How Do Groomers Make Dogs So Fluffy? (Solved & Explained!)

The secret to how groomers make dogs so fluffy is a technique called “Fluff Drying.” While it does take practice to master, anyone can do it after learning it. It involves a hair dryer, a slicker brush and a spray bottle to make it happen. Fluff drying isn’t complicated, but there is a trick to it.

When dogs are fluffy after an appointment at the grooming salon, it’s a sign they’re clean and fresh. The following article will discuss the tips, tricks and methods for making a dog fluffy. If you still lack the confidence to fluff dry your own dog by the end, just bite the bullet and take it to a qualified groomer.

What Is Fluff Drying?

Fluff drying is a technique used to give dogs that fresh, full and soft appearance. With the help of a brush and a blow dryer, fluff drying straightens a dog’s hair and gives it more volume. This makes it easier to cut the hair as well.

How Do Groomers Execute Fluff Drying?

The general method in how groomers execute fluff drying on a dog is pretty straightforward. However simple it is in concept and theory, it’s far more difficult in practice.

Wash & Rinse

But, basically, they first wash, shampoo and condition the dog’s hair followed by a thorough rinsing. Then, they use a thick towel and pat the dog’s coat dry followed by using a slicker brush. This brings out excess water that’s deep within the hair follicles.

Blow Dryer & Slicker Brush

Next, they turn on the blow dryer and use the same slicker brush to lift the hair at the roots while pointing the blow dryer at the brush. This goes against the grain as they slowly brush through the coat, which makes it fluffy as all get out. It’s similar to how people use a blow dryer on their own head of hair.

In the event they find patches of matted fur, they’ll use the cooler setting on the blow dryer and slowly work the area with the slicker brush. They will finally go over the entire coat to ensure the fluff holds, going against the natural direction of the coat. When finished, the dog is all soft and fluffed.

Why Do Groomers Wash the Dog First?

The reason why poochie gets a bath first is because clean fur and hair responds better to fluff drying. Dirt, grease and other particulates will inhibit the process.

Why Don’t Groomers Rub the Fur Dry?

The fur can mat up if the coat rubs against the towel too much. This will make it difficult to brush which can result in hurting the dog.

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How Do You Groom Your Own Dog to Be Fluffy?

You can do your own fluff drying for your precious pup. But, you’ll have to learn about it through and through before you attempt it. Otherwise, it could end up disastrous.

Therefore, it’s advisable that you watch some videos through social media sites on how to do it. This will be especially useful if you can find someone who works on your particular breed. With the videos and the steps provided below, you’ll be doing your own fluff drying in no time.

Items Needed

  • Blow Dryer
  • Doggie Conditioner (optional)
  • Force Dryer (for dogs with super thick impenetrable coats that absorb lots of water)
  • Metal Comb
  • Shampoo
  • Dog Grooming Scissors
  • Slicker Brush and/or Pin Brush
  • Spray Bottle with Water
  • Sturdy Table with a Leash or Harness
  • Thick Absorbent Towels


  1. Start by brushing your dog to make sure you get rid of any loose fur, debris and tangled or matted patches of hair.
  2. If the dog is overdue for a haircut, do an initial trim at this point. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just a removal of the dead ends. Doing this will save time blow drying, especially if you have a dog with lots of long hair.
  3. If the dog has super curly hair, like poodles do, shave the feet, face, belly and tail. It’s not worth it to wash hair that’s not going to be there later on.
  4. Wash your dog with lukewarm water and a quality shampoo. Scrub all over its body with your finger tips in small, circular motions. Take care not to mat the fur. Be sure to rinse well until you no longer see soap going down the drain.
  5. Then use conditioner, making sure you get into every strand and hair follicle. Rinse well with lukewarm water and ensure there’s no shampoo or conditioner residue left behind.
  6. Dry the dog well with thick, absorbent towels.
  7. Place a towel on the sturdy table, put your dog on top and secure it with the leash or harness.
  8. If you’re opting to use a force dryer, be sure to use it in an up and down motion close to the dog’s skin. Move in a direction with the force dryer from the follicles out to the tips. Be sure to cover your dog’s ears with your hands or cotton balls and don’t point the dryer in the dog’s eyes.
  9. Then it’s time for the fluff drying with a blower dryer. The goal here is to get the dog’s hair as straight as possible. Set the blow dryer on a warm setting, not hot as this can damage the dog’s skin.
  10. Starting at the dog’s tail and using the pin or slicker brush, move in soft but fast strokes while keeping the dryer on the dogs fur and comb against the grain.
  11. Use the spray bottle of water to moisten any sections of hair that dry before you finish fluffing it.
  12. When the dog is dry and fluffy, go back over its coat with a metal comb. This will help with the final cut.
  13. Then use the dog grooming scissors to even out the coat and make the hair nice and trim.
  14. Go back over the coat one more time and fluff any other areas that need it.