Are Yorkies Cuddlers? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkies are absolutely bundles of love who enjoy cuddling with their pet parents and those they trust. Yorkies would always prefer to be around people, getting and giving attention. 

When Yorkies are treated with kindness and adoration, they will become the most loyal companions and a constant source of joy. If you are looking to bring home an animal that will appreciate all the love and cuddles you have to share, a Yorkie will be the perfect pet for you.

Do Yorkies Like To Cuddle?

Yorkies enjoy cuddling up to their warm, soft humans. They will happily jump on your lap when it’s nap time, or they’ll be right next to you when you’re on the couch watching television. Yorkies can also get cold, which they really don’t like, so they’ll love cuddling with you and a big, fluffy blanket.

While a younger Yorkie might want to play and run around before settling down for a cuddle, an older Yorkie would be content hanging by their families side all day. If you’re sure to play with them and their toys, they’ll appreciate your time and want to reward you with a cuddle when they’re tired out.

Do Yorkies Like To Sleep With You?

Yorkies love their sleep, and they also love their pet parents. Thus, they like to combine the two.

Yorkies will love cuddling up to you in bed when you’re sleeping. They’ll appreciate your body warmth, as well as the chance to bond with you in such a trusting and vulnerable manner.

Are Yorkies Affectionate?

Yorkies are very affectionate dogs towards those they know and trust. They are suckers for attention, and they will give the same amount of attention back to their pet parents.

One thing you’ll also notice is that your Yorkie will often make direct eye contact with you. This is actually because the bond they create with their pet parents, which includes trusting you enough to maintain eye contact, actually has health benefits for them – and for you. The act releases oxytocin in both you and your Yorkie, which has mood-lifting benefits.

How Do Yorkies Show Affection?

There are many ways Yorkies show affection. They will kiss and “groom” those they love, and will find ways to be physically close to you. They’ll also sniff you a lot, which is their way of figuring you out making sure you’re healthy.

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Yorkies also love to watch what their humans are doing, and will often follow you around and try to help you with whatever you’re doing.

Why Are Yorkies So Clingy?

Yorkies are bonding dogs, and enjoy being with their pet parents. They are very loyal to their families, and they have an ingrained tendency to feel protective over their families. They can become anxious if left alone a lot, so it’s important to shower them with attention before you leave home and once you get home.

Yorkies are also known to sometimes pick their favorite human in their family, so they might be more prone to cuddling with one person over another.

Are Yorkies Protective?

Yorkies can be very protective dogs, and their size will not hold them back from defending their family. They are prone to keeping their eyes on their families to keep tabs on what they are doing, and they pay close attention to their surroundings.

Do Yorkies Like Kisses?

Yorkies love to give people lots of kisses, and especially love to kiss faces. They might not completely understand what your kisses mean at first, but they can learn to associate the action with affection.

Do Yorkies Like To Be Pet?

The urge to pet a soft, adorable bundle of fur like a Yorkie is one that is impossible to fight. Thankfully, Yorkies love being pet and showered with affection. Yorkies also love to be carried around, which is super easy since they are so tiny.

Are Yorkies Smart?

Yorkies are very intelligent dogs which is very easy to see when you observe their behavior. Yorkies were bred to help control rodent populations, and their keen senses, agility, and observation skills are still much a part of their mentality.

Are Yorkies Social?

Your Yorkie will happily lap up any attention they can get, even if it’s from other people. They enjoy being told how cute they are, and will put on a performance for others if it means they’ll get praise.

Yorkies will also get used to being around people if they are socialized that way when they are young. Of course, you should always ensure that people you bring around your Yorkie are gentle, play with them, and give them space when they are tired.

Are Yorkies Easy To Train?

Yorkies can be a little bit stubborn when it comes to training, but that’s just because they are so lively. Training your Yorkie to control their barking is a little bit of a challenge, but it’s not impossible.

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You should practice patience and be sure to reward them for their good behavior. You should also be sure to take them on walks to tire them out and avoid any in-home accidents.

Are Yorkies Good With Other Animals?

Yorkies are known to get along pretty well with other animals, so long as they are socialized well. Once the animals get along, your Yorkie will be happy to have a companion when you have to leave home.

Just be sure you’re able to give your Yorkie ample attention, or it might not be worth bringing another animal home if you’re considering it.

Are Yorkies A Good Family Dog?

Yorkies can be a wonderful companion for families. It’s not always recommended that they live with families with small children, as they are small dogs who are easy to injure. Similarly, if they feel threatened or annoyed, they might possibly become nippy.

That being said, they are typically very kind to kids. You just have to be sure to teach your kids how to be respectful when handling animals, and establish boundaries to ensure your Yorkie feels safe.