How Do Groomers Get Paid? (Solved & Explained!)

There are 4 different ways in which groomers get paid. They get paid hourly wages, salary wages, 30% to 60% commissions, or a combination of these. Most often it is an hourly rate plus an average 50% commission, but this is going to vary a lot based on where you decide to work.

Solo groomers who own their own business get paid for their own grooming, as well as up to 50% commission that they get when one of their employees grooms a dog, so this is also quite a lucrative way to earn a living.

In today’s article, we’re going to answer questions about grooming wages and what you can expect. We’ve collected a list of questions from people just like you that are trending high on the web this week. Want to know how to get more clients or what mobile groomers make in the state of Texas?

Read on to find out the answers to these questions and more in the sections below!

How does commission work in dog grooming?

It depends on where you are working, but typically a commission for groomers working for a grooming business will range between 30% and 60%, with 50% being the average commission that a groomer will receive.

For most grooming business owners, a 50% commission is given to employees in return for the use of the salon or grooming van’s equipment, as well as the business that comes from brand recognition of the business itself.

Is there money in dog grooming?

Yes, there is definitely money in grooming, but a lot depends on how you are doing it. For instance, many groomers working for businesses report an average of around 24k, with 18k salary being on the low end, and top earners typically are around 36k.

There are certainly exceptions, of course, and solo groomers or salon owners can earn much more, with some salons reporting 75 up to 100k in yearly profits. A lot will depend on location, whether you are working for a business or if you own your own, and the skill of the individual groomer or collective skills of their team.

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How much do dog groomers make in California?

In California, the average salary reported by groomers working for a grooming business is reported around 31k, although solo groomers can certainly make more or less than this established figure.

With grooming, it’s all about building the trust of a dedicated client pool – with talent and the trust of your customers, a groomer can do quite well in California and just about anywhere else that there’s demand.

How much does a Dog Groomer make in Texas?

Texas is an excellent place to be a groomer, with salary for this job running anywhere between 28.5k up to 43.6k, depending on the location. Prominent cities like Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and Houston are ideal places for groomers, as the economy is solid and there is a lot of demand for good grooming services.

How much do mobile dog groomers make in Texas?

Mobile grooming is apparently in high demand in the Lone Star state, with a reported average of 31 up to 46k in yearly earnings, and with the top percentage of mobile groomers earning as much as 55k annually. That’s a pretty penny, making Texas a great city to be a professional dog groomer in.

How much do dog groomers make in Ohio?

Although salaries have been reported to be as high as 55k, more often dog groomers in Ohio will fall into an income range somewhere between a low of 14.5k to an average close to 24k.

The top 10% earners, by contrast, are closer to 48k yearly, making Ohio another excellent state to be a groomer and yet another example that grooming can be quite the lucrative career choice for those with the drive and skill to push for their success.

How much do dog groomers make in Colorado?

Colorado is another great state for grooming, with top earners getting as much as 48k to 56k in reported earning, though the average can be considerably lower. Close to 25% of groomers reported earning around 24k yearly, though the other 75% polled reported making closer to 37k.

Some reports of salary as low as 14.5k were also reported, though these were uncommon.

How much do dog groomers make in Michigan?

On average, dog groomers in the state of Michigan reported earning ranging between 25.5 to 35k per year. Top earners in this state, however, reported yearly wages at closer to 42 to 54k. This is pretty solid income and just another important statistic that shows how much people love pampering and taking care of their pets!

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How can I make more money as a dog groomer?

The best way to make more money as a dog groomer, aside from hiring more staff and getting 50% commission on each dog they groom, is going to be diversifying your offerings. You want to make sure that you are selling products, for instance, and having a few exclusives that you produce is a great way to make extra bank.

Make sure that you have bona fides backing up your experience, such as safety certification from the AKC and formal training for both you and your employees as well. People want the best for their pets and this level of excellence definitely commands a higher price and sets verifiable standards for your brand!

How do I get more clients as a dog groomer?

Take advantage of online options such as Google business. With Google business, people can find your salon much more easily and they can also leave valuable feedback. ALWAYS reply to the feedback, especially the negative. Handling customer disputes professionally can actually get you more business.

Facebook is another good way to generate clientele and it’s free to use. Do a search under the ‘groups’ section for dog groups in your area. Some of them will allow you to advertise and you can take things a step further by producing videos that people will want to watch.

Show off the latest cut styles for different breeds, give how-to tips on grooming or making treats… you get the idea! Generate attention in this way and you’ll definitely notice the change in your business volume, sometimes practically ‘overnight’!