because it’s rare that they stay still and well-behaved. This means haircuts take much longer than it would for a person. Plus, it doesn’t cost as much as a haircut does for people. So, you’re doing twice the amount of work for much less money.

Are There Any Other Undesirable Aspects to Being a Dog Groomer?

Aside from grooming tools costing an exorbitant amount of money, there are a few other aspects to being a dog groomer that are undesirable. Anyone interested in taking on this profession should be aware of some things in this regard.

First, understand that you will probably cut a dog from time to time on accident. Not only will the yelp from the dog be heartbreaking and unbearable, but so will the reaction from the owner. It will be imperative that you have a thick skin and a gut of galvanized steel while maintaining professionalism and compassion.

Also, some dogs have poor training or behavioral issues that will make them next to impossible to groom. This is where having patience and compassion comes in. You must have a great ability to stay calm while also keeping the dog calm.

Are There Any Useful Tips for Prospective Dog Groomers?

You have to develop an intricate knowledge of various dog breeds including coats, temperaments and genetics. It reduces any surprises for you and the owner can take solace in your refined knowledge. Studying each breed will go a long way.

Also understand you will need to have a mini emergency medical kit for yourself in the event you receive a severe bite or a dog attacks you. Some grooming establishments require their groomers have their own insurance for this too.

Do You Have to Have a High School Diploma to Get a Dog Grooming Diploma?

Whether you have to have a high school diploma or not to get a dog grooming diploma will depend on the school and the state’s laws. In some places you don’t need to have any kind of GED or high school diploma. But there are some schools that won’t accept your application without a primary education.

What Other Qualifications and Skills Should You Have to Become a Dog Groomer?

Being a dog groomer is more than just being able to cut a dog’s hair and bathe it. Not only should you have a true love for dogs, but you should also have a solid understanding of general canine behavior. Plus, you should have patience, tolerance, compassion and a gentle touch with acute and innate dog-whispering skills.