How Long Do Invisible Fences Last? (Solved!)

How long do invisible fences last? If an invisible fence is installed correctly underground, it could last longer than predicted. Most invisible fences are designed to last for 27 years. Keep reading to learn more about the lifespan of an invisible fence and find out if they are really worth the money.

How long do invisible fences last? 

If you install an invisible fence underground, you can expect it to last for an average of 27 years. However, this is only if the fence is left undisturbed.

If you dig it up for any reason, it may affect how long the fence lasts. It’s important to keep in mind that every brand of electric fence is manufactured differently from the next, so some may last longer than others. 

How much power does an invisible fence use?

You may want to estimate how much money you will spend on the power bill each year to keep an invisible fence running. An invisible fence doesn’t use a lot of electricity.

Actually, it uses the same amount of electricity as a nightlight. Most homeowners only pay an extra $10 annually on their electric bill for the electric fence.

Will rough terrain affect how long an invisible fence lasts?

Invisible fences are designed to be effective on any type of property. If you install one in an area with a lot of complications, such as rocks and hills, the invisible fence will still be effective.

These fences are designed to be efficient in every type of landscape.

Is an invisible fence more expensive than a regular fence?

The technology behind the invisible fence doesn’t make it more costly.

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Actually, it’s the very opposite. Most invisible fences cost an average of 40 to 80 % less than a traditional fence.

The cost of wood and other materials needed to build a fence is higher than what an invisible fence costs. 

Can a dog dig up an electric fence?

When your invisible fence is installed correctly, it will be down deep enough where it is safe and secure. No matter how excited your dog gets when they are digging, they will not be able to dig it up. You will not have to worry about your dog’s curiosity affecting how long your invisible fence will last.

Will an invisible fence work with a regular fence?

Many people still want to install a regular fence to keep other animals from entering their yard. Having both fences makes them feel more secure because they know their dog won’t be able to escape if someone leaves the gate open.

Having a regular fence on your property won’t affect how long your invisible fence lasts because it can be moved if necessary for installation. 

How come my dog crossed over the invisible fence?

If you just installed an invisible fence a few years ago and your dog crossed over it, you don’t have to panic. The reason why your dog was able to pass is most likely because the batteries on the collar they are wearing died.

Simply change the batteries in your dog’s collar to see if the problem has been fixed. If not, contact the company you purchased the fence from.

Will weather affect how the invisible fence works?

Invisible fences are designed to work in any type of weather. They will be just as effective on a hot day as they will during a rainstorm.

These fences will even work when temperatures are well below freezing. All the weather changes will not affect how long they last. 

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Will the quality of wire affect how long an invisible fence lasts?

The quality of the invisible fence is very important when it comes to how long it lasts. This is because the invisible fence is a very thin wire that gets installed underground.

It’s important to invest in a strong high-quality fence because a cheap and flimsy wire is more likely to break or wear out sooner. 

Will your invisible fence affect your neighbor’s?

If you and your neighbor both have invisible fences installed, there is a chance that they could affect one another.

If these fences are installed too closely, the signals may cancel each other out. If this happens, your dogs may start to visit each one another for an afternoon playdate. 

Will power outages affect how long the invisible fence lasts?

Most invisible fences are not affected by power outages because they have a backup battery pack. This means that you can still let your dog roam the yard without worry while the power is out.

However, it’s not recommended to run the battery pack for more than an hour. You may be required to find an additional power source, like a generator.

Are invisible fences worth the money?

Invisible fences are worth the money because they pay for themselves over time. These fences should last at least 2 decades and they are relatively maintenance-free.

On top of that, they don’t use very much power, so they don’t create a significant change on the monthly power bill. Most homeowners don’t even notice the extra charge.

Will renovations on a property affect how long an invisible fence lasts?

An invisible fence shouldn’t be affected by any major renovations on your property. If you will be digging in an area close by where the fence lines, you should move the fence before you begin renovating.

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This will prevent any damage from occurring to the fence wires while the work is in progress. It’s best to be prepared before you start to avoid problems with the fence later on.

If the invisible fence wire breaks, will I need to buy a new fence?

While an invisible fence is built to last, accidents can happen. If the wire breaks, you may not have to throw out the fence.

Speak to the company where you purchased the fence because they will likely have the solution to fix it. The same technicians that install the fence are also experienced at fixing the wires.