Are Parti Yorkies Loyal to One Person? (Solved & Explained!)

Parti Yorkies are loyal to one person in the family, however, they will show some degree of loyalty to all they love. This is due to the character of the Parti Yorkies. They like to follow the leader and may become especially close to one person.

This love can sometimes go as far as jealousy if your Parti Yorkie is untrained.

Parti Yorkies are one of the most loyal dog breeds. Especially in times of danger, they take a protective attitude and want to protect their owners at all costs. This instinctive approach results in absolute loyalty to their families.

Why Do Parti Yorkies Get Deeply Attached to One Person Only?

Dogs in general are inclined to attach themselves to one person the most. There are multiple reasons for this. 

1. Bonding 

From puppyhood onwards, your Parti Yorkie will bond more closely with a member of the household, usually the person who cares for them the most.

This bond grows so strong over time that the Parti becomes attached, knowing that the person is responsible for most of their happiness. They play together, travel together, and sleep together. 

The person that meets the Parti Yorkie’s needs the most and dedicates the most time to him is the person the Parti Yorkie feels closest to himself, almost like a parent. In this way, a perfect bond is established between the two parties.

2. Evolutionary trait

Another reason why your Parti Yorkie might be more loyal to one of their family members is evolutionary herd psychology. 

Since dogs have lived in packs for centuries, they usually see one of the members as the alpha, and usually follow what they do and where they go.

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This is the person who usually makes the decisions, conducts the training of the Parti, and generally takes the lead with the rest of the family.

3. Physical affection and special chemistry

It’s obvious how cute and friendly Parti Yorkies are. Our interest in them and our constant physical contact make them love us more. 

If one member of the family is especially fussy of the Parti Yorkie and pays extra attention to them and supplies resources for the comfort, Parti Yorkies will hold a special place for that person in their heart.

If someone in the family constantly fulfills this task and showers them with love and treats, Parti Yorkies will seek out that person to return to favor with extra love and cuddles.

Do Parti Yorkies Bond With Only One Person?

Parti Yorkies, like other dogs, bond more closely with one of their family members. It is usually the person who caters to their needs the most.

However, just because they are closest to one person does not mean they don’t have extra love for the whole family. Despite their small size, Parti Yorkies have big hearts and have a lot of love and affection to give.

in fact, Parti Yorkies are great for large families as sometimes their need to love and attention can be overwhelming for just one person. Families with older kids are especially good for Parti Yorkies as children love to interact with dogs and share in cuddles often.

What If I Am Not My Parti Yorkie’s Favorite Person?

If you feel that you are not your Parti Yorkie’s favorite person, the first thing to do is to accept the situation. 

Dogs are free to make different choices, just like us humans. If you give your dog the attention it deserves, a bond will form effortlessly.

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Also, identifying your Parti Yorkie’s needs and approaching them accordingly may cause them to like you more. 

Try to spend more time with your Parti Yorkie than usual. Make sure he is happy and feeling good by playing various games with him and spending time cuddling on the sofa.

Your dog will get used to you more as they spend time with you and will see you as a playmate. In addition, dogs love the person who gives them extra food and treats.

This is the basic psychology of most dogs. If you contribute to its survival and continuity, it will likely love you more than any other family member.

Are Parti Yorkies Protective Of Their Owners?

Parti Yorkies are very protective of their owners. The reason for this is their unconditional love for their owners and desire to defend what is ‘theirs’.

Contrary to their small bodies, Parti Yorkies have the confidence of a Great Dane. Parti Yorkies can be very protective in times of danger and will do their best to protect their owners. 

Parti Yorkies inherit this attitude from their ancestral bloodline. When it comes to the people they love, there is nothing this breed cannot do.

Are Parti Yorkies Jealous?

Parti Yorkies are very attached to their owners and can show jealousy from time to time. 

If you don’t give your Parti Yorkie the attention they need, they will try to get your attention and hold it. In severe cases, this can lead to behavioral issues.

Parti Yorkies can become aggressive towards others who have your attention, if not correctly trained. aggression leads to anti-social behavior and you may find yourself having to send your Parti Yorkie to another room to protect visitors and guests.

This is not what most dog owners want and it is not in the best interests of the Parti Yorkie. Therefore you should socialize your Parti Yorkie at a young age, make sure they have time with other animals and people, and basically learn to share your time.

Are Parti Yorkies Aggressive With Strangers?

Parti Yorkies are wary of strangers, but they will not become aggressive if they have been trained correctly.

Parti Yorkies that are used to meeting new people will develop social skills that will enable them to tell the difference between a threat and a friendly face. Parti Yorkies that haven’t learned this skill are wary of everyone and can become aggressive towards innocent visitors.

Therefore, you should make sure that your Parti Yorkie is adequately socialized from puppyhood to avoid anti-social behavior.