How to Cook Chicken Liver for Dogs and Cats (Easy Steps & Complete Guide)

If you want to cook chicken liver to feed to your cat or dog, the best way to cook it is by boiling the liver. This way you will be able to thoroughly cook the meat without having to add oil. 

Chicken liver is a nutritious treat for cats and dogs. If you want to learn more about cooking liver to feed to your pets, keep reading. In this article, we’re going to answer some of your most asked questions about how to cook chicken liver for dogs and cats.

How should you cook chicken liver to feed to cats and dogs?

When you cook chicken livers for dogs and cats, the best way to cook them is by boiling them. What you will need to do is add the chicken livers to a pot of boiling water and allow them to fully cook.

The chicken liver will take approximately 7 to 10 minutes to cook. Once it is cooked, you can drain the liver. If you have a dog, we recommend saving some of the drained water to freeze because it makes an excellent cold snack to give dogs on a hot day.

How should you prepare the cooked chicken liver for dogs and cats?

Both cats and dogs prefer to eat chicken liver that has been mashed. Once it is cooked and has cooled, you can use a fork or potato masher to get the right consistency.

Cats and dogs love pate, which is mashed liver. However, making it yourself is better because you’re eliminating and seasonings that could make your animal sick and mystery ingredients you are not familiar with.

Is chicken liver safe to feed dogs?

Chicken liver is one of the best human foods that you could feed to a dog because it is full of nutrients and improves their appetite so they will eat all of their recommended nutrients. There are also a lot of vitamins and nutrients in liver that your dog can benefit from, not to mention liver is also a great protein source.

Your dog can benefit from the amino acids in liver and the iron, copper, and zinc. One of the best parts about giving your dog chicken liver is that it is also a source of Vitamin A and B-complex.

Is chicken liver safe to feed cats?

If you review the ingredients on most store-bought cat foods, you’ll likely notice that chicken liver is used in many recipes. This is because there are many nutrients in the chicken liver that cats can benefit from, making it an important part of their diet.

While the chicken liver is a safe and healthy protein for cats, you should introduce it to their diet gradually. If they eat too much before they are used to it, they may get a stomach ache.

Can you give chicken liver to cats and dogs every day?

Chicken liver is nutritious, but feeding it to your pet too often could make them sick. It’s recommended to only feed your pet chicken liver as a treat because they could consume too much Vitamin A if they eat chicken liver for a meal every day.

This could lead to Vitamin A toxicity, and that could affect their bones. For this reason, it is recommended to feed your pet chicken liver only once per week.

Can chicken liver be dehydrated for dogs and cats?

Chicken liver is a great snack for cats and dogs, and an easy way to give them some liver without going over their limit is to give them dehydrated treats. You can dehydrate pieces of chicken liver in a dehydrator or your oven for a treat your pets will enjoy.

Make sure you dehydrate the chicken liver at a temperature of 145 degrees F. Cut the liver into thin strips and lay them out evenly, allowing them to dehydrate for approximately 8 hours.

How long can you keep cooked liver in the fridge?

If you cooked a large portion of chicken liver to give to your pets, you may need to keep some leftover in the fridge. Chicken liver can stay good in the fridge for 3 to 4 days. 

Always keep the chicken liver stored in an air tight container so it stays fresh for longer. If it is going to exceed 4 days in storage, you will need to keep it in the freezer.

How do you cook liver for cats and dogs in the oven?

You can also bake liver in the oven to feed to cats and dogs. Simply lay the pieces of liver meat out on a baking sheet. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Once the liver is placed in the oven, it will need 15 to 20 minutes to cook.

Additionally, if you don’t want to boil or bake the liver, you can also pan fry it. However, avoid using oil to fry liver for pets as it can give them a stomach ache.

Can cats and dogs eat raw chicken liver?

In small doses, cats and dogs can eat raw chicken liver. If you think about how a cat or dog would eat a chicken in the wild, they would eat the organs without cooking them. 

Your pets will receive a lot of nutritional benefits from eating a bit of raw liver. However, you should only feed them a little bit so they don’t get sick.

Should you consult a veterinarian before feeding chicken liver to cats and dogs?

Any time you want to change your pet’s diet or introduce human food, you should always consult their veterinarian. This way, you will know what portions you should be giving them and any special health requirements your pet may have.

When you feed your pets human food, there is a risk of not meeting their nutritional requirements. Consulting with a veterinarian first will inform you of the right foods and amounts to give your pet so they remain healthy.