Do Chihuahuas Pick a Favorite Person? (Solved & Explained!)

According to the American Kennel Club, chihuahua’s are highly loyal lapdogs, never happier than when they’re with their person.

When chihuahuas are only exposed to one person -or spend more time with just one person- they form a strong attachment that leads to favoring one member of the family over others or a fear of strangers disrupting their relationship.

The rest of this article will explain how a chihuahua chooses a favorite person, how to become their favorite person, and how to avoid negative behavior that may arise from chihuahua’s loyalty.

How do you Become your Chihuahua’s Favorite Person?

Becoming your chihuahua’s favorite person is based on the dog’s personality and yours! Chihuahuas gravitate toward humans that share their interests. Despite loving lap time, chihuahuas have much energy. People that will spend time training chihuahuas will develop a unique and unbreakable bond. This includes socializing, teaching new tricks, engaging chihuahuas in enrichment activities, and of course affection.

Can a Chihuahua’s Favorite Person Change?

Don’t worry if your chihuahua doesn’t take to you immediately: a chihuahua’s favorite person can change over time. As people enter and leave the home, chihuahuas can form new bonds. It is likely that chihuahuas will have the closest bond with whoever is giving the most consistent attention and affection.

What Can Negatively Affect your Relationship with your Chihuahua?

Chihuahuas need affection, attention, and exercise to feel secure and happy. It doesn’t seem like much, but they will notice if something is off. The relationship can become strained when chihuahuas feel their needs are not being met.  Chihuahuas expect a response to their needs and desires almost immediately; if that’s not met they will seek security elsewhere.

How do you Bond with your Chihuahua?

Bonding with your chihuahua should be fun and enjoyable for everyone involved! Their portability allows you to bring them wherever they are allowed. Keeping your chihuahua close will fulfill their need for security and attention. Participating in a training course offers a chance to effectively socialize your dog and solidify that you are their person.

Where does this Behavior Come From?

Chihuahuas are tiny and cute dogs, often used as an accessory and taken everywhere their owner goes. This reputation, paired with chihuahuas’ desire to stay warm and cozy in their person’s lap and feel protected, builds the bond between a chihuahua and their favorite human. Without the opportunity to meet new people frequently, they stick with what they know and reject what they don’t.

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What is the Chihuahua’s Personality?

Chihuahuas are full of character. Their loyalty and energy may come across as sass or ferocity at times. Still, the truth is that chihuahuas are brilliant dogs who want to be of service to their person and participate in bonding activities. Chihuahuas are outspoken; they’re not afraid to tell you when you’ve overstepped your bounds or they want more attention.

Should I Encourage or Discourage the Behavior?

Vets and dog trainers advise chihuahua owners to proactively socialize their dogs from a young age. Socializing helps curb any aggression or fear that may arise when new people come into the home. It establishes a stronger relationship and prevent relationship damage if you have to board your chihuahua. Exposing your chihuahua to friends, family members, and even other dogs allows him the opportunity to associate other people with positive things- like treats!

How do you Socialize a Chihuahua?

Socializing is an excellent opportunity to build a long-lasting bond with your dog. To avoid overwhelming the chihuahua, opt to bring friends and family into your home instead of going to a dog park. Pet-friendly stores offer a great way to expose your chihuahua to diverse people

Is a Chihuahua Right for You?

Consider your personality and lifestyle before opting to give a chihuahua its forever home. Chihuahuas bond with people like them and provide them with consistent attention, training, and food. If you’re able to spend most of your free time with your dog have the flexibility to provide training consistently, a chihuahua is a great addition to your family.

Is a Chihuahua a Family Dog?

Chihuahuas can make a great addition to your family! If you have small children, you may want to spend extra time socializing your chihuahua with that age group. Chihuahuas are very loyal to the humans they know and love; this extends to known members of their favorite person’s family. Chihuahas need to be monitored around children, toddlers and young kids – because of their tiny size they can be easily injured by rough play, and may bite if hurt.

Is There a Difference Between Male and Female Chihuahuas?

Male chihuahuas are slightly bigger than females. Male chihuahuas are often associated with more loyalty and territorial behavior when compared to females. Female chihuahuas are less rowdy and quieter. When considering a chihuahua, it is essential to consider the differences in behavior across genders that may affect your relationship with the dog. 

Can Chihuahuas live in a Multi-dog Household?

Chihuahuas can happily live in a household with other dogs. It is usually easier to introduce a young chihuahua to a new companion so that the socialization begins early. New puppies can be raised to an older chihuahua; this requires time, patience, and potentially input from a professional dog trainer.

What’s the Best Way to Introduce Chihuahuas to Other Dogs?

Introducing your chihuahua to new dogs can be nerve wrecking, especially knowing that their fierce loyalty can sometimes lead to fear aggression, but it can be done safely. Introduce dogs away from your chihuahua’s home. As the human and the one in charge, its important you stay calm and give clear commands; be sure to reward positive interactions.

What are Other Dogs Similar to Chihuahuas?

Chihuahuas have a unique personality that is hard to match. While there aren’t many dogs with similar personalities, some dogs of similar sizes also make fabulous, loyal pets. Papillons, Japanese chin, and Russian toy dogs look like long-haired chihuahuas. Other small loyal dogs are Pomeranians, Yorkshire terriers, and toy spaniels.

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